The Open Network for Digital Commerce is referred to as ONDC. It is a network designed to give small businesses the functionality they need to use the online shopping process. ONDC marketplace is something that is in high demand now

This measure is intended to assist small retailers who wish to use digitalization to sell their goods on the ONDC, a marketplace that is akin to the eCommerce industry. 

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, ONDC emerged because of several fraud threats that impacted both customers and businesses. The absence of standards for digital infrastructure was the root problem.

At that time, the government made the decision to create a centralized setting where buyers and sellers could communicate via the ONDC network.

It offers a transparent and safe platform for businesses and customers to trade goods and services.

In order to give local retailers access to the one platform that all sellers use, ONDC promotes open networks.

ONDC provides a platform for the exchange of goods and services by connecting customers and sellers.

Over the course of the previous year, ONDC has grown to include 236 cities and 36,000 merchants on its platform.

Options for the ONDC shopping, food, home décor, etc. will be available on an ONDC app. The alternatives will be shown to the user if they search for the ONDC.

The results, provide a list of sellers that are available based on the area pin code you supplied. To continue placing their order, users can choose the seller of their choice. 

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Benefits Of ONDC Marketplace

  • This could be advantageous for smaller businesses and merchants that sell food, groceries, and other items.
  • By connecting with a vast number of purchasers through the network, sellers might potentially reach a wider audience.
  • The dominance of major e-commerce sites may be challenged by the ONDC marketplace.
  • Because the hyperlocal idea is used, it gives preference to local vendors and companies. 
  • It enables direct, middle-layer communication between vendors and customers.
  • Because sellers can utilize their own employees or startup companies as delivery partners, the ONDC benefits logistics companies.

Technology Behind ONDC

The ONDC network is built using blockchain technology to provide buyers and sellers with a transparent and safe marketplace. To preserve transparency, blockchain-based services log every transaction.

The Beckn protocol is used by ONDC backend development to handle financial activities such as order placement, payments, order delivery, etc.

It guarantees the caliber of these transactions to guarantee that they happen correctly.

A hyperlocal search strategy has been used to list the local vendors who wish to join the ONDC network, in keeping with ONDC’s focus on small enterprises.

The application looks for regional vendors and goods, including mobile hyperlocal apps.

How To Create An ONDC Marketplace?

The two primary parts of the buyer and seller apps that make up an ONDC marketplace will be covered in this section. 

Only the seller and buyer applications will allow customers and sellers to sign up for the ONDC network. The development of the seller and buyer apps is essential to the establishment of an ONDC marketplace.

Several well-known apps offer ONDC Marketplace. In order to launch an ONDC marketplace, vendors must first register on the apps. or take advantage of an online tool like Adobe Commerce. 

In order to undermine the platform-centric strategy, ONDC seeks to advance open networks in the eCommerce sector.

ONDC Buyer Application

There will be a customer frontend in the buyer app where buyers may look for products or sellers who have registered with ONDC. The goods and vendors who have registered on ONDC will be shown here. 

Products on ONDC are less expensive than those on other well-known websites.

The buyers will use the buyer app to register themselves. To join the ONDC buyer network, buyers just need to finish the registration process on the ONDC app.

Customers can quickly search for the merchants or goods they wish to purchase by using the ONDC apps. Using the pin code they supplied for their location, the buyer will get a list of ONDC-registered sellers.

ONDC Seller Registration

The vendors can use seller apps such as Mystore, Seller App, Bizcom, Digiit, e-Samudaay, Growth Falcons, and others mentioned here to register as a network participant on ONDC.

To become an ONDC vendor using any of the seller apps, sellers must complete the form. Here, the sellers must enter mandatory data, such as a GSTIN number, business account details, or other necessary information.

Vendors can then begin selling their goods through ONDC once the seller has uploaded their inventory and listed their products. 

The sellers are free to designate employees or enlist the services of any outside business to ship the goods.

The sellers can choose a delivery partner based on their price comparison with ONDC-certified delivery partners.

Numerous delivery companies, including Dunzo, Delhivery, and Ekart, are registered with ONDC.

With registered delivery partners and the ability to select their own employees for the delivery, ONDC helps vendors reduce their transportation expenses.

Top 3 Platforms Using ONDC


In September 2022, Paytm became the first app to launch on ONDC in Bangalore. It has received the most ONDC orders on the platform and has rapidly positioned itself as one of the top five buyer applications in 2023.


A local discovery platform that has become rather popular is called Magicpin. Users can browse best-selling food brands, carefully chosen collections, exclusive deals, culinary sections, must-try categories, and more.


Meesho, a modern e-commerce platform in India, has partnered with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) with two main goals in mind: to help India realize its ambition of building a varied e-commerce ecosystem and to make it easier for customers to interact with hyperlocal sellers.

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