Why Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development?

Do you know by the end of 2021, 42% of the total mobile applications were built on Flutter? But why is Flutter so popular? 

In this post, we have answered all such questions to help you better understand why you should choose Flutter for your mobile app development. 

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Benefits Of Flutter App Development

Benefits of flutter app development

Here we have listed 3 major benefits of Flutter app development- 

  • Attractive UI

Flutter comes with a rich set of pre-built widgets that allows you to build a user-friendly and attractive UI. The more attractive and easy a UI is, the better the chances of scaling up the traffic on the app. 

  • Fast Development

Flutter has a feature called hot reload that allows developers to quickly see the changes in the app in real-time without having to recompile the code. This reduces the efforts of developers in changing the code and makes the app development process quick. 

  • Open Source Framework

Flutter can be used for free, which means that all the information related to it helps in app development. Furthermore, there is a large pool of information such as plugins, tutorials, and documentation available that can be used by the developers.

Why Build Apps Using Flutter?

Here are 5 major reasons why you should build apps using Flutter-

  • Cross-Platform App Development

Through the use of Flutter, developers can use a single codebase to write codes for both Android and iOS apps. This reduces the duration of development. Moreover, whenever you want to make updates to your application it will be easy for the developers to carry out the process.

  • Reduces Cost Of Project Development

As flutter requires a single codebase the cost of production of an application reduces. This allows you to try out different ideas at a comparatively low cost.  More idea implementation can help you create a unique and engaging application. 

  • Native Performance

With the help of a Skia engine and compilation of Dart code into native ARM code Flutter provides native performance on both iOS and Android. This gives a unified performance to every user across platforms. 

  • Easy Third-Party Integration

Flutter offers seamless integration options with other platforms such as Google, Microsoft, Twilio,  Stripe, and more that allow you to run business operations smoothly. Additionally, Flutter can also integrate with AR/VR which upscales customer experience in your store. 

  • Branded Experience

The widgets provided by Flutter are fully customizable. They can be customized as per your preference and theme that gives a branded experience to your customers. This allows you to give a unified experience to them that matches your website and upscale their experience.

What Are The Other Cross-Platform Frameworks?

There are other 12 majorly used cross-platform frames used by app developers. We have listed them as per their usage-

#1 Flutter

#2 React Native

#3 Cordova

#4 Ionic

#5 Xamarin 

#6 Unity

#7 NativeScript

#8 PhoneGap

#9 Kotlin Multiplatform

#10 Apache Flex

#11 Kendo UI

#12 Kivy

Cross-Platform Frameworks 2019 2020 2021
Flutter 30% 39% 42%
React Native 42% 42% 38%
Cordova 29% 18% 16%
Ionic 28% 18% 16%
Xamarin 26% 14% 11%
Unity 12% 11% 11%
NativeScript 11% 5% 5%
PhoneGap 11% 6% 4%
Kotlin 0% 2% 2%
Apache Flex 5% 2% 1%
Kendo UI 4% 1% 1%
Kivy 0% 1% 1%
Others 8% 10%

Crossplatform app development frameworks

Source: Statista


We hope that through this post we were able to help you get the major reason why you should use Flutter for your mobile app development. Here we have also mentioned the benefits of using Flutter and other frameworks that you can use based on their popularity. 

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