What's New In Strapi? Get To Know Here!

What’s New In Strapi? Get To Know Here!

What's New In Strapi? Get To Know Here!

We’re happy to present our most recent update, which includes various improvements to enhance your usage of our platform. Keyboard shortcuts for content blocks are a crucial addition that streamline your content creation process by making common tasks faster and simpler.

In order to improve integration with React frontends, we’re also introducing the Strapi Blocks React Renderer. Plus, a more effective development process is provided by our newly added GitLab support for Strapi Cloud.

We have improved system functionality with five updates and 16 bug fixes since our last release. Furthermore, we have expanded the functionality of your Strapi projects by adding seven new plugins to the Strapi Market.

Examine these updates to see how you can improve the way you manage digital content.

Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts for Content Blocks

We are pleased to present a collection of keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will accelerate and improve the efficiency of your content creation process, as they are modeled after some of the most user-friendly interfaces. Common tasks can now be completed with a single keystroke, freeing up more time for you to concentrate on your content rather than menu navigation. A keyboard shortcut can be used to insert a link or bold text, for example!

The following are a few of the most recent shortcuts:

To bold text, press Ctrl + B; to italicize text, press Ctrl + I; to underline text, press Ctrl + U; and to paste a link into a text selection, use Ctrl + V.

Content Blocks React Renderer

Strapi unveiled Content Blocks, a brand-new rich text editor. The Strapi Blocks React Renderer makes it simple to integrate with a React frontend. This development makes it possible to render content from Strapi’s Blocks editor within React applications more quickly. The installation procedure is simple and involves using yarn or npm commands to add @strapi/blocks-react-renderer, React, and react-dom.

After installation, developers can render data from a blocks attribute by using the BlocksRenderer component. This entails providing the content prop of the BlocksRenderer component with an array of blocks that were obtained via the Strapi API.

The renderer also allows custom components for modifiers and blocks. It is up to the developers to supply their own React components, which will work with the built-in default components. With the help of this feature, full-width elements (blocks) and inline elements (modifiers) can be customized to improve the rendered content’s look and feel.

Strapi Cloud Support for GitLab

We’re happy to announce our most recent update: Strapi Cloud and your GitLab repository can now be connected. With this new feature, you can now have the best of both worlds: GitLab’s robust CI/CD and version control capabilities and the simplicity of Strapi Cloud’s managed infrastructure. This integration streamlines and improves the productivity of your development process, regardless of the size of the project or application. With the ease with which you can now manage your digital content, you can devote more of your time to crafting exceptional user experiences. See how this new integration improves your workflow by giving it a try.

Five Improvements Since version 4.15.0

Strapi has released version 4.15.5, which includes several improvements to improve system functionality and user experience, following the release of version 4.15.0. Notable improvements include modifying attribute picker spacings, enabling the passing of HTTP serverOptions from the configuration, and adding keyboard shortcuts for modifiers in blocks. Considerable enhancements were made to the admin interface, including the addition of a watch-admin flag and the conversion of several components to TypeScript. These updates demonstrate Strapi’s continued dedication to improving the functionality and usability of its content management system.

Check out the list of all the improvements in the release notes ->.

16 Fixes for Bugs Since v4.15.0, the focus of Strap’s upgrade from 4.15.0 to 4.15.5 has been primarily on bug fixes, with a total of 16 fixes intended to improve the platform’s performance and stability. Some notable fixes are file path handling improvements, admin panel UI enhancements, and TypeScript build process optimizations. These corrections deal with a variety of problems, such as admin build errors, media library cache problems, protecting undefined values in SelectComponents, and guaranteeing that GraphQL correctly validates component attributes. Developers like @joshuaellis, @alexandrebodin, @lucasboilly, @innerdvations, @christiancp100, @thanos982, and @remidej are leading this conscientious bug-fixing effort, which highlights Strapi’s commitment to offering a solid and trustworthy content management experience.

 Seven Novel Plugins Since version 4.15.0

We are pleased to announce that the Strapi Market has undergone a substantial update, featuring seven new and inventive plugins since the last version release. The purpose of these new additions is to improve your Strapi projects’ flexibility and functionality.

  1. Firebase Authentication: This plugin streamlines the management and authentication of Firebase users by integrating Firebase Authentication with Strapi. After authentication, it syncs user data between Firebase and Strapi and creates a Strapi user account.
  2. CKEditor 5 Video: This “unofficial” plugin allows users to insert videos straight from the Media Library into Strapi projects by integrating CKEditor 5 with them. It is compatible with Strapi’s theme switching and internationalization features and supports responsive images.
  3. Import Export Entries: This plugin makes it simple to import and export data in Strapi, with the goal of streamlining data handling. It offers role-based control over data import and export features and supports a variety of content types.
  4. Email Designer: With the help of this plugin, you can design unique email templates directly from the Strapi admin panel. Email design is made flexible with its support for the {{mustache}} templating language and visual composer.
  5. Wolt Blurhash: This plugin improves user experience with faster loading times by creating small image placeholders for media assets in Strapi using the Blurhash algorithm.
  6. Tagsinput: This straightforward but powerful plugin streamlines content categorization by adding a custom field to your Strapi admin panel for tagging posts.
  7. Prometheus: An array of metrics for API calls, Apollo GraphQL, and other uses are provided by the “strapi-prometheus” plugin, a middleware that incorporates Prometheus metrics into Strapi. It’s a vital tool for keeping an eye on and improving your Strapi applications.

With the addition of these plugins, Strapi becomes more than just a headless content management system (CMS); rather, it becomes a powerful platform for managing digital content and improving user experience. As we work to develop and enhance the Strapi Market, stay tuned for more updates! 

Utilize the Most Recent Features of Strapi

We can’t wait for you to experience these fresh features and enhancements from our most recent release. We think these features, which include the useful keyboard shortcuts, the adaptable React Renderer, and the easy-to-use GitLab integration for Strapi Cloud, will greatly improve your development workflow.

Make sure you experience these updates for yourself. Don’t forget to backup your data before upgrading for a seamless transition. To get going, see our easy upgrade guide.

Use the following command to obtain the most recent version of Strapi if you’re new to it:

1 npx develop-strapi-app@update my-project

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these new capabilities. Jump right in, have fun, and happy coding!


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