We have to agree that mobile technology is quickly taking over the internet. As more people use their phones to connect to the internet, this field is expected to change in ways that are hard to predict. M-commerce is only going to grow, and smartphones have become the best places to shop these days.

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At the same time, it has been necessary to add an interactive interface and more than one payment method to make the user experience better. I agree that this is the most important part of making a mobile app because it tells people what to do. If a customer gets stuck during the checkout process, they often leave their cart. If you add payment gateways to your app, you can keep these people by thinking about the things below.

Factors Affecting Payment Gateways Integration

1. Several ways to pay for things

Customers do like choices in everything, whether they’re shopping or paying for things. Because of this, it is a good idea to include more than one way to pay in your app. Credit and debit cards are two of the most common ways to pay. But a lot of people who shop online would rather use PayPal or a mobile wallet to pay. On top of that, your app should also work for buyers who want to pay cash on delivery.

2. Follow the security rules set by PCI-DSS

Security is very important to people who use smart devices. Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards are a set of rules that must be followed in this case. To protect the private details of users, these standards must be carefully put into place. It improves the safety of mobile apps and makes users believe them. When shopping, it’s safer to use an app that has been checked for security issues. This makes it easier to pay for things.

3. Make sure events are friction-less

Getting people to a website where they can pay is usually done in a certain way. Believe it or not, users are annoyed by this, and most of them leave their carts because of it. In this case, you can keep them by building the payment method into the app itself. This makes the buying process go more smoothly. Still, you can make them happier by letting them save their card information for future purchases, but don’t forget to find out their security factors as well.

4. Think about everything you do.

Smartphone app makers may find it hard to handle payments if they don’t use the analytics and statistical tools they have access to. Payment information for many people is managed at the same time, so you need to set up a consistent reporting system based on strong analytics.

5. Proof of Payment

To gain customers’ trust, the recognition factor is very important. Keep in mind that the payment gateway can be used to actively involve users. Send them a personalized email letting them know that you’ve received the payment. Make the most of it by getting people to talk about your brand in individual messages, videos, blogs, or with customer reviews.

6. Think about the terms of the settlement

This part is for the app owner. Most of the time, it takes 2–5 days for a payment method to clear your debt. The payments that customers send right away to their account are handled, and if any changes need to be made to the charges, the rest of the money is added to their accounts. In this case, you should carefully consider all of your choices and choose the best payment gateway to cut down on the settlement time.

7. A faster way to recover from failure

There will be times when a payment provider makes a mistake while it is working. Talk to buyers clearly and fully explain the mistakes you’ve made along with all the steps you’ll take to fix them. Users need to be told about technical problems, and apps should include instructions on how to deal with them. Also, make sure that failures are fixed within a certain amount of time, and encourage users to finish the action instead of stopping it in the middle. To make sure the payment process is safe, use payment gateway APIs in your app.

8. The price is important

The way that app fees are charged may be very different. You can choose to make a one-time payment, a regular payment, or a payment for each purchase. Since price is important, don’t let it affect the quality of your app.


Multiple payment methods are important to make sure that the buying process on your app goes smoothly. Multiple factors that affect user experience and security must be carefully thought through when combining payment gateways. As a seasoned finance app development business, Appic Softwares knows how to handle these issues and offers custom solutions to make sure payment gateway integrations work smoothly, safely, and quickly, in line with the changing standards in the fintech industry. They can make the onboarding and in-app interactions better to keep users coming back. To add this function to your mobile app, you can get help from a professional mobile app development company. Get in touch with our team if you want a free appointment.

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