For web developers, the NextJS framework has completely changed the game by making it much quicker and simpler to design high-performing, scalable, and interactive NextJS-based online apps.

As a business owner, you probably want to find practical ways to provide an outstanding customer experience. Next.js can help you with that.

The top NextJS programmers will take advantage of the capabilities of this cutting-edge framework to create outstanding web products for your company, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and trends and coming up with creative answers to the challenges posed by the complexity of the digital environment.

We’ve put together this list of the top NextJS development companies to help you choose a dependable and skilled web development team by emphasizing their competence, notable clientele, and distinctive value propositions.

What Is NextJS?

Next.js is a popular open-source JavaScript framework used for building modern web applications, particularly those involving server-rendered or statically-rendered React applications. It’s built on top of React and provides a powerful set of features to simplify the development of web applications, improve performance, and enhance user experience. Next.js is often used to build dynamic and high-performance websites and web applications.

Top 10 Companies To Hire NextJS Developer

Appic Softwares

Rating:- 5/5⭐

A market leader in Israel that provides excellent services for app development. And to make matters even better, Appic Softwares provides the most feasible solutions for locating and hiring Next.js developers. The developers’ earlier employment history at other companies may be useful to you. 


  • With UI/UX updates, migration, integration services, and other activities, you can obtain help from developers.
  • The pricing is fair for the business. 
  • You can pay them an hourly cost, a monthly fee, or an annual price based on your demands.
  • Your data is safe with us because we have an NDA in place with the company.

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Ronas IT

With a long history in the software development sector, Ronas IT is a top NextJS development firm. The 2007-founded company offers startups, medium-sized companies, and corporations a complete product development cycle, from conceptual design to continuous maintenance.

With over 200 web-based apps and an exceptional track record in engineering, Ronas IT effectively serves a variety of industries while guaranteeing the highest levels of security and usability and coordinating programs with the unique business goals of their clients. With a committed staff of more than 60 highly qualified specialists, Ronas IT has completed more than 1500 projects, ensuring scalability and long-term growth.

Ronas IT provides quick turnaround times of just 1.5 months when urgent web app development services are needed, demonstrating its flexibility and expertise in meeting short deadlines without sacrificing quality. Your company will gain from the world-class NextJS knowledge of Ronas IT as a dependable partner; they’ll turn your concepts into cutting-edge web apps.

Innowise Group

A well-known provider of software development services, Innowise Group focuses on providing Next.js development services. They have established themselves as one of the best Next.js development businesses and developers because to their solid reputation in the field. Since its inception in 2007, Innowise Group has earned a reputation as a reliable resource for companies looking to construct cutting-edge online applications utilizing Next.js.

Using the Next.js framework, their team of talented and experienced developers specializes at creating highly functional and scalable web apps. Innowise Group has the skills to produce excellent results whether it’s designing dynamic, interactive user interfaces or building server-side rendered apps.

Innowise Group as a business is very focused on customer satisfaction. They collaborate extensively with their customers to comprehend their particular needs and make sure the finished result exceeds expectations. To ensure transparency and alignment, they take a collaborative approach and involve clients at every level of the development process. Along with their technological proficiency, Innowise Group is renowned for meeting deadlines and staying within budget. They have an excellent reputation in the market thanks to their expertise and commitment to perfection.

5e Creative Labs 

Since its establishment in 2015, 5e Creative Labs has been one of the top NextJS development companies, providing unmatched software development and digital design services. The business, which has offices in Costa Rica, serves clients all over the world as an offshore software development studio and web design lab.

The committed team creates top-notch technology products for startups and large businesses across a range of sectors. 5e Creative Labs is committed to assisting you at every stage of the development process, from ideation through production and beyond, as well as with continuing support, whether you’re looking for consultancy, on-demand expertise, or custom software solutions.

5e Creative Labs is dedicated to producing top-notch digital solutions to achieve measurable yet cheap results. The company has a varied portfolio that includes anything from custom business software to MVPs for cutting-edge businesses. You may be confident that your idea will be implemented in the finest way by giving your software project to 5E Creative Labs.


Twistag is a well-known NodeJS development company with offices in Lisbon that was founded in 2016 and has developed a reputation as a top industry authority. The team has worked with outstanding businesses throughout its existence, continuously developing digital brands, products, and experiences that accurately reflect their clients and appeal to their target consumers.

The dedication of Twistag to client satisfaction transcends geographical boundaries. They use a nearshore strategy in Lisbon and offer specialized teams with specialized skill sets to carry out new projects for businesses and IT departments.

Twistag provides its customers with a full range of software development services, ranging from initial product concepts and business consulting to full-scale NodeJS development. Their dynamic company spans four continents and has a remote-first culture, ensuring a global perspective and a varied spectrum of abilities to meet any issue.

Yolk Studio 

As a leading design and development firm with in-depth knowledge of NextJS, Yolk Studio stands out. As soon as you visit their website, it is clear that their work philosophy is centered on originality, attention to detail, and user-friendliness. Since 2015, this creative team has been designing, engineering, and maintaining dependable web apps. As a result, they have established a solid reputation as a trustworthy partner for startups and scale-ups looking to effectively launch and deliver their digital goods. 

The agency has successfully delivered over 30 apps across multiple sectors with 25+ top-notch specialists on staff, covering the fields of visual ideas and user experience to development and QA while adhering to the best practices of the technology sector. Utilizing open-source technology’s strength and never-ending inspiration, they create custom digital solutions that exactly match the demands of each customer.

Yolk Studio is the go-to agency for any company looking to succeed in the digital sphere thanks to its considerable experience and genuine dedication to excellence and customer happiness.


When you hire Next.JS engineers from Keenethics, your projects will be implemented with cutting-edge and genuinely inclusive NextJS solutions. The business is headquartered in Ukraine and has representation in both Europe and the US. 

In addition to offering top-notch NextJS development services, Keenethics also offers a thorough UX audit to assist you figure out what frustrates your consumers and prevents your solution from being successful. This strategy is ideal for reducing development costs and enhancing the long-term ROI of your company.

Keenethics will help you manage technical duties of any kind and complexity, whether you are in charge of a small business or a large corporation. 


Meet Argo22, a reputable NodeJS development business serving customers in Europe, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region with cutting-edge solutions. Argo22, a custom NodeJS solutions provider, assists companies in achieving outstanding returns on investment and long-term expansion.

Argo22’s committed teams deliver dependable and cost-effective solutions that ensure optimal performance and a competitive edge in the market, from thorough product research to full-cycle software development. Argo22 makes sure that your app stays at the cutting edge of innovation by concentrating on utilizing the most recent technology and thoroughly testing your solution at each production step.

The agency’s dedication to your pleasure doesn’t end with the launch of the product; their outstanding support team stays by your side to guarantee seamless operations and address any problems that may crop up.

Choose Argo22 for a comprehensive NodeJS development experience that turns your idea into a flourishing reality and distinguishes your company in the cutthroat digital market.


Pagepro is the ideal place to go if you want to hire the top NextJS developers; you’ll get access to highly skilled programmers who create lightning-fast React apps and websites. Additionally, the staff at Pagepro will assist you in boosting conversions and drawing more users to your digital product by creating safe and SEO-friendly pages. 

The organization thinks that gaining efficiency in software development requires strong internal communication. One of the main reasons 92% of their clients choose to work with Pagepro time and time again is because they work diligently to be proactive in their work and maintain the highest degree of professionalism.


CronJ provides incredibly reasonable and high-quality app development services; NextJS developers are available at CronJ for just $8 per hour! The business has assisted various well-known SMBs and large corporations in scaling their engineering teams by offering top talent within 24 hours. 

Additionally, CronJ enables companies to employ software developers on an hourly, daily, or annual basis for a limited time. Profit from their adaptable engagement models, top project management resources, hand-selected professionals, and precisely matched skills for your particular requirements.


We hope that through this post, you were able to choose the best company to hire a NextJS Developer.  But if you’re not sure which Company to choose, then we suggest you check out Appic Softwares.

They have a team of skilled NextJS developers who can work carefully on your project and offer you insightful advice.

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