The Ultimate Guide To On-Demand Physiotherapy Application Development

On-demand physiotherapist app development

On-Demand Physiotherapy Application

The basic idea behind an On-Demand Physiotherapy Application Development is to make it easier for people to search for physiotherapy services, book appointments, and get advice. It is often not easy for people with mobility issues to visit a physiotherapy centre. An on-demand physiotherapy application provides a comfortable and affordable solution for patients. It helps the physical therapist in expanding their client base and in addressing multiple clients with similar conditions at the same time. It will make it easier to make planning and execution of treatment easier and will help in avoiding the paperwork. All the patient data will be online and thus chances of mistakes will decrease manifolds. 

Physiotherapists will be able to schedule online appointments for their patients who are unable to visit the clinic regularly. It will also be much easier to track and monitor the patient’s progress. Communication between the physiotherapists and their patients will become more transparent and the physio could take daily progress reports from the patients.


Benefits of a Physiotherapy Application 

People can contact a physiotherapist easily, can book appointments, and get consultation and advice. 

It will be easier to provide affordable treatment to people. Help in accelerating the process of treatment and decreasing the cost. It also helps the physiotherapists in the diagnosis of the patients. A physiotherapy application will help the therapists in adding brand value to their name.


Let’s talk about how can we start developing a Physiotherapy application


Market analysis

 It is important to analyze the current market trends to start with your on-demand physical therapy application. This will assist you in understanding the specific user requirements that are currently in. We can start by asking some easy questions like:

  1. Which health care applications are currently being used?
  2. Why are those particular applications being used?
  3. What are some features that the users look for in the health apps?
  4. What devices are being used the most? (Android/iOS)
  5. Selecting a suitable platform

After careful market analysis, it is required to choose a platform for the development of the physical therapy application. Do you want an android platform? iOS? Cross-platform? User demographics can help us in finding out which particular platform is used the most by your target audience. 

Identification of the relevant features

The following features can be there is a physical therapy application:

         Features of the Admin Panel

  • Creating a sub-admin: The admin has the power of creating a sub-admin to oversee all the activities. 


  • Approving the profile of the physical therapist: Admin can approve the physiotherapist profiles which would be shown on the application.


  • Managing all profiles: The admin can scan the different profiles on the platform and decide if they are as per his/her standards or not. The admin can remove fake or bad profiles.


  • Managing content: The admin can access all the content seen on the platform and can manage or change the layout of the application. 


  • Analysis in real-time: The admin has the power to perform real-time analysis and has reports of various profiles in the form of graphical representations and charts.


  • History of treatment: The admin has information about the previous treatment history of the patients in case further treatment is required by the same patient later on or the patient’s prescription is lost. 

          Features of the patient application

  • Sign Up and Log in: These are the basic features for any On-Demand Physiotherapy Application Development which provides a place for the patient to fill in their basic information and medical details. 


  • Finding a therapist and booking an appointment: The patient can search for a physiotherapist according to their needs and requirements. They can choose from various things. 


  • Payment gateway: This provides a page to make payments using credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, etc. Various payment gateways can be used like Stripe, PayPal, etc. 


  • Confirmation: The patient will get a conformational notification once his/her appointment is booked. It will carry information about appointment scheduling, therapist name, etc. 


  • Progress reports: The patient will be able to fill in, check and confirm their progress reports including the VAS scale. 


  • Chat: The patient will be able to chat directly with the therapist here. 


Write a review: The patient will give a review of the therapist and the treatment.

          Features of physiotherapist application 

  • Registration and setting up the profile: The physiotherapist will be able to fill in their details and qualifications. 


  • Availability status: The therapist will be able to show their availability schedule.


  • Managing the profile: The therapist will be able to manage and change their profile. He/She can update qualifications, add in new services, etc. 


  • Details of the job: The therapist will be able to view details about appointments so that they can schedule their services accordingly. 


  • Accepting/ denying jobs: The On-Demand Physiotherapy Application Development will be able to accept or deny jobs based on their schedule and availability. 


  • Bill summary: The therapist will be able to see the bill summary of the various jobs he/she has done. 

Finding a perfect healthcare app development company

It is difficult to find an on-demand app development company that suits your requirements and makes an app for your needs. You can choose a freelancer or an experienced and established application development company to assist you with your mobile app development. Appic software can help you in achieving your goal easily and effectively. Whatever you choose you should always stay in close contact with your development partner and remain up to date about the development details. 

Deployment of your application

After your on-demand physiotherapy application is complete and ready to launch you should get it checked by a team of QAs. The development companies usually have a team of QAs. You can also go for a freelancer for this work. After checking the functionality and features of your application it is ready to get live on the market. 


How much does it cost to make an on-demand physiotherapy application?

The cost for developing an on-demand physical therapy application depends on a lot of factors like the features we are going for, the functionality, etc. For example the User Interface and User Experience designing, development, and customization.

If you would like to develop your own on-demand physiotherapy application you can contact us at Appic Softwares.

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