During COVID, a lot of people around the world looked to their pets to feel better.

During the height of the pandemic, almost every family in the US got a new dog or cat. Today, almost every household has at least one pet, and most have a dog. Also, Americans spent a crazy amount of money on their pets in 2021!

  • This means that now is the best time for dog lovers to make money from their hobby or even make it their full-time job.
  • How do you do that? People who bought pets during lockdowns can spend less time with them as COVID fades.
  • There has never been a better time to do something you love for money and get paid for it.

Which apps let you walk dogs and make money in 2022?

Find out below.

What Is A Dog Walker?

In most cities and suburbs, there are lots of people looking for someone to walk their dog. It could be:

  • When they are at work during the day.
  • In the evenings, when they’re out with friends.
  • For long periods of time while they.
  • These people don’t have time at any other time.
  • These people are ready to pay a lot for it because they love their pets.

Now this is where you come in. It’s really easy to become a dog walker and get paid to walk other people’s dogs. With the rise of dog walking apps, you can make money and spend time with your pet friends whenever you want.

No wonder dog walking is now one of the out there.

What precisely does a dog walker do?

“Walk dogs for money” is not the only way.

You will be in charge of planning walks and trips to dog parks as a dog walker. The dog’s health will be taken care of by you. You will keep it safe when it’s with you and clean up after it. Besides that, you’ll have to make and stick to a plan, watch over lockboxes, find clients, book them, and pay them.

If someone wants to get paid to walk dogs, they should know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Do not worry!

All of these things can be done in one place, which makes the whole process so much easier: dog walking apps!

The Best Dog Walking App Examples

1. Rover

It’s true that it is the “world’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.” Rover helps more than a million pet owners every month in all 50 US states and nine other North American and European countries through its website and app.

Because they have a well-known name, most dog owners go to the platform first when they need services. As a dog walker, this means the most potential clients and the best chance of finding the right job for you.

If you want to start walking dogs for money, all you have to do is pay $25 for a background check.

You choose your own prices and times on Rover. And two days after you finish a walk, you’ll be able to withdraw your payment straight from your bank account.

Keep in mind that Rover will get 20% of every sale you make. If this price seems high, compare it to what Rover gives in exchange for their cut. Don’t forget that walking your dog is more than just walking.

Rover puts you in touch with buyers and gives you a safe way to accept payments. They offer customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, pet education materials that are updated often, and even live vet advice while you walk your dog.

They give you access to the Rover Guarantee , which may be the most important thing.

This is an insurance plan that covers vet care that dogs may need while they’re on walks, as well as damage that a walker might do to a pet owner’s home by chance. In the uncertain world of dog walking, this is very important for both the owner and the walker to feel safe.

2. Wag

You can book pet sitters near you, but there is a very high commission fee of 40%!

  • Wag has been named after one of the most well-known apps after Rover.
  • You can get it in more than 8,000 places in all 50 US states.
  • You have to pass a test on safety and pet care and then pay $25 for a security check before you can join.
  • After that, you can make your own plan, and the Payable app will send you your money every week.
  • While you wag! doesn’t give as much as the Rover Guarantee, but it does let you compare prices and buy at a discount on your own.

But the main thing that makes Wag! The idea behind Rover is that they take an amazing 40% of all your earnings. They do let you keep all of the tips you get from customers, which is nice, but it means you will be working for tips.

3. Fetch

BEST FOR: Finding pet care services in your area for your best friend.

Fetch has been in the dog walking business since 2002, making it one of the longest and most well-known.

They’re not quite the same as Wag! like Rover in that they work with local business owners all over the US. Just go to Fetch! to see if there is one near you. Type in your zip code.

To take dogs for walks for Fetch!, you must first do a security check and fill out an online application. Then, have a close conversation with the owner of the business in your area.

This means that learning how to use Fetch may be harder and take a little longer. But their focus on the local area might work well for some.

4. Steady

BEST FOR: Making extra money and finding work, like walking dogs.

Launched in 2017 to help Americans “steady” their income, is a list of side jobs that can be done online. This includes postings for jobs, loans, bonuses, and money-saving tips. To put it simply, it’s a tool for making everything.

This includes ways to get paid to walk dogs. In a way, Steady brings together the other dog walking services on this list. They give you a lot of options in one place, which increases your chances of getting paid.

Also, while you’re there, why not apply for one of their or even find another great? They’ve already given over $5 million in income boosts to Steady users.

5. PetBacker

BEST FOR: Finding work as a dog walker, pet sitter, or groomer in your area.

You can get it in 50 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, North and South America, and Africa. But it’s not just the amount; it’s also the quality.

PetBacker offers for all services booked through their website, for starters.

They also give badges to dog walkers based on how hard they work and how well they do. This makes it easy for the best walkers to show possible customers how good they are and make more money.

Plus, at first, they take 25% of what you make, but as you get more experience, this can go down to 15%.

But keep in mind that only 30% of those who apply get the job.

6. Care.com

BEST FOR: Finding work as a valued caregiver, like taking care of pets.

Care.com helps 35 million members in 20 countries and all 50 US states find care for their children, the old, and even their pets.

Care.com only needs your zip code and a background check before you can hire you as a dog sitter. You can book as many or as few dog walking jobs as you want from there.

Care.com doesn’t take a cut like some of the others on this list, and their basic membership level is free. If you want to use Care.com to make money walking dogs, you will need to sign up for an account so that you can use all of the site’s features.

You can talk to more possible customers more freely with this membership, which costs $13 a month for a year or $39 a month. They will also help people find your profile in area searches.

7. Holidog

BEST FOR: The test-drive tool for walking dogs that costs the least.

This is the easiest and cheapest app you can use to start walking your dog. It works in the US, Europe, Brazil, and Australia.

There aren’t any tests or security checks to pass. You just need to give your information, sign up, and fill out your resume. You’re now ready to go!

Plus, Holidog doesn’t charge dog walkers anything to join or take a cut of the money they make. Instead, they charge people who own pets a fee to use their website.

Some people wonder how safe it would be for people to put their beloved pets on a site that doesn’t even do background checks. Holidog might be for you if you want to walk dogs for money right away and don’t want to spend any money.

8. Swifto

BEST FOR: If you live in New York City or Miami, this is the best place to find work as a pet sitter.

This restaurant is on this list even though it’s only open in New York City and Miami because of its high-end status. Swifto is made for the best dog trainers. In fact, they say on their website that they only hire 1% of the people who apply to walk dogs.

Swifto, on the other hand, is a job site where you can get paid right away to walk dogs.

In fact, they make you walk your dog at least 15 times a week. Don’t apply unless you can spend at least that much time on it. This does not mean you should go out and look for people when you first start out, though. You will have work and a few hundred extra dollars every week with Swifto.

After that, you can go for up to 40 walks a week.

It handles everything with Swifto’s all-around.

9. Barkly Pets

BEST FOR: Dog walking jobs where you don’t get paid a commission (you just pay a $10 service fee when you sign up).

Their claim to fame is that they don’t charge commissions and have low registration fees. When you sign up, you only have to pay a $10 registration fee. After that, you won’t have to pay anything else until you make $100 a month. After that, you’ll have to pay $8.50 a month to be a member.

For many people, this is a great way to start because they don’t have to pay a fee and don’t have to pay anything up front until their business is up and running.

One more good thing about Barkly Pets is that they care a lot about safety. Because they offer dog walkers a big discount on pet first aid and CPR classes, they stand by their claim that they have the “best safety record since 2015.”

10. Pawshake

BEST FOR: Finding pet-sitting work in Europe, Asia, and Australia, not in the US.

Out of all these dog walking apps that make money, this is the only one that you can’t get in the US.

it does business in Australia as well as places in Europe and Asia.

To apply, you have to go through a “strict vetting process” process. Pawshake says they only hire 15% of people who apply. After that, you decide your own hours and rates, and Pawshake will take 19% of your pay as a fee.

When you work with Pawshake, you get the Pawshake Guarantee on all of your dog walks. If your dog gets sick or hurt on a walk, this insurance will pay for the vet bills.

11. Paway 

BEST FOR: Starting a dog walking business with the help of a GPS-based social app. Free trial for six months.

Paway is more than just a mobile app. It was made by the co-founder of Wag. It’s “a social network just for dogs.”

It’s a spot for dog owners to meet up with other dog owners in the area for walks and play dates. But for dog walkers, Paway has everything they need to run a successful business.

You can find customers and get paid through the site. Paway also uses data from the community to give you full information about your neighborhood.

This includes risks like seeing strays or wild animals, services like public water fountains or poop bag stations, and even the dogs’ behavior when they walk by.

The best part is now here. Paway is still pretty new, so they’re giving dog walkers six months of their most expensive membership, that of a “expert.”

Paway doesn’t get any money from that membership after the first month. There are different levels of paid membership that cost $20 to $80 per month.

Alternatives To Dog Walking Apps

You can still make money walking dogs even if you’d rather work on your own instead of through dog walking apps. Many people have been successful running their own business as dog walkers in their area by using word of mouth, social media, and even their own dog.

You can make money walking dogs even if you don’t have an app to help you. These apps just make things so much easier by putting all the hard parts of a dog walking business in one place.

Apps like connect you with customers and give you a safe way to receive funds. They also offer full insurance through the Rover Guarantee and even offer learning materials and live vet advice while you’re walking your dog.

On the other hand, you might like the sound of these apps and want to know if they can do more than just walk your dogs

Yes, that’s correct!

It’s possible to book gigs for more than just walks with many of them. You could become a pet sitter, boarder, drop-in, or even start a dog daycare.

A lot of them also let you take care of pets other than dogs. Most of the time cats, but sometimes other animals too.

As CEO of Rover, “we’ve also had horses, pot-bellied pigs, hamsters, snakes, lizards, and even pet shrimp, which I didn’t know was a thing.”

How To Launch A Dog Walking Business

Don’t forget that dog walking is only one part of running a business.

It’s getting people, scheduling appointments, and taking payments. It involves making and sticking to a routine, planning walks and trips to dog parks, and generally taking care of the health and safety of someone’s beloved pet.

Before you start a dog walking job, make sure you’re ready for these things.

Most of the time, you don’t have to, but you might want to get some training or a license before you start, like in pet first aid. Getting training will make you smarter, more sure of yourself, and more appealing to customers.

After that, all you have to do is pick an app from this list and start using it. Sign up for more than one and see which one works best for you.


  • How much do people who walk dogs get paid?

People in the dog walking business say that people who use these apps will usually get paid $12 to $20 for a 30-minute walk. If you take 15 steps a week, which is the bare minimum on a platform like Swifto and a good place to start for new users, this would add up to an extra $200 to $300 a week.

The amount you can make will change though based on where you live. People who walk dogs in more expensive cities like New York City or San Francisco often get paid $30 or more for a short walk. Also, dog walkers with more experience can charge more, which means you could raise your rates as you get better.

Jen Tserng started walking dogs on Rover as a side job, but she was able to quit her job as a doctor and now walks and cares for dogs full time, making over $100,000 a year.

  • Which app gives the most to watch dogs?

Depending on where they live, their flexibility, and how much experience they have, different dog walking apps will make them more or less money.

Instead of just signing up for a bunch of apps and seeing which one works best for you, the best way to figure out which one pays the most might be to look at which one can give you the best work in your area. This could be the best place to start. As the biggest community and most well-known name, that may be where you’ll find the best opportunities to find more fun and profitable dog walking jobs.

  • Do you have to get a license to walk dogs?

Most of the time, the answer is no in the US. If you want to walk dogs, you don’t need a license. That being said, it’s a good idea to check the rules where you live.

Also, even if you don’t need a license, getting trained and certified is always a good idea. They will not only make you stronger and more sure of yourself, but they will also make possible clients more sure of you, which will let you raise your hourly rate.

  • Do people who walk dogs need insurance?

The answer is yes in most places; dog walkers need protection. But once more, it’s always best to check what the rules are in your area.

Good news: a lot of dog walking apps offer insurance as part of their service or can help you get a better deal on insurance that you buy on your own.

Make sure you’re safe when you use an app. Also, make sure you get protection if you want to start your own dog walking business.

  • Is there something else I can do to make money dog sitting?

Besides just walking dogs, many of these apps let you give other pet services as well. Dog sitting, boarding, drop-ins, and even dog daycare are all part of this. These things can make you more money than walking dogs, so if you have the time and money, you might want to look into them.

A lot of these apps let you take care of pets other than dogs, like cats, “horses, pot-bellied pigs, hamsters, snakes, lizards, and even pet shrimp.”


If you can offer pet owners any of these services, you can make a lot of money. Now is the best time to make an app for pet care because the market isn’t crowded yet. Apic Softwares will be happy to help you make your own app for taking care of pets. We at Appic Softwares have a team of experienced Pet Care App Developers who will use the newest technologies to make an app that meets your needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

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