Embarking on the development journey for a tax preparation app similar to TurboTax involves careful consideration of various factors that contribute to the overall cost. In this guide, we will explore the key elements influencing the cost to create such an app in 2024. From feature complexity and design considerations to technological aspects, we will provide insights to help you make informed decisions and plan a budget for developing a robust tax preparation application.

What is TurboTax?

Let’s first address the definition of tax preparation software before moving on to the discussion of TurboTax. Users using tax preparation software may electronically submit their taxes. SaaS solutions for tax preparation are growing in popularity due to the complexity of the tax systems in many different nations. One such is TurboTax. 

Users in the US and Canada may online submit their taxes using TurboTax, a software as a service (SaaS) tax preparation tool. TurboTax generates revenue via expert services and subscriptions for access to premium goods. The basic program is offered without charge.

Users of TurboTax may submit their US and Canadian tax returns. TurboTax developed the tax management software back in 1984. TurboTax and its products were acquired by Intuit in 1993, with Intuit spending $225 million for the deal.

Based in San Diego, California, TurboTax is a division of Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group. Intuit is headquartered in Mountain View, California. A variety of tax preparation solutions are available from TurboTax, including options for small company owners, freelancers, workers, investors, and landlords.

Many free materials are available from TurboTax to assist customers with tax filing. These consist of films, reform material, and a calculator. TurboTax may be purchased on CD, on the corporate website, and via Android and iOS apps for tablets and smartphones. While the website and applications need to be connected to the internet, the CD lets consumers submit their taxes offline. One of the greatest tax management applications available in North America right now is TurboTax.

This post will teach you how to create your own SaaS application for tax preparation and about the business strategy used by TurboTax. 

What is TurboTax’s business model?

In addition to charging for upgraded versions of its software, TurboTax also charges for professional help. The majority of the software’s functionality is free since it is based on a freemium business model. There are two main causes for this:

  • When tax software has free functionality, customers are more likely to choose a premium version in order to access more capabilities.
  • With the platform’s free features, customers may familiarize themselves with the program so that when their circumstances get more complicated, they already know how to utilize TurboTax.
  • Three premium editions are offered for sale in addition to the free edition: Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed.
  • Any of the three premium plans may be accessed by customers for a one-time cost. Customers must pay for the program during each filing season since prices vary from $60 to $120 and are due at the time of filing. Advanced capabilities found in premium editions include the ability to record investment income from stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, and other assets.
  • A customer may employ one of TurboTax’s committed specialists if they want expert assistance. Professionals may access TurboTax in several ways depending on their version. An interactive tutorial, a final review of files, and the option to consult with a professional throughout the tax preparation process are among the features of the premium TurboTax app.

How to create a tax preparation app in ten stages

These 10 steps will help you streamline the development process and realize your tax preparation app concepts. Find out what features you’ll need to include and how to make your own tax software. 

  1. Get going locally

Researching a company concept before committing to it full-time is usually a smart idea. It’s advisable to start slowly, take your time, and correct any errors. Whether it’s hiring new contractors, handling logistics, marketing, training, or app upgrades, you’re more likely to be in charge when you’re focusing on your local market.

  1. Describe your notion and idea.

The process of creating a tax preparation software should start with a unique concept. You may learn how to create a tax preparation software that stands out from the competition by providing answers to the following questions:

  • What distinguishing qualities will set your tax preparation software apart from rivals?
  • What is the app’s central thesis?
  • What benefit can you provide to users?
  1. Determine who your intended audience is.

The target audience is the first thing you should think about when creating an app for tax preparation. Comprehending the requirements of your consumers facilitates development and results in an improved end product. Learn all you can about the people who could utilize your services. You may begin by looking into the following:

  • The population. Learn about the typical age, residence, and gadgets used by your consumers. 
  • patterns of behavior. Discover what makes a user less likely to download an app, what their expectations are about security, etc.
  • We advise drawing a thorough picture of your ideal user, or user persona, before you begin developing your own tax software. 
  • You should identify your target market when you do research for your product concept and make decisions about how to create a tax preparation software from the ground up. Knowing the age, location, income level, and interests of your target market is not enough; you also need to consider the sheer volume of app users.
  • The first thing you should do when considering how to build a tax preparation software from scratch is to do preliminary market research. You may do this research online by looking for communities, statistics, and other data.
  • Testing your concept with actual people is the next stage. Members of interest-based groups may communicate with one other in person or virtually. The difficult part of creating a tax preparation software is figuring out how your target audience responds to your concept and how to design it to suit their requirements.
  1. Formulate a plan

You most likely have some idea of how to make a tax preparation software by now, but there are a few more crucial details we should cover. Now is the time to go to the following phase, which is developing a business plan for your application.

The functionality and design of your tax preparation software should be based on the requirements and preferences of your intended user base. What are the expectations of your users? How do you want people to use your app for tax preparation? Selecting the features to add to your tax preparation software is made simple by knowing the answers to these questions. For ideas, review the features of the TurboTax program.

Your app may begin with a basic, condensed version before being expanded with additional features and cutting-edge technology. You can instantly release a more feature-rich software or a complete product, if your resources allow. Starting small is a less dangerous approach, but you are free to choose how to develop your tax preparation software.

  1. Choose a provider for web development

This is one of the most crucial processes since the expertise and experience of the vendor will determine the caliber of your app, as well as its timeliness and cost. Finding the ideal vendor may be accomplished in a number of ways, including by doing your own research or by requesting suggestions. 

Whichever route you decide on, you must filter through your possible suppliers and make your decision based on pertinent factors. Look at more than just their hourly prices. Observe your vendor’s communication style, recommendations, etc. Bring in a third-party expert without hesitation to evaluate their technological proficiency. 

  1. Carry out the discovery stage

Once a software supplier has been selected, you may proceed to the discovery stage. A business analyst ascertains the functional features of the platform during the discovery phase. The UI/UX design of your tax preparation app is derived from the business analysis findings, and it will be utilized to construct the app from the ground up in the future.

  1. Begin the process of development

This is the most time-consuming step since it might take months to create a simple tax preparation software and years of constant iteration to create a sophisticated, non-standard app. On the other hand, a business with seasoned employees will be able to supply you with an app development strategy.

The importance of software testing services equals that of development. Poor performance is the first thing you should watch out for since sluggish applications tend to drive people away. In order to avoid having to solve problems after your app is deployed, testing should be completed before distributing the project. When searching for details on how to build an app from scratch for tax preparation, have this in mind.

  1. Establish your price plan.

Choosing the appropriate pricing plan is crucial for every kind of organization. Certain tax preparation applications have a fixed pricing, while others have extra fees for more functions. Still, there’s always a potential to go wrong when it comes to money. Charging too much is the riskiest tactic. This might eliminate your ability to compete and undo all of your hard work in developing the software.

  1. Promote and advertise your software

Developing a tax preparation software requires marketing since without advertising, no one will learn about your new offering. One of the many ways you can market your app is by placing advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Blogging, SEO strategies, email marketing, and paid advertising are other approaches.

  1. Provide continuing assistance and upkeep

Simply knowing how to create an app for tax preparation is insufficient. For continued functionality in the future, you also need to know how to schedule regular maintenance. Generally speaking, a reputable web development company can provide you guidance on this and other services.

How much does developing an app for tax preparation cost?

The following variables affect how much it costs to design an app for tax preparation:

  • Features of tax preparation software
  • Design of products
  • Rate per hour for your development team
  • Project magnitude and intricacy
  • Technology stack Total team size for the project Duration

The hourly rate of developers is the primary component that determines the cost of a project, and it often varies depending on where they work. For instance, if engineers in Ukraine construct an application, it would cost around $9,000 instead of the $40,000 it would cost to produce in the US.

Working with an Eastern European firm to develop your project can save you money and provide you access to excellent people.


estimating the 2024 cost to develop a tax preparation app similar to TurboTax involves careful consideration of factors like feature complexity and design intricacy. By gaining insights into these elements, you can plan a budget effectively for creating a robust and user-friendly tax preparation application.

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