Shein originally started their journey by selling wedding dresses and in early 2010 it introduced general women’s wear, by the mid of 2010, it started selling almost every type of women’s fashion. 

Presently, Shein can be termed as one of the best-performing e-commerce stores that sell fashion products online. Here is a complete overview of Shein that you must have a look at before we dive into more statistics related to it-

Shein Overview

Top Management Chris XU (CEO), Quist Huang (Director, Employee Experience)
Business Type Private
Launch Date March 2008
Industry  Shopping
Headquarters Nanjing, China

Here is the content in this post that contains all the latest information related to Shein-

What Is Shein?

Shein is an online fast fashion store that has its headquarters in China. The company is known for selling relatively inexpensive clothes that are of high quality. It is completely a women’s store and provides dresses, tops, pants, and more. 

Shein Interesting Key Statistics 2023

Shein User Statistics 2023
Shein Monthly Visitors In 2023

Month 2023 Visitors (Million)
April 230.6
March 237.0
February 199.5M

Shein Monthly visitors

Shein Anual Users

Year Users(mm)
2017 2.8
2018 4.8
2019 5.6
2020 15.5
2021 43.7
2022 65

Shein annual users

Shein Revenue 2023

  • Shein saw a growth of 398% in their annual revenue from 2019-2021. 
  • In 2022 they earned $30 billion. 
Year Revenue($bn)
2016 0.61
2017 1.55
2018 1.99
2019 3.15
2020 9.81
2021 15.7
2022 30

Shein revenue

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Shein?

Year Worth ($bn)
2019 5
2020 15
2021 30
2022 100
2023 64

Shein Networth

How Many People Work For Shein?

  • Shein’s website claim that they have more than 10,000 employees working for them across the globe. 

Gender Distribution On Shein

  • 58% of the employees in Shein are female and 42% are male. 

employee Gender ration on Shein

Shein Store Statistics 2023

How Many Designers Does Shein Have?

  • As per a report from BBC, Shein currently has 200 designers in their store. 

How Many Products Are Available In Shein?

What Is The Average Price Of Products In Shein Store?

  • The average price of products in the Shein store is $9 making it a major reason why people worldwide love to order from Shein. 

What Is The Number Of Suppliers That Have Partnered With Shein?

  • As of 2022, there were 3,000 suppliers that were in partnership with Shein. 

Shein Demographics 2023

Customer Gender Distribution On Shein

  • 65.92% of the total visitors to Shein are female whereas 34.02% are male.

Shein customer traffic

What Is The Age Distribution Shein?

  • 25-34 year old accumulates the highest traffic (29.14%) on Shein followed by 18-24 year-olds (26.56%
Age Distribution (%)
18-24 26.56
25-34 29.14
35-44 18.14
45-54 12.41
55-64 8.38
65+ 5.37

Shein age distribution

Which Country Has The Highest Visitors On Shein?

  • The United States (36.68%) has the highest traffic on Shein followed by Brazil (12.91%). 
Countries Traffic(%)
United States 36.68%
Brazil 12.91%
France 6.03%
Spain 5.50%
Canada 4.14%
Others 34.73%

Country wise traffic on shein

Shein Traffic Statistics

Overview Of Shein Traffic

Key Stats Key Info
Monthly Visitors 230.6 M
Daily Unique Visitors 5,450,030
Daily Page Views 51,066,777
Alexa Rank 224
Alexa Reach  0.13%
Bounce Rate 37.71%

Source: Hyperstat

What Is The Market Channel Distribution On Shein?

  • 48.20% of the total visitors on Shein come directly whereas 19.77% come through paid search. 
Marketing Channels Traffic Distribution (%)
Direct 48.20
Referral 0.82
Organic Search 17.28
Paid Search 19.77
Social 7.81
Mail 2.05
Display 4.07%

Shein market channel dstribution

What Is The Social Media Traffic On Shien?

  • As per reports, Facebook (61.94%) brings the highest traffic on Shien followed by Pinterest (15.93%)
Social Media Channels Traffic Distribution (%)
Facebook 61.94
Pinterest 15.93
Youtube 14.66
Whatsapp Web 1.89
Instagram 1.75
Others 3.83

Traffic On shien through social media

Shein Mobile App Stats

Shein Android App Stats

Launch Date March 18, 2014
Total Downloads 100M+
Rating Reviews 4/5⭐
Total Review Votes 4.82M

Source: GooglePlay

Shein iOS App Stats

Launch Date 20th May 2014
Total Downloads
Rating Reviews 4.4/5⭐
Total Review Votes 1M+

Source: Apple Store

Shien App Downloads Throughout The Years

Year Number Of Downloads (mm)
2015 2.71
2016 10.23
2017 18,66
2018 59.06
2019 68.26
2020 123.43
2021 177.49
2022 184.98

Shein app downloads

Shein Competitor

Zara V/S Shien

Mode Of Comparision Zara Shien
Monthly Visitors 86.9M 230.6M
Category Rank (Lifestyle/Fashion) #17 #3
Global Rank #266 #101
Number of female users 68.64% 65.92%
Social channel that brings the highest traffic Youtube (45.49%) Facebook (61.94%)

Source: Similarweb


By looking at the above statistics we can clearly say that Shein is growing at a fast pace. However, this wort got dropped from $100M to $64M in 2023, but that was due to the valuation they raised. 

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