Do you know anything about split payments on Shopify? 

Split payments on Shopify let users make the most of their payment schedules and continue with the pre-order process. 

Shopify’s partial payment feature continues to gain the trust of customers despite its current limitations because it plays a vital role in boosting eCommerce sales and giving online shoppers greater flexibility.

We’ll take you through every step of Shopify Split payment in this in-depth tutorial, so you can be fully aware of this cutting-edge tool and how it may transform your online shopping experience.

What are Shopify split payments?

When you pay a creditor less than the entire amount owing, you are making a split payment. Put simply, it indicates that you are only making partial payments on your entire debt. Only a small portion of your total commitment is covered by this partial payment.

Let’s use an example to help put this into perspective.

You are a 25-year-old linguist who was just hired by a well-known manufacturer. You have been saving money for your education debts as well as your own bills with diligence. 

Even though you and your best friends have agreed on a $5,000 price, you have your eye on an old car that they are selling, but you are unsure about its performance.

In light of these worries, you agree to arrange for a 70% upfront payment to be paid in installments of 30%. 

In this manner, you can evaluate the vehicle’s performance and condition before making the entire payment.

How to accept split payment in Shopify with the POS

1. How to accept a split payment

A simple solution to help clients who might not be able to pay for their items in full right now is to accept partial payments using Shopify POS. 

You can retrieve the order through this technique and then get the remaining payment from the clients. 

To accept a partial payment, carefully complete the following actions:

Step 1: Enter your email address and password to log into your Shopify account.

split payment

Step 2: Find the area labeled “Orders.”

split payment

Step 3: Choose the partially-paid order after that.

split payment

Step 4: Select “Take payment” from the menu.

Step 5: Select “Add payment” from the Split Payment screen.

split payment

Step 6: Determine which payment option your client likes.

split payment

Step 7: After the consumer enters the desired amount to be paid, click “Accept” or “Charge.”

split payment

Step 8: Click on “Mark as partial.”

split payment

Step 9: In the Payment incomplete box, finally click “Complete.”

split payment

2. How to get the remaining money on an order that has been partially paid

You can quickly determine the status of your orders in the Shopify POS Orders panel, especially if you have partially funded orders, as they are clearly indicated. 

Use these procedures to assist you in collecting the outstanding balance on a partially-paid order:

Step 1: From the Orders screen, start by choosing the partially paid order.

split payment

Step 2: After that, select “Take payment” to accept more orders and payments.

Step 3: To proceed, select “Add payment.”

split payment

Step 4: At this point, you can select your chosen mode of payment.

split payment

Step 5: Click “Accept” or “Charge” after entering the amount of the payment. After the entire sum is shown, you can change the payment amount if necessary.

split payment

Step 6: Make sure to click “Done” when the entire amount has been paid.

split payment

Remember that there is no way to retrieve the extra payments on that particular order if you wish to replace or refund an item from an order that has received several partial payments.

The top 3 Shopify apps for taking partial payments

After discussing the idea of partial payments, this is the ideal time to present you with the top three Shopify apps for handling partial payments.


Score: ⭐ 4.4

Pricing: Verify Prices

Shopify companies can easily incorporate a payment plan option into their online checkout process by using the app for Shopify.

Give clients a customized, flexible payment plan at checkout to increase conversion rates and overall revenue.

Key Features

  • Simple Integration with Complete Support: Connect with ease and confidence knowing that you have help available when you need it.
  • Custom Payment Plans: Provide your clients with adaptable payment choices based on their requirements.
  • Automated Order Creation: As soon as a payment plan is opened, orders are created in your Shopify admin.
  • Real-Time Balance Updates: Observe the instantaneous update of your order balance due to automated payments.

2. Split Payment & Deposit SpurIT

Score: ⭐ 4.4

Price: $17.95 per month with a 30-day free trial is the starting price.

Split-Partial Payments offers clients flexible options for payment division, in contrast to Split’s ability to support sales and manual invoice preparation is a great feature. 

Split also accounts for delivery costs and tax rates on items placed by customers.

Key Features

  • Deposit Option: Clients have the option to make a down payment now and save the remaining amount for a later time.
  • Allow clients to use multiple payment methods in a single transaction to provide them with options.
  • Shareable Payments: Make it simple for groups to divide expenses by allowing several persons to contribute to the cost of an order.
  • Installment Plans: Break up the overall cost into equal, smaller portions so that payments become easier to handle over time.

3. Charge Me Later

Score: ⭐ 4.8

Pricing: A 4-day free trial is available for $9.99/month.

Buddy Apps’ Charge Me Later app enables users to guarantee orders for clients without requiring instant payment. In other words, it gives users the freedom to bill clients whenever it suits them.

Key Features

  • Flexible Payment Options: Send invoices to customers so they can decide whether to pay now or later.
  • Wholesale Pricing: With the ability to bulk import pricing, you can set different costs for different client groups purchasing in bulk.
  • Invoice management: Send order invoices to your clients manually or automatically, and allow Shopify to handle payment.
  • Discount Control: Easily input discounted prices in bulk using CSV files, and apply percentage or specific price reductions.


Finally, we hope that our exploration of Shopify Split Payments has given you the knowledge and strategies to truly leverage this feature for your online store.

By taking advantage of Split Payments’ flexibility, you may increase the number of people who purchase with you, improve their experience, and eventually increase sales and customer loyalty.

Appic Softwares can help you in being up-to-date with features like Shopify Split Payments essential as e-commerce continues to develop. With this book at your disposal, you can successfully navigate the constantly evolving landscape of online commerce with your Shopify business. 

It’s now your chance to apply this knowledge and watch as your company grows.

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