One of the most difficult tasks for startup founders is trying to find developers for their company. 

The fact that only 2.1% of professional developers are unemployed and actively looking for work adds to the difficulty of the endeavor.  

A CTO or a custom software development business will typically provide you with advice on this. However, if you’re in charge of your tech team yourself, I suggest consulting with an impartial, reliable tech advisor to assist you in making these choices.

Additionally, having some basic tech expertise is crucial. 

I’m not suggesting that you learn to code, so don’t worry. 

On the other hand, you ought to educate yourself on the workable architecture and technology stacks for your product. 

Whether you choose to work with a CTO or technical co-founder, a custom software development business, or freelance engineers, you’ll be able to simply monitor the conversation with possible tech stakeholders in this way. 

An excellent illustration of this is Noah Kagan, the creator of AppSumo. He outsourced his software development to a group of independent developers in Pakistan as a result of his ability to select competent developers. He paid $60 and, one weekend later—yes, you read it correctly—had the AppSumo core product in his possession.

With the help of these tools, you’ll be able to decide whether to engage developers to handle critical tech decisions for your company, such as creating a website or developing an MVP or full-fledged product. 

Lastly, always strive to get a cordial introduction, just like you would with any prospective investor, developer, or advisor in your business. Compared to cold emailing or messaging, you will have a far higher probability of interacting with them if you do this.

So, let’s jump in and let’s have a look at the content of this post-

Appic Softwares

Appic Softwares is a leading IT development company that provides dedicated developers for hiring. They have an experienced pax of developers across various technologies such as Flutter, React, and more. 

You can directly visit their Contact Us page and inform them of your requirements. Then they will provide you with a list of developers that suit your profile and you can conduct an interview with them.

Once you are fully satisfied, you can directly hire the developers and let them manage your project. 

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The biggest developer community on the internet is called Github. Developers organize projects there, host and review code, and create software. It might be an excellent place to hire developers for your firm, as the platform has over 50 million developers using it. 

Here’s how to use Github to your startup’s advantage while hiring developers: 

  • Make a profile

It might seem apparent, but you need to register an account in order to use it, much like many other professional and social media sites. 

  • Do a Fresh Search

This is where things become a little technical, so whatever foundational tech knowledge you have becomes useful. When you start your search on Github, keep these three things in mind: 

  • Followers: An indicator of a developer’s expertise, aptitude, and standing in the open source community is the quantity of followers they have. 2–20 followers is a good number. 21–75 followers are exceptional. Although having over 75 followers is amazing, it will definitely be difficult to find new ones. 
  • Language: Which language is used for the coding? Is that language appropriate for your project? Recall that if your project must be developed on Node.js, there is no use in hiring a Ruby on Rails specialist. 
  • Location: Where your developer is based is a crucial consideration, unless you’re looking for a remote position. 

Now that you have these points in mind, it’s time to start looking. 

Let’s say I’m looking for 20–50 follower Node.js developers in London. Using the search box on Github, I would type: 

Language: node.js; city: London trackers: 20..50 

You should filter the search to users when the search returns results; it should resemble something like this: 


Source: Github

You can list them in the following order by using the sort feature: 

  • Followers
  • Recently Joined
  • Repositories

Once a candidate has been identified, review their projects and repositories to determine whether their qualifications fit your startup. In order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the candidate, I would also cross-reference information utilizing LinkedIn. 

You can contact users directly because many of them will have their email addresses openly displayed on their GitHub page. If this isn’t the case, I would advise you to message them on LinkedIn or locate their contact details once more.

Visit GitHub


One of the most widely used sites for hiring developers and other professions that entrepreneurs seek is Wellfound. The site brings together entrepreneurs, angel investors, and job seekers in one location. The website facilitates candidates’ discovery of your job openings and has a social media-like dynamic. 

Go to Wellfound’s recruit page in order to post a position on the platform. You will be required to complete a form describing your organization after logging in.

After creating an account, you can post jobs for free and charge $250 per month for a premium posting. They can also be contacted directly, in which case they will choose applicants on your behalf. 

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The biggest freelancer community on the internet is called Upwork. Thus, it should come as no surprise that it’s an excellent platform for hiring engineers.

You can post your job on the platform once you’ve signed up. Then, independent developers will “bid” for the job. After that, you may utilize the platform to evaluate applicants and determine whether or not to extend an invitation for an interview.

Visit Upwork

Stack Overflow

One of the most well-known developer forums on the internet is Stack Overflow. Developers and business executives can exchange knowledge and benefit from one another’s experiences.  

Stack Overflow is a career board similar to LinkedIn where you can post job openings and recruit developers.

For a fee, you can also get in touch with Stack Overflow to arrange enterprise solutions for your company.

Visit Stack Overflow


Dice is a career board specifically for computer jobs. Hiring developers for your startup is made simple for you by them.

You can post a job or look through the resumes of over 2.2 million developers globally by using their “for employers” feature. 

Visit Dice

Working Nomad

Working Nomads may help you locate remote developers if you’re looking to hire them for your startup.

Some of the top software developers use it as one of the most well-known job platforms for the community of digital nomads. 

However, there is a price for this. The starting price for a job posting is $150, although bulk purchases of three or five job postings at once can result in discounts. 

Visit Working Nomad


A sizable network of independent developers, designers, product managers, and project managers may be found on the platform Toptal.

They also carefully select their developers, only listing the greatest on their platform. 

You must register for an account in order to hire developers on Toptal. After that, you can look for talent for free. 

There are different price tiers for hiring developers through Toptal. The price range for hiring a full-time developer through Toptal is between $2k to $3.2K per week. 

It’s also important to remember that you will need to pay a $500 deposit if you want to hire through Toptal.

Visit Toptal 


You can publish job postings on Guru, another job board, to find developers that meet your exact requirements.

It can narrow down your search using the platform’s categories, which include specialization, location, ratings, costs, and more. 

Visit Guru


Upstack is the next platform specifically designed for hiring developers for your firm.

Although Upstack appears to be more focused on helping you grow an already-existing developer staff, they have actually assisted many businesses in realizing their product visions. 

Following the completion of a brief application detailing your requirements, Upstack uses its stringent “eight-point hiring process” to sift through its global pool of over 650 candidates and select the best developer for you. making certain that they possess the necessary hard and soft talents for your startup. 

To ensure that their services are the best fit for you, they also provide a 14-day free trial period during which you can collaborate with one of their developers.

Visit Upstack


A platform called is dedicated solely to connecting developers with entrepreneurs. 

Their main selling point is that they can pair you up with a fledgling developer in as little as 24 hours. 

They screen the developers they deal with using a four-step procedure. A review of the resume is the first step, and then there is a screening call to gauge language and soft skill proficiency. The hard skills assessment follows to make sure they possess the technological know-how to assist you. The candidates are then put through a “final reckoning” with team veterans to make sure they are genuinely excited about the “startup hustle.” 

According to them, they’re not just your “usual freelance platform.” Rather, they refer to themselves as a “select group of startup sidekicks” that are there to “assist you in finding that additional set of hands to be the protagonist of your tale.”

Visit Lemon.Io


Change.Io has years of expertise developing software for small and large businesses. 

They have built a sizable developer network throughout this time, along with a methodical approach to identifying developers with the best experience for your project, tech stack, and soft skills for seamless integration.

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A portal called is devoted to assisting business owners in hiring developers, both on a full-time and contract basis.

One advantage of using is that it screens developers before letting them use their platform. They accomplish this by collecting references from past employers and using code exercises to confirm their abilities. 

This implies that you will have access to a community of 20,000 developers who are productive from the start. 

Posting job openings on is free. When hiring a freelance developer, you must pay them on an hourly basis for a minimum of ten hours each week. The one-time fee that charges for hiring a full-time developer is equivalent to 15% of the developer’s agreed-upon yearly wage. 


There’s at least one name on this list that will assist you in hiring developers for your startup. Regardless of whether you want to work with a custom software development company, hire freelance developers, or bring on full-time developers to maintain flexibility. 

Recall that taking on a full-time development staff requires a significant financial commitment. Before onboarding them, make sure you’ve done all the necessary research to make sure they’re a good fit. 

It can be tough to let someone leave once you’ve gotten to know them. 

You can be more flexible and just pay for software development when you need it by working with a custom software development business or hiring independent developers. 

As with any technical partner, be sure the freelance developers you choose to work with have the necessary technical know-how to assist you in developing your product. 

Next, confirm their complete commitment to your startup. Because of the nature of freelancing, one can accept as many assignments as one wishes. Make sure the person you select can dedicate the required amount of time to your project; otherwise, it might not go as planned. 

In addition to ensuring that a bespoke software development company is a good fit for you, it’s critical to confirm that they have time in their calendar to dedicate to your project. 

However, if you are still confused on which company to choose from, then you should choose Appic Softwares.