Do you know the rate of hiring intent in India rose to 36.09% in 2023? A stat that clearly shows us why Indian developers are good to hire globally. However, if you are still not convinced through this stat, we have compiled this blog for you that will enable you to make up your mind. 

So, let’s get into it and check the content of this post:

India’s IT Market Trends

  • According to Nasscom’s most recent Strategic Review 2023 study, the Indian IT industry would generate $245 billion in revenue in FY2023—a $19 billion increase over FY2021. IT exports are expected to exceed $194 billion, or 79% of the growth in the IT industry overall.
  • India is home to 40% of the world’s Global Capability Centers, or GCCs. In terms of deep-tech innovation and R&D, India is a key player today.
  • By 2025, the software product market in India is expected to grow to an astounding $100 billion.
  • ​​According to the Nasscom report, India now has 5.4 million developers living there, surpassing the United States, which has 4.4 million programmers.  

Major IT Hubs In India

major IT hubs in India

Let’s have a look at the 6 IT hubs in India from where you can hire dedicated developers:

  • Bangalore: Also, referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is still the nation’s leading center for IT. With a bustling startup environment, top-tier educational institutions, and a strong infrastructure, it is home to nearly 1.5 million IT workers.
  • Jaipur: An emerging IT hub in India, there are several IT companies in Jaipur that provide developers with dedicated hiring. There are several IT parks and R&D institutes that provide skilled developers. 
  • Pune: also referred to as the Oxford of the East, is home to more than 100 educational establishments and nine universities, making it one of India’s major centers of education. Pune is home to 3200 companies, or 2% of all IT startups in the nation, and has some of the biggest IT parks in the nation.
  • Chennai: You can locate young, highly skilled talent who speaks English fluently in Chennai. The city employs around 35,000 people with IT specializations. It is one of the top 20 places in the world to hire experienced developers, and it has a number of benefits, such as accessible land, a low attrition rate (7–13%), and decent connectivity.
  • Gurugram: One of the top five IT centers in the Asia Pacific area, according to CBRE, is Gurugram. It has an active business environment and easy access to office spaces. Because it’s close to Delhi-NCR, which gives it access to a talented pool of highly qualified workers, Gurgaon is a well-known hub for IT outsourcing.
  • Chandigarh: The Chandigarh region of India attracts IT businesses like TCS and Infosys due to its superb infrastructure and large pool of highly qualified English-speaking Indian programmers. The IT sector is rapidly expanding in Mohali and Panchkula, where STPI is building a sizable incubation facility.

Why Is India Considered One Of The Best IT Outsourcing Destinations?

  • The talent pool is large and highly qualified

The country with the greatest number of software developers is India nowadays. Currently, 19% of software engineers worldwide—or 27.7 million developers—live in India. However, Indian coders do not outnumber programmers worldwide simply by sheer quantity. According to Nasscom research, the Indian IT industry leads the world in AI skills penetration with a workforce that is 36% digitally trained. It also has the second-largest AI/ML BDA talent pool and ranks third globally in terms of installed supply of cloud experts. 

  • Low Hourly Rates

recruiting programmers from India is about half the cost of recruiting programmers from a developed country when compared to their colleagues in the West.

Examine the comparison of costs. 

Average Hourly Rate  USA Canada Western Europe Eastern Europe India
Software Programmer $36-$43 $36- $52 $68-$99 $25-$49 $18- $25
Mobile App Developer $35-$60 $49-$97 $40- $60 $30- $50 $18- $39
Web Developer $28-$39 $30-$41 $42- $53 $25- $50 $16- $30
RPA Developer $38-$47 $27- $50 $30- $75 $30- $75 $20- $40
Cloud Computing & Tech Migration $49-$57 $30- $46 $70- $149 $36- $96 $18- $35
  • Geopolitical Stability

India has persevered in the face of international difficulties. It is now the major economy with the quickest rate of growth in the world. With a GDP of over 3.7 trillion, India surpassed the UK ($ 3,159 billion), France ($ 2,924 billion), Canada ($ 2,089 billion), Russia ($ 1,840 billion), and Australia ($ 1,550 billion) at current prices to become the world’s fifth largest economy. 

India is ranked 10th out of 82 nations for “ease of doing business” according to the most recent statistics from the Economist Intelligence Unit Business Environment Rankings (EIU BERs).

Whether via strategic alliances or economic expansion, India is paving the path to becoming the Next Superpower. 

  • Infrastructural Capacity

India’s economy is expanding quickly, and its sophisticated infrastructure makes use of cutting-edge technology in every industry. Presently, India is home to 1500 GCCs (Global Capability Centers) and 63 STPIs (Software Technology Parks of India). The most recent hardware, software, and 5G high-speed internet are available in many of its cities, guaranteeing constant customer service and communication.

  • Government Support

India has been purposefully positioned by the Indian government as one of the top locations for IT outsourcing.

  • The budget for the IT and telecom sectors in the Union Budget 2023–24 was Rs. 97,579.05 crore (US$ 11.77 billion).
  • The STP Scheme, which is entirely focused on exports, was launched by the government to promote the development and export of computer software, including the export of professional services.
  • The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) collaborated to successfully execute the “Synergy” cyber security exercise in August 2022. It involved 13 countries and concentrated on strengthening network resilience against ransomware attacks.
  • Additionally, 22 new STPI centers have been approved nationwide by the Indian government.

The Indian government has launched other programs similar to these to advance the country’s IT industry in the lead role in technological advancement.

Actually, when it comes to outsourcing or offshore software development, one of the most often searched phrases on the Internet these days is “Hire Indian developers.” What makes Indian programmers the finest in the world, though, is the real query. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

7 Reasons Why Indian Developers Are Good To Hire Globally

We now know why businesses opt to contract out the development of software to India. So let’s look at why Indian programmers perform better than their rivals.

The following list of brilliant people exhorts companies worldwide to collaborate with Indian programmers:

  • Best Quality Developer Providers

India’s IT population grows by 1.5 million computer science graduates annually on average. Indian programmers provide the highest caliber of work at a reasonable price.

In arithmetic and logic, Indian programmers do better than their American counterparts, according to a Gild research that looked at data from 500,000 engineers’ 1 million tests.

Indian programmers possess degrees in computer science and related subjects, and they excel in STEM education. They pick up new technology rapidly and have a strong work ethic.

When it comes to custom software development solutions, India leads the world. India, which has the greatest percentage of ISO-certified businesses, has traditionally prioritized timely delivery and high-quality services.

Indian software developers employ a standard procedure to guarantee high-quality work.

  • Analyzing requirements
  • Drafting and skeletonizing
  • Programming and Design
  • Testing and prototyping
  • Guaranteed Excellence

Before the project is turned over to the client, it undergoes testing and bug fixes.

  • No Language Barrier

For Indian programmers, linguistic barriers do not exist because India is the world’s second-largest English-speaking nation, behind the United States.

Indian developers are quite adapted to the global market because they have worked with clients from around the world since the beginning of the country’s IT industry.

Indian programmers are regarded as having excellent analytical abilities in addition to their fluency in spoken English, which makes them a solid choice for challenging projects. 

Therefore, India is the place to go if you want to recruit the greatest programmers and developers with great communication skills, no issues with geography or culture, and an adoption rate that fits the needs of the customer.

  • Timezone Friendly

Working with Indian programmers offers you the advantage of continuous development. Since there is a nine-hour time difference between India and the USA, your in-house staff are starting work when Indian programmers have finished their day’s work and logged out.

Reviewing the task that was turned in, they can offer suggestions and edits. Your Indian dedicated development staff has tasks assigned to them for the day when they log in. 

This instantaneous feedback loop guarantees high-quality, on-time deliverables while simultaneously increasing productivity. When comparing the time zones of India the USA and Europe, one finds that Indian programmers are easy to work and communicate with, despite the fact that the changes in time are only a few hours.

Having both an offshore software development business and an in-house staff makes you available to your clients all day, every day. This promotes consumer loyalty to your brand and increases business goodwill.

  • Indian Programmers Work Globally

The majority of Indian tech firms adopt Western business practices and cultures. They are excited to contribute ideas, solve development problems, and share in the company’s success. 

Developers are free to be somewhat independent and don’t have to adhere to a rigid hierarchy. Access to information has given aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up businesses a global perspective.

  • Professional Attitude

Indian programmers have excellent people skills and are empaths. Indian developers, in contrast to their Western counterparts, are not hesitant to provide after-hours help for the projects they work on. 

Indian developers are always courteous, friendly, and modest because they were raised in the “Atithi Devo Bhava culture,” which translates to “Guests are like Gods and must be treated the same way.”

  • High Technical Knowledge

Indian developers are highly skilled programmers with excellent technical understanding and education. Their adeptness in technology enables them to create remarkable software solutions that revolutionize the industry’s digital landscape. 

When it comes to creating innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, robotics, and cloud computing, India is setting the standard. With a hybrid workforce that consists of as many robots as engineers to provide round-the-clock customer service, it has the potential to become the global center for robotics and AI.

India’s developers are highly skilled technically and are willing to take on new challenges.

  • Client Satisfaction Is Our Motto

No matter the nature of their business or the scale of the project, offshore firms in India strive to serve a global clientele, which is why Indian developers provide the best services to their clients.

With the aid of numerous tools, Indian developers offer client-centric solutions while upholding strict quality standards.

The corporation has a fantastic chance to profit from the situation at any time by receiving value for their money. For comparison, India is home to more than 75% of the CMM Level 5 accredited businesses worldwide.

Things To Consider Before Hiring Indian Developers 

There’s a price for having access to a huge talent pool. It becomes more difficult to locate the best programmers in India a larger pool of Indian programmers. I’ve outlined the essential elements you should take into account while employing an Indian software developer to make the process easier.

Key Technologies & Language

Assessing the linguistic and technical skills of potential hires is crucial for Indian software engineers. Their competence with a variety of tech stacks, frameworks, and well-known coding languages is assessed as part of the process.

In the software engineering sector, choosing Indian engineers with current skills and knowledge is crucial due to its constantly evolving terrain.

Skills & Competencies

In order to accurately assess a programmer’s language proficiency and code quality, it is imperative to define certain talents and competencies.

Writing well-written code is a prerequisite for programming language proficiency. With this ability, one can write clear code or enhance already written code for accuracy, simplicity, and modularity.

Writing code that is easy to maintain, modular, and secure is known as code quality. It should also be reusable for new applications and programs and adhere to standard practices. By assessing these two abilities, you can find programmers in India who meet the needs of your project. 

Education & Work Experience

When employing programmers from India, education serves as a solid foundation. It provides you with information on the skills and knowledge of a developer. However, because the technology landscape is always evolving, experience is significantly more valuable in the software development industry.

A Stack Overflow study estimates that 75% of developers globally have a bachelor’s degree or above. By comparison, 87% of developers have picked up a programming language, framework, or tool on their own without the need for traditional classroom training or coursework.

When choosing Indian software developers for your project, you should give special consideration to the work experience and ongoing professional development of the coders.

Real-World Skills Assessment

A technical skill evaluation is required if you want to employ programmers in India. It makes clear if the developer’s claimed skill set corresponds with their actual capabilities. Interviews for system design and coding tests can be used to accomplish this.

A code test can be used to assess a programmer’s proficiency with application tools, programming languages, and problem-solving techniques. Through live testing, facilitates the evaluation of programmers’ code accuracy while on the go. 

For senior resources, a system design interview is a great way to learn about their project management skills. In these interviews, candidates share their ideas and opinions while talking about system-related subjects like scalability, storage, and reliability.

By using these two techniques to evaluate practical talents, you may identify the top programmer in India.

Cultural Fitment

One of the most crucial parts of hiring developers is determining whether an Indian coder will fit in well with the culture of your company. In order to determine cultural compatibility, you have to assess their

  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Conflict resolution ability
  • People skills
  • Work ethics, and methodology

Indian Developers V/S American Developers

Indian programmers and American developers are frequently contrasted. Both countries produce skilled IT professionals, but they also have benefits and drawbacks. Let’s investigate the same.

Comparison Matrix USA Developers Indian Developers
Number Of Resources There are 4.4 million programmers. The second-largest software engineering population is found in the USA. With 5.4 million software developers living there, India is the tech leader in the world. 
Education USA developers have less formal schooling than their Indian colleagues.  The proportion of Indian developers with bachelor’s degrees is higher. 
Skills When it comes to prominent programming languages like C, Java, and SQL, American programmers perform better than Indian developers. Indian programmers are renowned for having excellent analytical, logical, and mathematical abilities.  Indian programmers are adept at resolving issues as well.
Tech Expertise Web development, data science, game development, and security are areas where American programmers shine. The most well-known video games, websites, and industry-leading businesses in these domains were developed by American programmers. In these sectors, innovation is centered on the US. In the field of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, big data, ML (machine learning), AI (artificial intelligence), and Indian programmers are at the forefront.
Salaries A software engineer in the United States makes approximately $91,156 year, according to Glassdoor’s most recent data. Based on Glassdoor’s most recent wage comparison statistics, the annual compensation of an Indian programmer is around $9,755.15.
Adaptability US developers are less accommodating when it comes to altering or extending their working hours. Indian developers are more adaptable when it comes to adjusting or extending their working hours, and they take a client-centric approach.

Why Hire Indian Developers From Appic Softwares?

Software development firm Appic Softwares provides offshore software development services to companies all over the world. Having developed software for more than eight years, we have successfully completed more than a thousand projects.

  • We select the best programmers for your project from our pool of more than 200 qualified candidates based on the specifications of your project. 
  • We provide you with applicant profiles to look through and get in touch with. To find out more about their skills and compatibility, you can also interview them. With a devoted relationship manager, our staff is here to support you every step of the way.
  • Your total happiness with the resources you select is guaranteed by our replacement policy. Let’s say the chosen resource falls short of your requirements. If so, we will replace them with someone who is either better or equally talented.
  • We sign an NDA and contract to guarantee the full protection of your intellectual property because we recognize how important it is to do so.
  • Our guiding principles include coaching and mentoring. We provide free guidance to you and your hired personnel with our skilled IT specialists.
  • For our international clients, we provide a window of overlapping work hours, ranging from two to four hours. It makes it simple to communicate with our team about changes, assignments, and team gatherings.
  • We grant your request to install a monitoring system to make sure the project is moving forward. 
  • Resources will be made available for communication via Slack or whatever project management app you choose.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that Indian programmers possess strong programming skills. Geopolitical stability, government support, excellent infrastructure, and a sizable skill pool make India an attractive location for outsourcing IT projects. Additionally, Indian programmers are an excellent starting point for your project because they are skilled, industrious, and flexible.

However, not every developer is the same, so before employing them for your project, thoroughly consider their tech competencies, cultural fit, and skill set.

Hiring the top programmers in India can be accomplished more effectively by collaborating with a reputable offshore software development business like Appic Softwares. 


Why Hire Developers From India?

You may access a vast pool of skilled programmers across many platforms at competitive prices by hiring developers from India. In addition, India provides excellent geopolitical stability and infrastructure support to guarantee that your project is built in the best IT environment.

Why Is India Good At Programming?

Because India has a STEM-based educational system, its programmers are extremely analytical and skilled at addressing problems. Furthermore, in terms of all emerging technologies, including AI, Blockchain, and Big Data, India is in the forefront.

What Is The Future Of Programming And What Is The Cost Of Hiring Developers In India?

India’s programming industry has a bright future. India’s economy is growing quickly, and it places a high priority on IT development. By 2025, it is anticipated that India’s software product market will be worth US$100 billion.

Based on data from Glassdoor, the annual salary of an Indian programmer is approximately $9751.