As per research, over 23 thousand apps are built from Ionic and these apps have gained above 3 billion downloads. Ionic cross-platform is a popularized method of application development. In this blog, we have mentioned a brief description of Ionic like What is Ionic, and what the pros and cons of Ionic are. Check out and learn about Ionic from this post.

What Is Ionic?

Cross-platform Ionic is an open-source UI software development. Iconic uses so many web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. With the help of these technologies, developers write code once and utilize it on multiple platforms, reducing developers’ time and your development cost, while offering a better user experience. 

Here are some Ionic tools that help developers to build the Ionic app for both IOS and android:

  • Ionic CLI
  • Ionic Framework
  • Ionic Native
  • Capacitor

Pros & Cons Of Ionic

Ionic Benefits:-

  • Helpful For Developers:- 

Ionic Framework

It provides developers with many in-built UI components, themes, plugins, extensions, and Ionic frameworks that assemble with outstanding designs and can be easily integrated by developers.

  • Several Apps From One Code:-

Ionic uses a single codebase across iOS & android, which means developers write code and install the same code on several platforms. This help to get a better user experience because It saves the developers time and cost.

  • Easy To Integration:-

Ionic gives developers the ready-made UI component, and icons, these plugins help to link developers to native APIs like Bluetooth, GPS, or a built-in -camera without having to build custom integrations.

  • Ionic Provides In-Build UI Element:-

It resembles the appearance and feel of a native application, because of the Ionic UI component library. This is used as a ready-made element to assemble a GUI(Graphic User Interface) or can be customized. Developers can change the work way of an element by examining the code of a UI component.

  • Testing Convienence:-

Ionic works on web technologies. To make the testing process easier browser provides an in-built testing and debugging tool to developers when they test an app, which helps them save time.

Ionic Limitation:-

  • Performance:- 

Ionic 5

It is the major issue with Ionic, if we build a large application, Ionic takes too much time to reload it. If we consider graphics from the browser in the application this takes several steps to show the graphic. it expands the loading time. Overall, in the old device performance can be a bigger issue but in the new device, there is a minor issue in loading time.

  • Security Precaution:-

This is an important part of Ionic development coz its built-in web technology. Security is the biggest distraction in any app development process coz of Ionic is built on web technologies, and developers require to scan web security and too native app security issues. Definitely, security is not a web technology issue, but rather a developer’s issue and can be solved by hiring experienced developers.

Other cross-app development platforms

Multiple cross-app development platforms allow developers to create mobile apps for several platforms like iOS, android using a single codebase. Here are the top 3 cross-app development platforms-

  • React Native- 

Ionic v/s React Native

It’s an open-source platform for building apps by using JavaScript. It permits developers to create apps in iOS and android. This is totally based on JavaScript and it’s developed by Facebook.

  • Flutter:-

Crossplatform app development frameworks

Flutter was developed by Google which operates the Dart programming language. It helps developers to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android with the help of a single codebase. It is now the most used cross-app development platform. 

  • Appcelerator:-

Appcelerator has pre-built connectors available for MS Azure, MS SQL, Salesforce, and Box-the list is overlong. This is a mobile app development platform that uses JavaScript programming language. 


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