7 Easy Steps To Create An On-Demand Dog Walker App

7 Easy Steps To Create An On-Demand Dog Walker App

Steps To Create An On-Demand Dog Walker App

There are a lot of unknowns in our lives. Let’s say you got home from working extra hours. When your dog is sad, the last thing you want to do is take it for a walk. A lot of dog owners worry that they don’t have enough time. Still, the dog has wants of its own, and it should be taken for walks often. We now even have a phone app for walking our dogs. 

In the past, dog owners had to plan ahead to find a dog walker, and most businesses that did dog walking were not online. These days, pet walking apps are great for both planned and unexpected on-demand dog walks. 

These are the main steps you need to take to make an app like Uber that helps people find dog walkers. 

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What is an app that lets people hire dog walkers on demand? 

All of the dog walking or watching apps work like a two-way market that works on demand:

  • A cat owner asks for someone to walk their dog. 
  • A dog walker gets the request right away and makes the appointment.
  • The dog owner can use GPS to keep track of the route, get picture updates, and even reports of poop and pee. 
  • The dog walker takes the pet home at the end of the walk and gets paid through the app. 
  • The dog owner can rate the dog walker and even write a review of the service. 

Now let’s look at the best apps for walking your dog. 

A look at the most popular dog-walking platforms

As we said, there are a lot of market possibilities for apps that connect dog walkers and owners. If you want to make the “Uber for dog walking” app, you should follow the leaders in the field. 

Rover to walk the dog 

Can Rover walk your dog?

Rover walk

This business began in 2011 in Seattle, Washington. At the moment, Rover makes $11 million a year. These people walk dogs and take care of pets all over the U.S. for the company. Sitting for pets is the most popular service in River. Dog owners can look through profiles of dog walkers on Rover and then choose one to set up a walk with. This is why Rover is sometimes called “Yelp for dogs.” People who use the app can get the following: 

  • For $30, I’ll walk your dog. The app keeps track of when you start and end your walks, as well as your pee, poo, food, and water breaks. 
  • Dog daycare for $20 a day. You can have your pet cared for during the day at the home of your sitter.
  • Visits on the spot start at $20. You don’t need a full-time pet sitter if you can find someone to check on and feed your pet a few times a day.
  • From $20, you can sit in on someone’s house. For when you have to go out of town, Rover lets you book a sitter to watch your dog and your house. 
  • Staying with a dog for $20. People who are willing to take care of your dog while you’re away can come in touch with you. 

Every person who walks or sits for Rover has to pass a safety quiz and a background check. Pet owners can set up a meeting with a walker in person to talk about what to expect. 

Rover's business plan
Rover’s business plan picture

Do a Wag! for Pet Services


Wag is a dog care service.

Weg Lab, sometimes written as Wag!, began in Los Angeles in 2014 as Wag! At the moment, Wag! is thought to make about 2.5 million dollars a year. Wag is like Uber for dogs. When a dog owner asks for a walk, all dog walkers in the area are notified. The dog owner can tip the dog walker right through the app if they are happy with the service. The person who answers the fastest gets to walk. Wag! offers even more services:

  • Wag! From $20, walk. You can choose how long of a walk to give your dog.
  • Starting at $39. Someone can come to your house and take care of your dog while you’re away.
  • From $39, you can board. A boarding host will take care of your dog in their home while you’re away on vacation or work. 
  • Child care for $39. You can leave your pet at a daycare host’s house for one stay or more than one.
  • Pet owners believe Wag! because they do thorough background checks on dog walkers and sitters to make sure they can be trusted. There is also customer service available 24/7 on the app. 

Canvas for the Wag business plan 

Canvas for the Wag

All of these dogs walking on demand Examples of Uber apps are very helpful. But what does it take to make a dog walking app like Wag? Let’s take a look.

A step-by-step guide on how to make an app for dog walkers

Here are the steps you need to take to start your dog walking business. 

1. Figure out what you do 

You can be sure that your dog service app will do well if you choose a small niche. We have put together a list of the most popular uses for a two-sided Uber app for dogs below: 

  • Taking care of pets. Professional pet sitters will play with your pets, feed them, or give them more individualized care, like medicine. 
  • Training a dog. You can set up a business where people can hire professional dog trainers on demand. There is a lot of room for dog trainers because there are 74 million dogs in the US alone. 
  • Cleaning up pets. Another possible pet service area is on-demand grooming. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that this year there will be 12% more jobs for pet groomers.

2. Find out about competition 

At this point, your main goal should be to get a full picture of your competitors. You can do the following to make this happen:

  • Find businesses that offer the same range of services or general business ideas.
  • Check out their websites, internet communities, and social media pages. 
  • To get more information, use ReferenceUSA, Hoovers, Ahrefs, Alexa, and Keyword Spy

Then, divide rivals into three groups: 

Primary Competition: Companies that offer similar goods and services to the same customers

Second-Level Competition. This group includes businesses that want to serve a different group of people. 

Third-Level Competition. These could be businesses that offer similar goods or services, like food or tools for pets. These kinds of businesses could join forces with you if you want to offer more services.

3. Choose a way to make money

The way most dog walker marketplaces make money is similar to how a service aggregator company does business. So, here are the options you have:

  • Fees for doing business. You can take a small cut of every payment that comes through your dog walking business. 
  • Promotions for money. People who walk dogs can show up higher in search results by advertising.
  • Ads for money. Businesses that deal with pets can pay to have their ads on the app. 

Charges for surges. There are more people who want to walk their dogs than there are people who can do it. As a result, you can use surge pricing to get dog trainers to charge more for their services. 

4. Make a list of features 

 For dog walkers and pet owners to find each other, your app should work like a store with a buyer and a seller. This is a list of features we think would be useful for such projects:

  • When you own a pet
  • A pet owner can add their dog’s name, age, personal tastes, things the dog doesn’t like, and other information to a personal profile. 
  • People who own pets can search for dog walkers and pet sitters in their area. To add this kind of function, you need to connect the Google Maps API, which is what we did for the QuePro app. Read the whole case study to learn more. 
  • Sorts search results to find the dog walker who is closest and open. 
  • Walk making plans and bookings. The dog’s owner can book the next walk or plan the days and times for walks. 
  • Report on the walk. This part lets the pet owner keep track of the walk route’s length, beginning and ending times.
  • Think about making a Location-aware Project

People who walk dogs

  • The profile. A dog walker can put up a photo and links to their social media accounts, as well as talk about walking dogs before.
  • Asks for. This is where dog trainers will see all of the new job requests for them. 
  • Time is available. Dog walkers can add times to the planner when they are free to walk dogs.

Other Important Facts 

  • For new users, use a social network account to log in, like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. 
  • Online chat, where the pet owner and dog sitter can talk about everything.
  • Pet owners can pay walkers with credit cards through the built-in Payment method. 
  • You can get push alerts for new requests and walk progress. 

5. Make the design for the app

Well-thought-out app design is important for a good user experience and the success of the app. To make a design that is easy to use and handy, you will need to do the following: 

  • Making sketches. You need to decide which app features are most important and picture them through the user experience. A few rough sketches of the main app screens will help you do this. 
  • Drawing wires. You can now start making wireframes for the app. The wireframe should have app parts like text, buttons, boxes, lists, and details of events. 
  • Drawing up an app 

Making models. The design team will now use your wireframes and ideas to make a prototype of the app design. For people who might want to invest in your app, an app sample will make it seem more real. Also, testers can give you feedback on how well and how easily the app works for people. 

6. Make a minimum viable product (MVP) of an on-demand dog walking app

You can control what users expect by releasing your app as an MVP at first. Based on what we think will happen to start the project, here is the Rover app clone MVP estimate in hours. 

FeatureScreen Design Android/ iOS
User registration (email, Facebook) 12 hours 18 hours
Profile of user (photo, bio, dogs and their photos) 12 hours 24 hours
Add/edit information of dogs to the user’s profile 8 hours 20 hours
Filter routes by type, location 8 hours 16 hours
Search on map 8 hours 26 hours
Booking section 6 hours 4 hours
Total 54 hours 108 hours

The MVP stage of making an app takes two to four months and costs around $25,000. You can go live with your project and put it on app stores once your app MVP is ready. 

7. Get comments from users

There are several benefits to getting comments from people who use your app. To begin, you can learn:

  • Whether or not your app meets user needs
  • How well the experience of the user is formed, and so on. 

Also, people who use an app can point out problems with it that you might not see. Second, you can ask them what features they’d like to see added to the app to make it better. Users of your app will feel like they are being heard if you add those features. Besides that, you will also get them to interact more and give you more feedback in the future. 


Recently, apps that walk and care for dogs have become very popular among pet owners. These kinds of apps give pet owners more freedom and let them care for their pets even when things go wrong, which happens a lot in modern life. You need to follow the steps in this article to make your dog walking app.  Appic Softwares gives us all the tools we need to create unique ways to get people to walk their dogs.

So, What are you waiting for?

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