When hiring fintech app writers, it’s important to make sure they know how to make safe and easy-to-use financial apps. These skilled professionals will help your company come up with new ideas that customers will trust. This means making sure that your final Minimum Viable Product (MVP) follows all security and business rules.

Appic Softwares knows how important it is to hire professionals to make fintech apps instead of doing them yourself because they are pros in software outsourcing. We make sure that your app is easy for people to use, works well on mobile devices, and has safe ways to make payments. We’ll take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on building your business. By offering complete solutions and custom software creation services, we help businesses find their way in the complex world of fintech and be successful.

This blog post will give you useful information on how to hire the best banking app developers. We’ll talk about the best places to find developers in 2023, what makes each one unique, and the most important technical and soft skills you should look for in a developer. These helpful tips will help you on your way.

After that, you’ll know how to make smart decisions and put together a dedicated development team that’s great for your project.

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5+ Places to get hired to make fintech apps in 2023

When hiring fintech app developers, it’s important to think about how the partner company or professional will help your business succeed in building its new ideas. Hire fintech app writers with a good track record if you want to make a bank app that does well.

We’ve put together a list of the best places in 2023 to find skilled fintech app writers to make your search easier.

1. Appic Softwares is our top choice for the best fintech app developers.

Appic Softwares is our top choice for the best fintech app developers.

Appic Softwares has a group of partner networks for developing fintech software that were carefully picked to meet the specific needs of creators, startups, and businesses. We know that when you hire fintech app writers, you need to look at how much experience they have making apps for phones and the web. As your committed service provider, we make sure that every team member goes through a thorough screening process before they start working on your projects. 

This gives you personalized help from our Account Executives, who see you through the whole job. We focus on making fintech software that is easy for people to use, speaks to your audience, and helps you reach your business goals.

Our development process model is different from others because it lets you change the size of your team based on the needs of your project. We work closely with you to make sure that your financial software is working at its best, which will help you stand out in your field.

Important Things About Working with Appic Softwares

Curated Expertise: Appic Softwares has a partner network of software writers that were hand-picked because they are experts in making fintech software. This specific hiring method makes sure that clients can talk to experts who know a lot about the fintech industry.

Account executives who work directly with clients: During the whole project process, clients can get personalized help from account executives who work directly with them. This hands-on method makes sure that communication, project updates, and personalized help all work well.

Focus on the User: When making financial software, Appic Softwares puts the user experience first. Focusing on making apps that users like guarantees technical expertise and high user satisfaction, both of which are essential for the success of fintech goods.

Seamless Scalability: Unlike other platforms, Appic Software’s agency partnership approach makes it easy for the development team to grow. This means that clients can quickly change the size of the team based on the needs of the project. This makes resource management flexible and effective.

Empowering Collaboration: Appic Softwares stresses working together and making steady progress. They help clients get the most out of fintech software by creating a setting where people can work together. This way of working together encourages new ideas and inspiration, which leads to the creation of cutting-edge fintech solutions.

Plans for pricing Appic Software

If you need to hire fintech app developers, Appic Softwares has easy-to-understand price plans that you can change to fit your needs. There are many types of professionals in our pool, so it’s easy to find the right one for your job. If you contact us, we’ll help you through the process and make sure you find the best team for your needs, price, and schedule.

Appic Softwares is great at putting together partner networks for fintech app creation and making sure that these networks offer custom solutions with smooth user experiences. We have partner networks with experts in integrating AI, analyzing big data, and making mobile banking apps. This lets us give startups safe, scalable solutions.

2. The FinTech software engineering studio UppLabs

The FinTech software engineering studio UppLabs

UppLabs is an innovation expert that focuses on making websites and mobile apps that are easy for people to use. They are experts at making safe payment systems, online trading tools that work in real time, and advanced AI-based data management systems. They are also experts at combining and improving payment systems and bringing old services up to date with new technology that makes them easier to use and keep up.

With seven years of experience, they offer safe, custom Fintech options. Their high-quality software makes their clients more competitive, which builds trust, leads to growth, and puts them at the top of the market.

Important Things About Working with UppLabs

Money Transactions Platform Engineering is the process of building platforms that make money transfers safe and quick.

Engineers who work on online trading and exchange systems build strong platforms for trading and exchanging goods.

AI-Based Financial Solutions: Using AI to make more advanced financial solutions it possible.

P2P Funding Solutions: Building platforms for peer-to-peer loans that connect investors and borrowers directly.

Risk and Scoring Fintech Solutions: Use credit scoring systems and adaptive scoring formulas to meet the needs of your business.

Plans for Pricing at UppLabs

UppLabs’ website doesn’t have any details about how much its services and goods cost. Still, it’s easy to schedule a call with them through their website. During the meeting, you will talk about what you need in order to hire AI developers. In addition, you will get suggestions for the best solutions that are made to fit your wants.

They stand out because they make safe tools for the real estate, healthcare, and fintech industries. With a strong track record going back to 2014 and a reputation for knowledge, they provide reliable technology to companies in these fields. They are a reliable choice because they are dedicated to safe and creative growth. 

3. Altamira is a partner in developing fintech software.

Altamira is a partner in developing fintech software.

Altamira method is based on using cutting-edge technologies to give clients great results. Their knowledge of cloud technology, user experience design, and artificial intelligence makes complicated tasks easier to do and helps them better understand how customers act. 

They give great value to their clients, whether they are small businesses or big corporations. Their Fintech Management Platforms provide unified answers for making financial technology systems run more smoothly. Services like customer platforms, mobile banking solutions, and easy-to-use data visualization sites make sure that clients and their customers have a great experience.

Important Things About Working with Altamira

Fintech Solution Consulting: Their experienced professionals make sure that their clients’ trips are clear, predictable, and safe, and that they follow all industry rules and standards.

Mobile and contactless wearable app development: increase the number of customers you have, keep them, and make them loyal. They apply these methods to wearable tech that doesn’t need to be touched, making the user experience smooth and easy.

Web Development, Moving to the Cloud, and Modernizing Legacy Systems: Make custom software for financial companies, such as web development and updating old systems. They are experts at moving solutions from on-premises to the cloud and are good at handling large amounts of data moving quickly and correctly.

Team Extension: Create specialized squads to speed up fintech developers and improve release schedules. This will make sure that projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

Data analytics and AI: Use data insights and secret trends to build strong data strategies and management solutions. 

Plans for pricing Altamira

Altamira’s website makes it easy to hire fintech app developers; you can sign up for free or set up a meeting to get more information. Businesses and startups can hire people in a variety of ways and find talent from around the world. 

They help well-known companies improve the way they make software, making sure that the process is predictable, committed, and scalable. Altamira makes sure that all of an organization’s platforms work together smoothly by specializing in AI and ML interfaces, software automation, and CRM/ERP systems.

4. Cloud Core and Banking with Miquido

Cloud Core and Banking with Miquido

Miquido is an expert at making FinTech apps that focus on making customers safer. Using cutting edge technologies like AI, automation, big data, and blockchain, they give financial companies and startups the tools they need to make unique, safe, and easy-to-use FinTech apps. When businesses want to hire fintech app writers who know a lot about blockchain technology, they often have to deal with a lot of competition. Miquido uses cutting-edge solutions to help businesses win the market and keep customers by making sure they have a strong and competitive position in the industry.

Miquido gives its customers access to FinTech apps that go above and beyond industry standards. These apps provide unmatched security and help businesses grow. Their cutting-edge solutions keep customers coming back, which is good for both big businesses and new businesses. Miquido’s new way of doing things gives clients a big edge over their competitors and helps them grow over time.

Important Things About Working with Miquido

Expand user-focused apps like digital wallets and AML/KYC solutions in cloud core and banking software development. Customized Machine Learning and Data Science integration helps them make more money by letting financial institutions use data-driven strategies.

When making financial software, it’s important to keep up with high security standards and user-centered design to make sure that sensitive data and big financial deals are handled safely.

As an insurance software developer, they focus on making unique insurance apps that are user-centered and use cutting-edge AI solutions like voice assistants and chatbots. These new ideas improve customer service, making exchanges more personal and giving insurance companies a competitive edge.

FinTech Product Discovery and UX Design: Let people work together from the start by holding discovery workshops and meetings with FinTech app makers and R&D experts. Part of their process is making prototypes and trying different UX/UI solutions to make the user experience better. 

Full-Scope Mobile App Development: Even with short deadlines, make sure that digital banks have the features they need, like points, ways to save money, Crypto Wallets, and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services.

Plans for pricing Miquido

Miquido gives personalized information about prices during planned talks. Their experience making financial apps includes AI and blockchain, which makes sure that the apps are very safe. They make apps that go above and beyond what the market requires. This helps banking companies and new businesses stand out, keep customers coming back, and succeed in the market.

They are great at making software for the healthcare, eCommerce, leisure, banking, and fintech industries. They make healthcare apps that are driven by data, scalable eCommerce solutions, and full-stack finance apps that use data science. Their knowledge covers a wide range of industries, so they can make sure that technology solutions meet the specific needs of each business.

5. STX Next – Python Tech Company

STX Next - Python Tech Company

Advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used in STX Next‘s FinTech solutions to speed up companies. They improve the experience of customers, automate tasks, protect data, and let people make choices based on data. Miquido works with a lot of different FinTech industries and lets people work together in a lot of different ways. For example, teams can split up and work together on projects.

Through their specialized FinTech solutions, STX Next gives their customers a lot of benefits. They improve the customer experience, automate chores, and make data more secure by using high-tech tools like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Businesses can use their knowledge to make smart, data-driven choices. Additionally, STX Next offers customized solutions and adaptable ways to work together, making sure that their clients’ financial data management is smooth and safe.

Important Things About Working with STX Next

End-to-end Data Engineering Services: Offer full data management services, from advice to upkeep of the system. Their knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods makes sure that large amounts of data are processed, analyzed, and stored quickly. This helps businesses learn useful things and make smart choices.

Flexible Cooperation Models: Ways to work together to make projects better and more efficient. Oversee the whole process of making a product, from planning to putting it into use. Their team does expert coaching and gives specific advice on how to reach specific business goals.

Workshop and Analysis Together: First, they have a full workshop to understand the specific needs of each business. Then, they do a thorough analysis and come up with custom solutions. Thorough planning and testing make sure that the integration goes smoothly, and long-term help is emphasized to make sure that the system continues to work well.

Plan Prices for STX Next

STX Next offers flexible price plans that can be changed to meet the needs of different startups. The pricing structure is based on the complexity, scope, and specific needs of each job. Get a personalized price and accurate pricing information by calling Fueled and talking about the needs of your project. 

Their work with companies of all kinds around the world includes helping them go digital and making custom software products. With more than 350 developers in Central Europe, they work as a focused internal development team to meet the wide range of needs of their clients.

6. The digital transformation of Appinventiv

The digital transformation of Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a top software development company that specializes in turning new fintech ideas into businesses that do well. They offer a wide range of services, from coming up with ideas and designing immersive experiences to making software for Android and iOS devices, which makes sure that banking solutions are smooth and safe. 

Appinventiv focuses on banking and creates fun user experiences through responsive web design and the latest mobile apps. Their skills are shown in projects like YouCOMM, a real-time medical help solution, and JobGet, an AI-powered job app. They are the best choice for companies that want to change the fintech industry because they focus on quality, offer flexible ways to work together, and create new digital goods.

Important Things About Working with Appiventiv

Innovative Ideation and Conceptualization: Appinventiv helps financial companies come up with new, innovative ideas that fit their needs through creative brainstorming. They stand out because they understand the unique problems that the fintech business faces.

Immersive User Experience Design: Put the user experience first when making fintech apps that work and have designs that are easy to use and interesting. 

Robust Security Protocols: Use the most up-to-date security methods. Their knowledge makes sure that data is kept safe at all times, which is important for getting users and regulators to trust financial apps.

Agile Development Methodologies: Use agile development methods to give your company the freedom and adaptability it needs to work in the fast-changing financial world. Their flexible method lets them quickly adapt to changes in the market, which keeps their products relevant and competitive.

Full Support After start: Provide dedicated support after start and regular updates. This promise to provide ongoing support keeps fintech goods secure, up-to-date, and able to adapt to changing user needs and industry standards.

Price Plans That Are Competitive

Contacting Appinventiv’s sales team immediately is the best way to get a price quote that fits the needs of your specific project. You can get a personalized quote for your building job by getting in touch with them. Their sales team has a lot of knowledge and will give you a price quote that fits your needs exactly.

Appinventiv is a top software development company that helps startups, businesses, and the government come up with ideas, create solutions, and build them. Their full range of services makes sure that software development goes smoothly from start to finish. This makes them the perfect choice for businesses that want to make digital goods that are new, scalable, and tailored to their needs.

7. Qulix: Cutting Edge FinTech Solutions

Qulix: Cutting Edge FinTech Solutions

Many of Qulix services are designed to meet the needs of banks and other financial institutions. They help businesses use digital services by giving them specialized engineering teams, auditing them, and making advanced digital banking systems. Qulix also makes sure the standard of financial apps by automating testing and checking how well they work. 

The services they provide are very useful to clients because they know how to make banking and fintech apps easy to use, especially on mobile devices. They are known for making system transitions smooth, moving clients from old-fashioned setups to efficient microservices. These services show that Qulix is serious about making digital changes easier for banks and other financial institutions. This makes sure that processes run more smoothly and users have better experiences.

Important Things About Working with Qulix

Innovative Fintech Solutions: Show their dedication to progress in financial technology by offering cutting-edge fintech solutions for digital banking, e-invoicing, transfers, and more.

Comprehensive Service Teams: Focus on using micro-teams with proven expertise. This will create a cohesive work environment where each team member is working on at least two projects that are similar, which will make it easier for everyone to work together.

Hybrid Development Model: They offer a hybrid development model in which their skills are combined with those of the client’s in-house team. Sharing workflows and domain knowledge is possible with this collaborative approach, which improves project outcomes.

360-Degree Support: StandFore FS, Qulix’s omnichannel digital banking platform, supports many modes, including web, mobile, terminals, and ATMs, making the experience smooth for clients and customers.

Flexible Cooperation Models: Provide clients with a choice of flexible cooperation models, such as outstaffing, hybrid development, and full-project handover, so they can pick the model that best fits their project needs and desires.

Plans for pricing Qulix

Get a quote for your development job from their sales team by calling them. They can give you a custom price quote based on your specific needs.

They do a lot of different things, like making mobile apps, testing software, using AI, and designing UIs and UXs. Qulix makes high-quality, custom software solutions for users in Adtech, Banking & Financial, E-commerce, IoT, and Media & Entertainment. They are the perfect technology partner for companies that want to find new and useful services.

8. EVNE Developers: Making digital products

EVNE Developers: Making digital products

The FinTech software development services that EVNE Developers offers to companies in the financial industry are what they do best. Custom Web App Development is one of the things they do well. They make safe, fast, and secure web goods that are tailored to each client’s needs. 

Fintech Mobile App Development is what they do best, from simple banking apps to complicated financial systems. They offer UI/UX design that is easy for users to understand and use, as well as dedicated fintech teams to help with current projects. As the digital finance industry has grown over the past few years, so has the need to hire fintech app writers. Clients can also hire specialized App Developers to make sure they get solutions that work for the financial industry.

Important Things About Working with EVNE Developers

Excellent Security and Compliance: Make sure the greatest level of security by creating solutions that follow industry standards like GDPR, SEPA, PCI DSS, PSDA, and other FinTech rules. This will protect financial data.

Full-Service FinTech Software Development: This includes everything from the Discovery Phase (finding out what the user wants and need) to developing the software, making sure it works well, and providing help after it’s been released. 

Expertise and Constant Improvement: Has certified pros who help choose the best technology stack for different financial needs. They stay ahead of the curve by going to and actively participating in FinTech conferences and events. They then use new technologies and ideas to come up with breakthrough solutions that help clients reach their business goals.

Cost-Efficiency and an Agile Approach: Use world-class engineering skills and hourly rates for software experts that are very low. Their Agile method for making software puts features first, which lets them make goods quickly while keeping quality high.

Flexible and Skilled Teams: As needed, add professionals in DevOps, cybersecurity, and other important fields for the financial industry to specific FinTech development teams that are made up of full-time engineers.

EVNE Developers’ Plans for Pricing

Get a price quote for your job from their sales team by calling them. They will give you a price quote that is based on your unique needs.

EVNE Developers is a top IT service business that focuses on making digital products for the Education and Finance industries. Because they are experts in SaaS development, mobile and web development, UI/UX design, and making custom business software, EVNE Developers can offer solutions that are unique, personalized, and affordable.

Important Skills

To find the best fintech app developers for your project, you need to know what basic skills they need to have. The building blocks of making fintech apps are these skills. 

Here are the most important technical skills you should look for in financial developers:

Skills in Technology

Technical skills in fintech app makers include the knowledge needed to make software and apps for the financial technology industry. Here are some important technical skills that fintech app writers must have:

Being good at programming

Java, Python, and JavaScript are important languages for both backend and frontend development, so fintech app writers need to know how to use them well. Also, knowing how to use frameworks like React and Angular makes it easier to make UI/UX designs that work well and are easy for users to understand.

Knowledge of security

Fintech app writers need to know a lot about cybersecurity, including how to encrypt data and write code in a way that keeps it safe. This means knowing how to protect data and use authentication methods like OAuth and JWT.

Integration of APIs and management of data

Developers of fintech apps need to know how to easily connect to payment platforms and banking APIs. Companies that want to hire fintech app developers should also check how well the individuals can integrate APIs. Also, knowing how to use database systems like SQL and NoSQL is necessary to store and retrieve financial data quickly and correctly, which makes sure that deals go smoothly and that data is managed correctly.

Awareness of Compliance

As the digital finance industry has grown over the past few years, so has the need to hire fintech app writers. For strict regulatory compliance, fintech app developers should know about financial rules like GDPR and PCI DSS and be experienced with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes. Businesses need to know these things in order to run safely and honestly while protecting their clients’ interests.

Not Hard Skills

Soft skills are very important for fintech developers to have in order to work well with others and make apps that users want. Here are some of the most important soft skills that fintech app makers need to have:

Solving problems and thinking analytically

Fintech app developers need to know a lot about financial rules like GDPR and PCI DSS, as well as know how to do KYC and AML processes, because strict regulatory compliance is a must. Businesses need this kind of knowledge to run safely and honestly, protecting both their own operations and their customers’ interests.

Talking and working together

Fintech app developers need to be able to easily explain technical ideas to people who aren’t experts in the field as well as those who are. For projects to go smoothly, people from different backgrounds must work together, such as designers, product managers, and quality assurance engineers. Strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others make sure that the growth process runs smoothly and encourages new ideas.

Paying attention to details and knowing the rules:

Fintech app writers must be very careful when reviewing and testing code, and they must also pay close attention to how accurate their apps are. It’s also important to have a deep knowledge of how regulations change over time and a strong dedication to making sure the application follows the rules. In a world where technology and rules are always changing, these traits ensure the creation of strong, accurate, and legal applications.

Customer Focus and the Ability to Change

Companies that want to do well in the fintech field need to hire fintech app developers who can make platforms that are easy for people to use. Fintech app makers should care about end users in order to make interfaces and experiences that are easy to use and smooth. This way of thinking makes sure that applications that are easy to use keep getting better. It changes along with the times when it comes to technology.

These important skills include the technical know-how to make strong financial apps and the people skills needed for good communication, problem-solving, and designing with the user in mind. Developers who are good at these things will do well in the constantly changing financial world.


If you want to hire fintech app developers in 2023, you need to make sure you pick the right platform. When you need to hire fintech app developers on a project-by-project basis, working with outside firms can be a good choice. How well your financial projects turn out will depend on how skilled the developers you hire are. In this competitive field, your chances of finding highly skilled developers go up if you use a site that specializes in fintech recruitment.

These sites know what fintech needs in particular. They give you a list of candidates who have been screened and are experts in data protection, financial regulations, and the newest fintech technologies. This targeted help makes hiring a lot easier. It helps you pick the best fintech software developers for your projects and saves you time.

At Appic Softwares, we have a huge pool of qualified people who know the banking business. Picking the right outsourcing platform makes it easier to hire people and greatly increases your chances of discovering great FinTech App Developers. 

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