Shopify Pricing 2023: A Complete Comparison Of All Plans

Shopify Pricing 2023: A Complete Comparison Of All Plans

Do you know, Shopify has contributed $319 billion in global economic activity? This shows the popularity of Shopify and how easy it is for users to operate. Thus, if you are too planning to launch your business via Shopify and looking for Shopify pricing then you are at the right place. Here we have mentioned a detailed pricing comparison on Shopify with some additional information as well.

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A Complete Breakdown Of Shopify Pricing

Shopify pricing
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Shopify has 3 pricing plans ranging from $39 to $105. In this section, we have mentioned a complete breakdown of all these plans-

  • Shopify Basic Plan- $39/Month

This plan costs $39/Month if paid monthly and $29 if paid annually. Through this plan, you can create a branded ecommerce store that can scale up your customer experience. In this plan, you will get 24*7 customer support, unlimited product listing, and 2 staff accounts. 

Additionally, you will get- 

  • Manual order creation
  • Discount codes
  • Free SSL certificate

This plan is ideal for merchants that are new to the market and have had a few in-person sales. Although, you won’t be getting some additional features such as performance reports. 

  • Shopify Plan- $105/Month

One of the most popular Shopify plan costs $105/month if billed monthly and $79/month if billed annually. In this plan, you will get 5 staff accounts, assigning inventory to multiple retail stores and warehouses. 

You will get everything from the basic plan and additionally you will get- 

  • Performance report
  • Gift card payments
  • Shopify POS
  • Shipping discounts of up to 88%.

However, if you use some other payment gateway than Shopify, then you need to pay an additional 1% transaction fee. 

Shopify Advance Plan- $399/Month

A plan usually bought by enterprise-level businesses, cost $399/Month if billed monthly and $299/Month if billed annually. Some additional features of this plan are-

  • Extensive reporting- This feature would give you multiple business reports that help you gain an overview of your business. Some of the reports that it can provide are sales reports, customer acquisition reports, inventory reports, and so on. 
  • Third-party shipping calculator- With the help of this feature you can calculate the rates of different shipping partners from different carriers which gives you the best shipping rates for your customers. 
  • Fewer transaction fees- If you use a third-party payment gateway then Shopify would just be charging 0.5% of the total transaction. 

Additionally, every feature in this plan is unlimited and you can create an end-number of staff accounts and assign inventory to retailers. 

Shopify Starter V/S Shopify Plus

  • Shopify Starter is for those users that plan to sell their products through their social media accounts like TikTok and more. It costs $5/month and additionally it charges 2.4% per transaction through a card payment and 2% if a third-party payment gateway is used.
  • Shopify Plus is for enterprise-level businesses that come with a custom price tag. This allows businesses to tailor their own needs and create the most effective plan. The plan starts from $2000/Month and goes up to the requirements of the business. 

How Much Does Shopify Chare Per Sale? 

How much does shopify charge from merchants

The charges that Shopify collects from you for every order depending on the plan you have purchased-

  • Basic plan- 2.9% + $0.30 (per transaction) fee for online purchases and 2.7% for every in-store purchase. 
  • Shopify plan- 2.5% for every in-store purchase and 2.6% + $0.30 (per transaction) fee for online purchases.
  • Advance plan- 2.4% + $0.30 (per transaction) fee for online purchases and 2.4% for every in-store purchase. 

Shopify Merchant Solutions

There are 3 merchant solutions provided by Shopify for which you need to pay an extra amount- 

  • Shopify Shipping- Through this feature you can decide on a shipping partner to ship your products. Shopify will charge a commission from them. 
  • Shopify Payment- Except for Shopify lite plan, every plan comes with the Shopify Payment feature that allows merchants to provide a seamless payment option. If merchants want to integrate a third-party payment gateway they need to pay 2.4% to 2.9%. 
  • Shopify POS- This feature allows merchants to manage their offline stores. They have to pay 2% or more for every item sold from their store. 


We hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on the best Shopify plan. To make sure you choose the right plan, perform in-depth requirements of your business and then choose a plan. 

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