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Why Drupal 10 Is The Right Choice In 2024?

Why Drupal 10 Is The Right Choice In 2024?

With more than 20 years of experience, Drupal is a robust content management system that is available as open-source software. Users may anticipate even more performance and customization with the most recent version of Drupal 10, which will make it simpler to design and oversee user-friendly digital experiences.

December 14, 2022, saw the introduction of Drupal 10, a significant update after Drupal 7. I’ll go into detail about Drupal 10’s exciting new features, deprecations, dependency changes, and how you can use it to build effective websites in this post.

What’s New in Drupal 10?

Drupal 10 offers a number of enhanced and new features that make the platform even more approachable for developers, regardless of expertise level. Claro and Olivero themes, CKEditor 5, JavaScript components, Theme Starterkit, and Symfony 6 are a few of Drupal 10’s notable features.

Claro Administration Theme

Claro Administration Theme

Drupal 10 brought with it a new administration theme called Claro. It’s made to offer a cutting-edge, intuitive interface for managing your Drupal website. Drupal versions prior to this one used the Seven Administration theme, which has been replaced by Claro.

With its clean and contemporary style, Claro offers administrators an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive experience. Additionally, its accessibility features facilitate the use of the Drupal administration interface by individuals with disabilities.

The Claro administration theme’s design is in line with the Olivero default theme, giving your Drupal website’s front end and back end a unified look and feel. This facilitates fast loading times, guaranteeing that the administration interface loads quickly and responds quickly—even on sluggish internet connections.

Olivero Default Theme

Olivero Default Theme

With Drupal 10, a new default theme called Olivero was released.

It’s a contemporary, accessible, and completely responsive theme that gives your Drupal website a slick, intuitive user experience. The Olivero theme offers a strong base for website customization and is intended to be simple, light-weight, and quick to load.

Olivero makes it simpler for people with disabilities to navigate your website because it was created to the highest accessibility requirements. Users on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones can enjoy the best viewing experience possible because to its full responsiveness.

Olivero also has a slick, contemporary UI that is intended to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The theme has a number of different design components, such as unique typography, color schemes, and more.

Theme Starterkit Tools

A new tool in Drupal 10 called Theme Starterkit offers a place to start when developing custom themes. It gives developers and designers the resources and templates they need to create custom themes for Drupal websites.

  • It offers a selection of editable templates that you may utilize as a basis for making your own theme.
  • It is compatible with Sass, a well-liked CSS preprocessor that makes creating and managing CSS styles simpler.
  • Its templates and tools, which make it simpler to create user-friendly and accessible themes, are part of its accessibility-focused design.

Improved Multilingual Support

Improved Multilingual Support

With the introduction of the language type entity by Drupal, it is now possible to create new languages and manage them directly from the administration interface.

Its enhanced language recognition algorithms make it simpler to ascertain the user’s preferred language and provide a customized experience. This entails enhancing the translation management system and streamlining the process of managing translation workflows and translating content.

Additionally, it offers a more adaptable and customized language switcher that lets visitors to your website flip between several languages. With these improvements, Drupal 10 provides more flexible and strong multilingual support, enabling enterprises to design and manage multilingual websites.

Advanced Security Features

Drupal placed a great emphasis on security services, which resulted in the development of various improved security features, such as stronger password policies.

By default, Drupal 10 enforces stricter password restrictions, which compels users to select passwords with greater security. Additionally, Drupal 10 improves third-party module security, which facilitates the detection and remediation of possible security flaws.

Drupal 10, like a lot of other PHP frameworks, offers frequent security upgrades to fix recently found flaws and maintain the security of websites.

Performance and Scalability

Better performance and scalability are two features of Drupal 10 that make it simpler for businesses to develop and manage high-performing websites. The following are some of the main aspects of Drupal 10’s increased scalability and performance:

  • Better caching techniques, which facilitate content caching and enhance website performance; this is especially beneficial for sites with a lot of traffic.
  • systems for delivering content to users that are reliable and efficient in terms of delivery.
  • Enhance database efficiency and lessen the strain on the database server to aid in database layer optimization.

Better Content Management

Drupal 10 streamlines the process of creating and managing content, freeing up users to concentrate on providing their users with high-quality content. It also offers a more versatile and user-friendly platform for website creation and maintenance.

It provides content editors with an easy-to-use content authoring interface for managing and creating information. Better content migration tools are part of this, enabling content to be moved and updated.

Better tool integration for handling media, including photos and videos, is another feature of Drupal 10. Users will be able to examine content updates prior to publication thanks to an enhanced content preview mechanism.

Powerful Editing Experience

Powerful Editing Experience

The editing experience is improved in CKEditor 5 in a number of ways, making content creation and management simpler and more intuitive for users. Among the significant enhancements to the editing process are:

WYSIWYG Editor Upgrade

The new WYSIWYG editor in Drupal 10 offers a more contemporary and user-friendly interface for content editing. With enhanced toolbar choices, a more adaptable structure, and a more straightforward interface, the editor is made to be more user-friendly.

Improved Line-by-Line Editing

With the new inline editing functionality in Drupal 10, users may make changes to content without ever going to the back end of the website. Users may change content more quickly and easily as a result, which enhances the editing process overall.

Improved Production of Content

Drupal 10 offers a number of enhancements to the content production process, such as a new media library, enhanced media management capabilities, and more user-friendly forms for content creation and editing.

Improved Features for Collaboration

With the new collaboration tools included in Drupal 10, several users can collaborate on the same piece of content at once. This include managing workflows, checking and approving content, and keeping track of modifications.

Deprecations & Changes

Drupal 10 has brought some updates and deprecations in addition to better functionality. The principal ones consist of

Decoupled Menus

The term “decoupled menus” describes an architecture in which the back-end management layer and the menu presentation layer are kept apart. This means that while the menu data is managed and saved in Drupal, a different JavaScript framework—such as React, Vue, or Angular—is used to display it on the front end.

More performance and flexibility in the front-end menu presentation are possible with this method. Using a decoupled menu module or creating a bespoke solution that interfaces with Drupal’s menu management API are the only ways to implement decoupled menus in Drupal 10.

Removed Deprecated Code

The term “Removed Deprecated Code” describes the process of getting rid of outdated, unsupported code from the Drupal core that can interfere with upcoming updates.

Drupal is more secure, stable, and performs better when deprecated code is removed. It also makes it simpler for developers to update and maintain their websites.

Deprecated code has been removed from Drupal 10 and replaced with features and updated, supported APIs that can offer greater performance and enhanced functionality.

Furthermore, this keeps Drupal 10 compatible with contemporary web development techniques, enhancing its usefulness as a website creation platform.

Removed Core Modules

In an attempt to improve Drupal 10’s efficiency and streamline the platform, certain essential modules have been deleted.

The functionality of the removed modules can be replaced by other modules or custom code; they are either deprecated or have limited use cases. Drupal 10 has eliminated a number of modules, including:


The administrative toolbar and JavaScript libraries, as well as other more contemporary methods, have taken the place of this module, which was used to display administration pages in a modal window.


Although this module made it possible to control many website configurations, it was not extensively utilized and has since been superseded by alternative options.

PHP Filter

Although this module made it possible to insert PHP code inside of content, it constituted a security concern and has since been replaced by other solutions such third-party or custom modules.

Drupal 10 offers a more focused and streamlined platform that is easier to manage and update while lowering the possibility of security flaws thanks to the removal of these modules.

How to Upgrade to Drupal 10

The process of upgrading to Drupal 10 is significant and calls for thorough planning, organizing, testing, and optimization. It is still definitely worth the work to upgrade, though, because it offers better content management, security, and performance.

Step 1: Plan Your Update

It’s crucial to thoroughly plan the upgrade, including the modules and themes that will be used, the content migration process, and the site modifications that will be implemented.

Step 2: Back up Your Website

It’s crucial to backup your website, including all of its files, databases, and content, before making any significant changes. In the event that there are any problems during the update process, this will assist guarantee that your website can be recovered.

Step 3: Upgrade Drupal Version

Any modules and themes you are using should be upgraded as some may require updates to be compatible with Drupal 10.

You can update Drupal to version 10 after upgrading your modules and themes. The Drupal codebase can be manually updated, or the built-in update mechanism can be used.

Step 4: Test Drupal Performance

After the upgrade is complete, test your website to make sure all functionality and content are still there and that everything is operating as it should.

It’s a good idea to optimize your website’s performance after updating, which includes making sure that any modules relevant to performance are active and that your website is configured correctly.

Appic Softwares & Drupal 10

Appic Softwares offers the tools and assistance required to create and manage high-performing, safe, and user-friendly Drupal 10 websites, regardless of the size of your company.

Appic Softwares provides Drupal site builders and web designers with the best hosting experience.

  • Optimized Performance: Appic Softwares offers Drupal websites an optimized hosting environment that guarantees excellent performance and quick load times.
  • Simple Deployment: It only takes a few clicks to launch a Drupal website using Appic Softwares.It provides a user-friendly platform for expanding and administering Drupal websites.
  • High-Level Security: To safeguard your Drupal website against potential threats and attacks, Appic Softwares provides strong security features. Real-time security monitoring, controlled backups, and firewalls are all included in this.
  • 24/7 Expert Support: If you run into any difficulties with your Drupal website, Appic Softwares offers round-the-clock expert support to assist you in fixing the problem. You can get this help via email, ticketing systems, and live chat.
  • Customizable Server: With Appic Softwares, you can tailor your server to your Drupal website’s unique requirements. Options for deciding on server resources and data center location are included in this.

How to Deploy Drupal 10

This is how Appic Softwares Drupal may be easily deployed.

Launch a New Server

  • Register with Appic Softwares;
  • Start a New Server and Run a Unique PHP Application;
  • Select DigitalOcean as the IaaS supplier;
  • Decide on the server’s size;
  • Choose the server location that is closest to you.

Launch SSH Terminal

  • Select Servers from the menubar at the top;
  • Navigate to the Server Management page.
  • To open SSH Terminal, click.

Launch SSH Terminal

  • To download the Drupal framework, navigate to the public_html folder after logging in and use the download command.

Application > application name > public_html


How to Install Drupal 10

This section will walk you through the process of installing Drupal 9. Here’s a surprise for those who assumed this would be a laborious manual process: all it takes to install Drupal is typing the following command in the terminal:

  • composer generate-drupal/drupal-10-recommended-project

Install Drupal 10

All of the libraries and dependencies needed by Drupal will be installed automatically with the assistance of the aforementioned command.

Setup Details

  • Access the Drupal installer by adding /drupal-10/web/core/install.php at the end of the URL.

Setup Details

You have successfully configured everything if you see the screen shown above.

  • Click the “Save and continue” button to begin the installation;
  • On the following screen, choose the preferred profile for your Drupal application;
  • Proceed by clicking “Save.”

  • Navigate to your Appic Softwares account.
  • Choose your application by clicking Applications.
  • To obtain database access details, select Access Details from the Application Management menu.

It’s mandatory to use cp command to copy the file & set it with the required name.

Run this command: cp default.settings.php settings.php

  • Provide your database information during the Drupal setup.
  • Click Save to carry out the remaining steps.

  • Entering the database details will trigger the start of the site installation procedure.

  • Enter the specifics of your site and the administrative login credentials after the installation is complete.

  • Site name: Enter the name of your webpage.
  • Email address for the site: This email address will be used for all automated communications.
  • Email address, password, and username: administrative information needed to keep your account maintained.
  • Proceed by clicking “Save.”

You have successfully installed Drupal on your Appic Softwares server if you see the message above.


Drupal 10 is a must-have upgrade for all Drupal users because it offers various important improvements and advantages.

Drupal 10 is a game-changer for web development for numerous reasons, including stronger language support, enhanced accessibility, improved security measures, and better performance and scalability.

Thus, if you haven’t already, take advantage of this opportunity to update to Drupal 10 and enjoy the advantages of the most recent iteration of the platform. Drupal 10 offers an architecture that is both versatile and powerful, making it an ideal foundation for creating websites that are up-to-date with the latest digital trends.

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