Insurance App Development 2024: Cost and Key Features

Insurance App Development 2024: Cost and Key Features

Insurance App Development 2024: Cost and Key Features

There is a lot going on in the world every day, and we all want to feel a little safer. Because of this need for safety, more general insurance apps have been made. Insurance and banking companies are putting money into making insurance apps. Fintech firms are also trying to make the process of making insurance mobile apps more innovative. There are so many insurance mobile apps out there that it’s hard to choose just one.

There has been digital insurance on the market for a while now, and it has done very well because most of us will always be worried about security.

The change to this general insurance mobile app helps insurers and customers work together better by offering quick and easy solutions. Apps for insurance phones let users look over and check their insurance information while they’re on the go. Now more than ever, every business needs to go digital. This means that even insurance companies that have been around for a long time need to look into the need for insurance mobile app development.

So, it’s time to work with an experienced insurance app creation company to make your insurance operations and processes more digital.

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Things are easier and more organized when you have a general insurance app that is full of features. We recommend hiring mobile app developers who know the business well and can give your customers what they want if you want to lead the market.

In what ways does the insurance app work?

When it comes to insurance, apps are usually digital platforms that let users easily handle their policies on their phones or other devices. People can get the app, make an account, and enter information about their insurance contract. The insurance mobile app makes it easy for policyholders to see details about their policies, pay their premiums, file claims, and check on the status of their claims. Some insurance apps also have tools to figure out insurance rates based on certain factors, digital insurance cards, and reminders when it’s time to renew your policy.

A lot of insurance apps have chat or virtual help for customer service to help users find their way around and answer their questions. Insurance apps simplify the process for users, making it easier to get and take care of.

What kinds of insurance apps do people buy the most?

What kinds of insurance apps do people buy the most?

Before we get into how to make an insurance app, let’s take a look at the types of insurance that sell the most on mobile apps.

What makes insurance companies think they need to make an app?

There are many good reasons for any insurance company to make a mobile app. Let us talk about why insurance companies need to make a mobile app.

What makes insurance companies think they need to make an app?

Convenience for policyholders

An insurance app lets policyholders see information about their policies, pay their premiums, and make claims all from their cell phones. Making things easier for customers may lead to higher levels of customer happiness and loyalty.

Access to information in real time

Policyholders can get important information, like benefits and policy details, in real time by using an insurance app. This openness helps customers feel more confident and keeps them up to date on the state of their insurance.

How Well Claims Are Handled

Insurance apps might speed up and improve the efficiency of handling claims. The app lets users make claims, upload the necessary paperwork, and keep track of the progress of their claims. This gets rid of the need for paper forms and speeds up the whole claims process.

Possible Ways to Market

Ad efforts that are more specific may be able to use the mobile app. Using data from the app, insurance companies can tailor their marketing campaigns to how users behave, cross-sell or upsell other goods, and give users personalized suggestions.

Gain a competitive edge

In this day and age, an insurance company can set itself apart from its competitors by having a well-designed and useful insurance app. It shows a commitment to both great customer service and new technology.

Real-Time Analysis of Data

Insurance apps collect useful information that can be used to find out more about the habits, interests, and trends of their users. This information can help with making strategic decisions and can also be used to make marketing and customer service better.

What Kinds of Apps Are Made for Insurance Companies?

What Kinds of Apps Are Made for Insurance Companies?

Although an insurance company might have more than one private mobile app, the ones listed below are the ones that are most often used.

Types of Apps for Insurance

Apps for Policyholders

These apps are made for people who own policies or are customers. They give people digital insurance cards that let them look at policy information, pay premiums, and make claims. The goal is to make a policy management tool that is useful and easy to use.

Apps for Processing Claims

With apps for handling claims, the steps for filing and processing claims are done automatically. Users can make claims, attach proof, and see real-time updates on the progress of their claims. This makes it easier to settle claims faster.

Insurance Agent Apps

Insurance agent productivity apps are made to help them work faster and better. These apps let you keep an eye on sales leads, organize customer information, and get to policy details. A number of programs include features related to customer relationship management, or CRM, to make exchanges with clients better.

Quotation Comparison Apps

People and insurance agents can use these apps to get quotes on insurance and compare prices from different companies. These apps could use machine learning algorithms to give users personalized quotes based on how well they’ve done in the past and what they say.

Business Models for Insurance Mobile Apps

When making an insurance app, there are two types of business plans to think about.

Aggregator App for Insurance

Apps that collect insurance plans from different companies are usually called “aggregator insurance apps.” People can look at various policies and pick the one that meets their wants best.

Most of the time, aggregator apps make money by getting commissions or referral fees from insurance policies that are sold through their website.

Approach Based on Brand

The insurance company’s name and plans are promoted by the app. The brand-centric insurance mobile app is a direct way for the business to sell its insurance goods to people.

How Can I Make Money with the Insurance App?

How Can I Make Money with the Insurance App?

One important thing that needs to be talked about before we start developing an insurance mobile app is how to make money from it.

Payment from policy sales

For insurance plans that are sold through your app, you may get paid by the insurance company as a commission or a referral fee. This is a standard way for comparison and gatherer apps to work.

Direct Sales of Policies

If your app is only for insurance, you can make money by selling insurance plans to users directly. When you do direct policy sales, you charge fees for the policies your company offers.

Buys inside the app

You might want to charge for extra features or special services in the app. You could buy services inside the app, like faster claims handling, personalized policy suggestions, or access to special insurance options.

Model of Subscription

Set up a membership system so that users can pay a regular fee to get access to extra features or better services. Subscription models can work really well if your insurance app offers something useful all the time, like personalized insurance help or constant risk monitoring.

Getting Leads

You can make money with your insurance mobile app by giving insurance agents or traders leads. Insurance companies might pay to get access to leads created by your app, especially if these leads have already been screened and are more likely to become customers.

Promoting and selling

It makes money for insurance companies to let other businesses rent room on their mobile apps to advertise their goods and services. People could see ads that are more relevant to them based on their preferences, actions, or identity.

What Features Does Your Insurance Mobile App Have?

User Panel

Right now, we’re going to talk about the features that end users can use. These features were made by the team that made the insurance mobile app to keep customers interested and make sure they can easily solve their problems.

Registering as a user

This is where the user will land in the app’s main part. With the help of his social networking or email account information, he can sign up.

See your insurance profile 

Users can look at the profiles of insurance providers and see what services and solutions they offer.

Pick out Agents and Policies that you like. 

Users can keep a list of their likes and add the agents and policies that meet their needs.

Choose Services That Make Sense 

In this part, users can look at a variety of health, auto, savings, and other types of insurance products.

Send Request and Confirm It 

To use policy services, users can send requests to the person they want. If they want to, they can also confirm the dates with the agent.

Make plans for later 

The users can make appointments with the agents ahead of time for upcoming dates. These changes would help them better handle how they work and what they do.

A Review and Rating 

Users can rate and write reviews based on the services provided. They can even write reviews about their meeting session based on how qualified the agent is.

Pay your bills 

Users can pay with built-in payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Net Banking, and more. It is important to us that the answers we give you are both interesting and profitable.

Agent Panel

The person who will be providing the services comes next in line. It’s important to note that the agent panel is well organized and created to make sure that the solutions are worthwhile.

For Registration 

This looks like the user area. You can use your social networking or email account details to log in as an agent. It’s easy for service companies to look around when the registration process is simple.

Put files online 

The agents can post information about the rules and certificates of experience. To get people to use their services, they can also upload documents that are connected to what they do.

Pick out a service area. 

The agents can pick which places they want to work in. Users will find it easy to choose the agent they need this way.

Organize the booking calendar

The managers can also keep track of their booking schedules. They can change the date and time of their planned appointments as well as the things they have to do.

Accept or turn down inquiries

Based on the amount of requests already in line, the agent can either accept or reject the user’s request. This is based on the user’s insurance policy and the services they want to use. This makes it easy for the agents to keep track of the list and the requests.

Look at Earnings 

The agents can also see how much money they’ve made based on how many meetings they’ve made. This way, they can see every week or month how much the users have paid. Our team of app developers for insurance agents makes it easy for agents to keep track of their data and figure out how much money they make.

Check out ratings and reviews

Users can see the scores and reviews that other users have given and make any changes that are needed. They can also look for mistakes that might get in the way of their work.

Pay out money

Agents can get paid by users through online payment methods or cash on delivery (COD). We use methods for making e-wallet apps that make it easy for the solution providers to keep working.

Change the prices 

Based on what the market will bear, the agent can decide how much it costs to make meetings, register policies, turn in amount handling forms, and other things.

We make sure that our mobile app creation for insurance agents helps you stand out in the customer base. We’ve been giving customers solutions that are interesting and fun, and we make sure that the solutions we drop off have a high return on investment (ROI).

Admin Panel

This strip was made just for you. You can look at what needs to be thought about and how hard things would be. It is our job to make sure that the solutions we send you are cutting edge and can help you get the best results.

Front panel 

All assigned, finished, and manager users can see requests that are still open. So, the administrator can also look at the linked user and the rules that go with it.

Take care of users and agents 

The admin oversees and checks the work of all the workers and app users who are connected. You can stop them from helping you if you decide they aren’t right for you.

Look at Reports 

Real-time reports and pie charts let the manager see all the information they need about the requests that come in from users, the peak hours when the most requests are made, the type of request, monthly earnings, and more.

Accept or reject the agent registration request

The admin can accept or refuse user requests based on the agent’s profile, records, and past work experience.

Take care of reviews and ratings 

The admin can control and keep an eye on all the ratings and reviews that users give. You have to find the answers that are dropped to you interesting and fun.

Change the prices 

The admin can manage and keep an eye on all of the price standards for the different insurance policies in this area. This helps both the agents and the users take care of their wants.

Handle payments 

All of the deals in the On-demand insurance agent mobile apps can be checked by the admin. We understand the worries about privacy and safety, and we can confirm that openness doesn’t hurt privacy.

These are the most important things you should include in your Acko, like a digital insurance app, so you can safely lead the market.

It’s true that as a mobile app creation company, we face some difficulties when we work on your projects.

Extra Features

Besides these features, there are a few more advanced ones that help the solution providers out.

Choose Policies You Can Trust with Just One Tap 

By applying filters in the app, users can choose reliable insurance plans and the right agents with the help of the mentioned function. This makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and shows them the exact rules for the service area they chose.

Taking care of customer relationships 

Integration with CRM makes it easy for workers and administrators to get in touch with users. This way, both the agents and the manager can get a sense of the services and rules that the user wants to use, which helps the users make better choices.

Easy Payment Methods 

Different ways of paying online, like NetBanking, Credit/Debit Cards, and more, can be used with the integrated payment approach. One of the most important parts of an on-demand insurance agent finder app is the payment method, which makes payments easy and safe.

Comparison of Policies 

It’s possible for users to compare the various rules that belong to the same group. For example, users can see a lot of health plans, which makes it easy for them to compare all the benefits, the time frames, and the registration process.

GPS Services Around the World 

When it comes to making an On-demand insurance agent mobile app, GPS (Global Positioning System) plays a pretty big part. Users and agents can find each other and pick the best way to take with the help of GPS. MapKit and Google Maps can be used to find your way in iOS and Android apps, respectively.

Using the cloud

Using cloud technology is a great way to keep all of your info safe. The cloud stores all the information about users, orders, detailers, payments, and policies. This makes the business process very smooth.

See the Heat Map 

The heat map basically shows when one place is the busy. It also lets users see where the insurance agents are right now, which helps them make better choices with their on-demand insurance agent mobile app.

Signature on the Screen

With this feature, the agent can get the user’s online signature when they sign up for the insurance. It helps a lot to make the app work perfectly and safely, and it also makes sure that user documents are safe.

Online Policy Choice 

Users can choose plans online from the On-demand insurance agent app for their phones. Users can choose the best plans and see all the terms and conditions that go with them before they register.

Getting Notified and Alerts 

Make sure you don’t miss push messages while you’re making an amazing app. Well, push technology is a great way to keep people interested. Users get all the texts that have to do with payments, requests, discounts, and app updates. These things need work because they are some of the most important ones. We’ve worked on these solutions for years, and we make sure that the ones we send you fix any holes your competitors may have.

The best insurance app for your phone on the market?

The best insurance app for your phone on the market?

Lemonade Insurance

Lemonade is a disruptive insurtech app that is known for its innovative approach to insurance and easy-to-use design. Lemonade is an insurance company that specializes in homeowners’ and renters’ insurance. They use AI and robots to make the policy application and claims process faster. Users can quickly make claims and easily manage their policies. This is a digital-first insurance experience.

Geico Mobile Insurance

Geico Mobile is an insurance app from the well-known U.S. company Geico that gives users access to important information and tools for managing their policies while they’re on the go. People with Geico insurance can easily see and manage their policies, get digital insurance cards, and even make and keep track of claims through the app. Along with its main features, Geico Mobile also has a number of extra features that make it easier to get insurance prices and act as a virtual assistant for questions about policies.

State Farm Insurance

The State Farms mobile app is a powerful tool for users that lets them easily handle their insurance needs. Users can see information about their policies, file claims, and get in touch with local agents for personalized help. The State Farm app also has tools like Drive Safe & Save that let users get discounts based on how safely they drive. State Farm focuses on making the experience easy to use, so it’s simple for customers to do things related to their policies and stay up to date on their benefits.

Allstate Mobile

Allstate Mobile is an all-around insurance app that meets all of policyholders’ wants. Through the app, users can control their insurance policies, get digital insurance cards, and start claims right away. Drivewise, a tool that tracks how you drive to find possible discounts, and quick access to roadside help services are two features that stand out. Allstate Mobile wants to make doing things with their insurance plans and getting extra benefits as easy and quick as possible for customers.

Admiral Insurance

Policyholders can easily take care of their insurance needs with Admiral’s Insurance app, which is designed with the user in mind. Admiral focuses on giving customers a complete and easy-to-use experience by offering features like managing policies, submitting claims, and tracking driving habits for possible savings. The app is only for people in the UK and focuses on a digital approach to insurance by giving customers the tools they need to quickly find their way around and interact with their policies.

Problems with Making an Insurance Mobile App

Before we talk about developing insurance apps, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. When you work on apps that deal with sensitive topics like these, you need to be extra careful and pay more attention. It’s been our goal to make solutions that are safe, easy to use, and private. These are the main problems that businesses and companies may face:

Stopping Financial Fraud

It is very hard to keep financial accounts safe from fraud like identity theft and unauthorized entry. For fraud to be found and stopped, the insurance app needs to have strong authentication, encryption, and tracking systems.

Compliance with Regulations

Following the different rules and anti-fraud standards in the insurance business can be hard and needs to be done after a thorough understanding.

Privacy and safety of data

Strong security steps are needed to protect against data breaches and protect user privacy when dealing with private customer information.

Adding support for older systems

A lot of insurance companies already have old methods in place. Adding a new mobile app to these systems can be hard and needs to be carefully planned and carried out.

Complexity of the Insurance Product

There are different amounts of complexity for each type of insurance. It can be hard to make an app that works with a lot of different types of insurance while still being easy for users to use.

Education and the User Experience

It is very important to make sure that the insurance mobile app has an easy-to-use layout. It is also important to teach users about the app’s features and how to use it to handle insurance processes online.

A lot of business logic

Insurance processes, like policy underwriting, claims handling, and premium calculations, use a lot of complex business logic. It can be hard to turn these into an easy-to-use mobile app.

When we worked on making an insurance mobile app as a team, we would have to deal with these problems.

Stack of technologies to make an insurance mobile app

A strong technology foundation is the most important thing that needs to be thought about carefully before the app is made. So, carefully look over all the technical aspects of the app requirements and make all the necessary rules for enforcing them into the basic building blocks of an On-demand insurance agent finder mobile app. The app creator can use the most popular CSS3 and Bootstrap for the front end and JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, or Django for the backend. User Interface & Experience (UX UI) is used to create the basic model of the mobile app. J2EE is enough for the Android version, and Swift is enough for the iPhone app creation framework.

Tracking a location

The mobile app can find out where the user is at any given time by using the user’s nearby sensors. For Android users, Google Maps has all the features they need, and for iOS users, Apple Maps is the best app to use.

Cloud of Data

You can keep your data and information safe by using Amazon data servers or Google cloud storage. SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification—To make sure the person is real and to keep spambots away. The person who made the app can do that with either the Facebook SDK or Google Sign-in.

The methods that are used need to be cutting edge in terms of technology. Our experts come up with ideas that make the screen experience fun and interesting.

Cost of Making an Insurance Mobile App

It’s not easy to figure out how much it costs to make an app. But the price of making an On-demand insurance agent finder app relies on three things: how complicated and big the app is; how many platforms you want it to work on; and the country you choose as your mobile app development center. This is because hourly rates vary by country. For example, developers in the US charge $50 to $250 an hour, developers in Eastern Europe $30 to $150 an hour, and developers in India $10 to $80 an hour. The prices for different things will be broken down below:

  • Technical writing (40 hours, $1000 to $2000)
  • UI and UX design ($1500 to $3000 for 60 hours)
  • Building both the front end and the back end (400 hours: $10,000 to $20,000)
  • Test the MVP (80 hours: $2,000 to $4,000)
  • Cleaning up and solving bugs ($1,000 to $2,000 for 40 hours)

Taking into account all of these costs, an On-demand Insurance Agent Finder app for one device (iOS or Android) should cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Spending between $18,000 and $22,000, on the other hand, will make sure that your app stands out from the rest.

How Appic Softwares Can Help When Making Insurance Mobile Apps

How Appic Softwares Can Help When Making Insurance Mobile Apps

If you want to get into the insurance market with a reliable and profitable mobile app, you need to hire mobile app writers who can meet the needs of your insurance business. It can be hard to find the right Insurance mobile app development company.

At Appic Softwares, we’ve tried a lot of different approaches, looked into a lot of different areas, and come up with the best, easiest-to-use options. Our company that makes insurance apps gives users an experience that fits their business and their needs. For community website creation services and designed and built solutions, our experts give you full ownership rights to a custom solution with a great user experience and an easy-to-use interface.

This means that if you want to move your business online, we are here for you!

  • Availability around the clock 
  • Testing Team You Can Trust
  • Advanced in technology 
  • Solutions That Can Grow
  • Dedicated Staff 


Digital insurance has made a nice spot for itself in the market over the years. When it comes to mobile apps, our team of developers makes unique apps that show off your brand online. Our experts have been providing similar services for a while and know a lot about the people you want to buy from you.

The future of insurance app development in 2024 is going to change the way money is handled. Appic Softwares is at the top of its field, using its knowledge to make cutting-edge financial apps that focus on being cost-effective and having all the necessary features. Adopt new ideas and work more efficiently; work with us to find cutting edge solutions.

Our team is ready to help you make the best insurance mobile app possible. All it takes is one click.

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