Pet Care App Development In 2023: A Complete Guide

Pet Care App Development In 2023: A Complete Guide

Pet Care App

Pet care app creation services are getting more attention from both new and old businesses around the world. The main reason is that pet owners today see their job differently than they might have in the past. Pets are usually seen as members of the family, and their owners do their best to make sure they are happy and healthy. They can do this with the help of software. In a blog post we wrote before, we went into more detail about how software products for the pet business are becoming more and more popular. In this piece, we’ll look at the newest trends in pet technology and talk about the most popular parts of these new products.

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A look at the pet tech market

The market for pet tech is growing very quickly around the world. By 2028, its value is expected to reach $20 billion, up from just over $5 billion in 2021. This means that the market will have grown at a CAGR of 20% from 2022 to 2028.

Size of the pet tech market 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the financial instability of many families did hurt the growth of the market, but by the second half of 2021, things were back to normal. Now, it’s still growing, and IoT adoption in many countries and the desire for solutions that let pet parents check on the health and mood of their pets from afar are both helping a lot.

The most famous pet apps

If you want to make an app for pet care, you’ll need to decide first what kind of app it will be. Classifications can be different, but we think you should think about the following.

Apps to train your pet

People sometimes pay experts to help them train their dogs or other pets, but this can be expensive. A pet training app can help by giving you video instructions, pictures, and tips on how to train your pet. Some apps even let you talk to pet training experts online. Users can also keep track of their pets’ growth and plan the next lessons with these kinds of apps.

Apps for walking pets

These software tools help people keep track of how far they walk, how fast they walk, and where they stop. They also let people plan routes and set goals. Most of the time, these apps come with GPS tracking so that you can keep track of your exact location. A dog walking app can get people to pay more attention to their own health as well as the health of their pets.

Apps that track pets

This is one of the most common and well-known pieces of software for people who own pets. A pet tracking app can be very similar to a fitness tracker that is linked to a fitness bracelet or smartwatch. In the case of pet care app development, these solutions are linked to collars or other wearables and can help track the pet’s activity, sleep quality, and even vital signs like heart rate.

Help for your pet’s health

As the names suggest, these apps help keep track of a pet’s health. These software products can be made better by adding things like the ability to store all of your vet’s paperwork in one place, the ability to talk to experts online, or the ability to plan your pet’s diet. There are apps like a pet diabetes tracker app for people who have pets with long-term illnesses.

Applications for networking

These apps are for pet owners who want to meet new people who like the same things they do or find new friends for their pets. These apps are like regular social media apps because they help you meet new people, talk to them, share pictures, leave comments, etc. With a pet social networking app, pet owners can find useful information about how to care for their pets, where to go to the vet, where to buy pet supplies, etc.

eCommerce apps

Smartphone users are used to these kinds of options. The main thing that makes them different from other eCommerce apps is that they only sell things for pets and their owners. Users can usually find what they want, compare it to related products, place orders, pay for them, and track their delivery.

Are you interested in making apps for pet care?

Our developers have a lot of experience building different kinds of solutions for pet owners, and they will be happy to use that knowledge to help you find the best option.


Features that people want in a cat care app

To make a good mobile app for pet care, it’s important to know what features people want. We looked at the market and made a list of the features that are needed right now.

  • Account for a user (or a pet page)

The profile should have all the most important information about a pet, like its name, type, breed, age, weight, color, health information, vaccine dates, and sterilization dates. It’s important that these areas can be changed and that users can add more than one pet.

  • Putting away papers

Any pet owner will find it helpful to have a single place to keep all papers about their pet, such as health records and proof of ownership. By putting this information in an app, users can get to any document fast.

  • Dashboard in real time

Depending on the type of app, the main screen will have different kinds of information. For example, it can show you where your pet is right now, let you know when you need to take it to the vet, or tell you when it was last fed.

  • Feeding and watching

One of the best things about pet care apps is this. It lets people make a diet plan for their pets, set amounts, figure out calories, and note if their pets have any allergies.

  • Talk with animal doctors

Apps make it easy to get in touch with vets quickly in case of an emergency. You can add different ways to talk to professionals, such as through online chat, voice calls, or video calls.

  • Activity monitor

People can use this feature to check on their pets’ activities, see how long and how far they walk, look at their past, and look at data.

The things I just listed are just hints for you. It would be cool to use your own unique ideas in your custom cat care app.

Challenges with making a mobile app for pet care

As with making any software, making a pet care mobile app comes with a number of challenges that a project team should be aware of.

Problems with safety. Many pet care apps today use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that can be hacked and cause data loss. Because these apps deal with a lot of private and personal information, it is very important to think about how to protect them.

Problems with connections. Again, this is about using watches and other gadgets. Developers who are making a mobile app for taking care of pets don’t always have access to these devices. Because of this, it can be hard to make sure that people can connect and share info properly.

Price tags. As competition in the pet tech market gets up, app owners want to add the most cutting-edge features to their apps. That, of course, changes the costs of growth. When the budget isn’t very big, it’s hard to find the sweet spot between a good price and the features you need.

How much does it cost to make an app for pet care?

It’s hard to give exact numbers without looking at how unique and complicated your job is. When clients bring us their ideas, we always take the time to carefully look at what they need and give them prices. Several things have the most impact on how much something will cost in the end:

  • What tools and methods will be used;
  •  What functions must be met;
  • The amount of experts who will work on the project;
  •  How long it takes to make an app.

The cost of making a mobile app usually ranges from $15,000 to $100,000, based on all of the above things. If you want to make a mobile app for pet care, the costs will be about the same.

Appic Softwares has a lot of experience making apps for pet care.

Our team already has a number of successful pet tech goods on the market. We’ll talk about a few.

Dog Tracker Nano is the first. It is a mobile app for smart dog collars with GPS trackers that has a lot of features. Our job was to update the mobile app that our client already had, making sure it worked well on both iOS and Android devices and adding new features. The app now lets users keep track of their daily walks, save their records, and keep an eye on what their dogs are doing. You can make goals and check to see if you’ve reached them.

pet care

It also has tools that allow pet owners to set up virtual fences to keep their dogs safe. When a dog leaves a zone like this, the owner gets a message. Users can add more than one dog to one account and share access to the app so that everyone in the family can take care of their dog.

StepUp Horse is the second app we’ll talk about. This IoT app is made to keep an eye on horses’ vital signs while they are being trained. Our client was a business that makes special devices that go on the horse’s abdomen and can track things like heart rate, speed, distance, and breathing. This solution is completely unique because it is the only one of its kind.

pet care app development

Owners and trainers of racehorses can keep an eye on the data in real time on their smartwatches and look at figures and past data on their phones. This idea is meant to improve the care of racehorses and make training more effective and safer.


As with any other software project, making a pet care app has its own quirks that you should be aware of. This is true whether you want to make an app that helps people find pets or a pet exercise tracker or any other kind of app. Keep in mind what users want and what’s popular right now to make sure your app will wow the people who use it. 

If you haven’t done anything like this before, you need a trusted partner with the right knowledge by your side. And if you’re already looking for a team like that, we’re here to help! Our developers have a deep understanding of what the pet tech market needs and will be able to make an app that users will love. Just get in touch with us and tell our pros what you have in mind.

Appic Softwares is a leading pet care app development company which you can choose for further pet care app development process. So, what are you waiting for?

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