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Integration of Salesforce CRM is becoming more common, and more and more businesses are adding it to their systems. There are many types of industries, and each one can benefit from the different options that Salesforce CRM offers. One of these is finance, which is growing very quickly.

Banks, Capital Firms, Lending Institutions, Insurance, and Digitized Payment Gateway are all part of the Finance business as a whole. All of these groups used to do the boring work of paperwork back in the day. It was hard to collect data and figure out how to use it. The digital revolution has paved the way and made it easier to work with Salesforce CRM for banks and Fintech businesses.

There are many good things about the Salesforce CRM tool that can be seen after it has been properly integrated with CRM. With more and more people paying for things online, buyers may be wary after putting down their hard-earned cash. When banks are that big, it’s important to make sure that each customer has a unique experience, which is what they do all day.

Banks, trading firms, Fintech companies, and other financial institutions need to be careful because there are some problems. But with Salesforce CRM integration for financial firms, problems that affect all areas of banks can be fixed.

Why Salesforce CRM is good for fintech companies:

Why Salesforce CRM is good for fintech companies:

1) Better engagement with customers

Customers are the most important thing in banks, and they should always be involved. But there are other platforms and tools out there, so you might be wondering why you should choose Salesforce CRM for financing. It lets you look at and keep track of how engaged your customers are. If customers are more involved, the financial company will keep making money.

2) Services Focused on the Customer

People come to banks to use their services, so banking has always been a customer-facing business. It used to be hard to get the information you needed, though, because there was a lot of papers. With the rise of technology, all of our info can now be stored in the cloud and retrieved quickly. To give customers a better experience, both their hopes and how they act are recorded.

People can get services that are tailored to their needs, which makes them happy. By gathering information about your customers, your fintech business can come up with new strategies and make products that are centered around them. When you meet a customer’s needs, you build a strong relationship with them. So putting Salesforce CRM to use in banks is the better choice.

3) Raise the rate of sales and lead conversion

One of the things that Salesforce CRM can do is connect to Sales Cloud. When Fintech companies connect Sales Cloud to Salesforce, it will improve Lead Generation, which will help your business get more sales. Also, sales promotions and strategies are easy to finish because all the necessary data has already been gathered. This helps your sales deals work the way you want them to. It’s also easier to keep an eye on sales, which saves time and money and leads to more sales and better profits.

This blog post talks about why businesses should pick Salesforce CRM over other options. 

Fintech’s internal plan and the sales it makes outside of Fintech are linked, which helps the company make money. The data is saved in the cloud, as we already said. It will help us come up with strategies and make the sales process run more smoothly. The analytics also make predictions based on data about how customers behave when they use your Fintech app or website.

All of the sales and lead processes have been streamlined because the sales machinery has been automated. It’s easy to keep customers, which leads to sales and getting new customers.

4) Put together a lot of data

It is difficult to find the info you need when you have a huge amount of it. The info will mostly be scattered and not organized in any way. When Fintech companies add Salesforce CRM, all of their data will be put together on a screen. It’s easy to get the data you need, and the user also gets ideas for what to do.

5) High Safety

Since you have customer information, it’s important to keep it safe. Cybercrime and scams are unfortunately becoming more common. If you have a strong framework, it will be easy to keep your customers’ private information safe. These kinds of data theft can be stopped by putting Salesforce CRM for banking firms together.

It has a lot of safety features that will keep your customers’ information safe, which will help people remember your brand.

6) Following the rules

People have to follow the rules and laws that the government makes. With Salesforce for Fintech, it’s easy to handle the ethical workings and policy structure. But the company has to follow government rules or it could get in legal and regulatory problems. People may not want to buy from the brand again if this happens.

7) Grouping your target market

Products are made based on what the target market wants, which effectively divides the market. Salesforce CRM, for example, lets banks customize the customer experience so that they can make and give financial products that are just right for a certain group of customers.

8) Making small daily tasks and activities automatic

It’s easy to file routine jobs because daily tasks are easy to standardize. You can set reminders for emails, prioritize leads, make meetings, and do other everyday tasks that can be done in a standard way to save time and money.

9) Easy access

With the rise of the internet and smart phones, you can carry the whole world with you. When you add the Salesforce CRM platform to your systems, your workers can get to the data they need from anywhere in the world on any Internet-connected device. The best thing about it is that you can use it to make calls and take notes at the same time. One of the best things about the Salesforce platform is that users can view the data even when they’re not online.


The most important thing for any business is to meet and exceed customer expectations. This is also true in the Fintech industry. Appic Softwares is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and an ISV partner that can help you easily integrate Salesforce CRM for Fintech companies. This gets rid of operating risks, paperwork, and a lot of other problems and time-consuming tasks. In turn, this makes your go-to-market plan more productive and effective.

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