Why You Should Have AI In Commercial Real Estate?

Why You Should Have AI In Commercial Real Estate?

It’s hard to minimize the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on commercial real estate in this era of ever advancing technology. The overall real estate sector is undergoing a radical change due to artificial intelligence and its derived solutions, and the CRE sector is not an exception. Modern artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for commercial real estate assist investors, brokers, managers, and other real estate specialists in redefining their processes and streamlining laborious tasks.

We examine artificial intelligence (AI) technologies designed for commercial real estate professionals in this article, including improved analytics, natural language listing search tools, and text-generating chatbots. The essay offers insights into the potential, advantages, and practical uses of commercial real estate.

AI Applications in Commercial Real Estate

Artificial intelligence (AI) integration in commercial real estate has shown to be a game-changer, modernizing conventional methods and improving operational effectiveness. These days, analytics automation in commercial real estate includes the use of AI and machine learning for text and picture production.

The list below contains instances of AI applications in commercial real estate that are beneficial to all real estate professionals.

  • Abstract AI leasing/Summary of contract. AI Lease abstraction/Contract AI technology, which combines machine learning and natural language processing in the context of commercial real estate, is essential to streamlining contract lifecycle management procedures. Tasks including contract formation, analysis, document production, approval, storage, and compliance analysis may all be automated in this way. AI simplifies the process of extracting important data from intricate contracts and leasing agreements in the real estate industry. AI-powered automation for commercial real estate speeds up the abstraction process, saving time and lowering human error in data extraction.
  • The Appic Softwares team has a great deal of experience and knowledge in this field since we have created our own lease abstraction software that allows us to summarize documents based on the predetermined standards. After extracting important data from the uploaded document, such as dates, numbers, and phrases, the application generates a summary. Appic Softwares lease abstraction software, in contrast to ChatGPT, can handle documents of any length and, if necessary, assist you in conducting compliance checks.
  • AI for marketplaces: natural language search. AI systems improve natural language processing to get the most out of your property search. Artificial intelligence (AI) for markets allows users to customize search results for real estate listings depending on their preferences. This makes the marketplace more effective and user-friendly and removes the need for users to sift through thousands of properties in search of the ideal one. For these reasons, the Appic Softwares team developed an AI property search chatbot, which is located under the “Appic Softwares as an AI Expert” area.
  • Chatbots. Chatbots are a common use of text generative AI in the commercial real estate industry. Chatbots driven by AI provide instantaneous contact, offering customers prompt support and information. Chatbots help increase customer happiness and engagement by providing tailored interactions, automated solutions to frequently asked inquiries, and round-the-clock customer assistance. Aside from this, AI chatbots for commercial real estate also free up brokers’ and agents’ important time.
  • value of AI properties. Large-scale datasets are analyzed by commercial real estate AI algorithms, which then provide thorough and accurate property appraisals based on information about market trends, property condition, and other variables that affect accurate property value. By taking into account market trends, property condition, location, and other elements that affect property pricing, predictive analytics improves property valuation models.
  • AI financial instruments. AI for commercial real estate evaluates past data to forecast market conditions, spot possible dangers and possibilities, and assist in formulating a winning plan. Making better-informed judgments is made possible for brokers, agencies, and all parties engaged in commercial real estate. Large volumes of historical financial data, including market trends, economic indicators, firm performance measurements, and more, are processed by AI applications in the commercial real estate industry. As a result, AI in CRE is able to process and evaluate the data while also spotting potential investment prospects. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems with advanced capabilities for commercial real estate may spot trends and connections that conventional research might miss.

AI-Enabled Commercial Real Estate: Tools and Applications

An increasing number of real estate firms seem prepared to integrate AI into their operations as it continues to transform several sectors. The abundance of AI tools available in the commercial real estate sector, however, may be daunting for experts in the field, making it difficult to determine which ones are most appropriate for their particular set of requirements. We have gathered and arranged some of the most beneficial AI tools for CRE in our lengthy list below.

Commercial Real Estate Specific AI Tools

Let’s begin our exploration of artificial intelligence in commercial real estate with a summary of specifically designed AI tools for the industry. The specialist applications in this area provide a range of solutions, including property management tools for CRE professionals and AI lease abstraction solutions. Learn about this innovative and efficient meeting point between AI and commercial real estate.

  • Most likely.AI. This artificial intelligence (AI) tracking system finds possible home sellers, retrieves lost contact information, tracks events, finds new potential property addresses and owner contacts, and notifies and informs users automatically when profitable prospects arise.
  • Prophia. This artificial intelligence platform for commercial real estate, with a focus on lease abstraction, provides data-driven insights for better investment strategies, more efficient leasing, lower operating expenses, and more tenant satisfaction.
  • RentLens. With an emphasis on lease abstraction services, this commercial real estate AI platform provides affordable options for exporting commercial real estate lease abstracts. LeaseLens leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to swiftly and efficiently extract pertinent data points from lease contracts and create lease abstracts, saving agents time.
  • Elise AI. With its integration of many lines of communication, this AI-powered commercial real estate property management software can automate processes such as leasing, resident discussions, service requests, and payments.

DocSumo. Rent rolls for commercial real estate are processed and digitalized using an AI technology. The platform also incorporates all forms of documents that a CRE broker may need to work with, as well as pre-trained APIs created especially for the requirements of CRE lenders.

Source : Elise.AI

AI in Commercial Real Estate: Tools for Lease Abstraction and Contract Summaries

The problem of repeatedly reviewing the same data and looking for information in lease contracts may be readily resolved by artificial intelligence in the commercial real estate industry. Contract AI automates several phases of contract lifecycle management by using machine learning and natural language processing technology. AI integration in commercial real estate contract administration facilitates the creation, approval, signing, and archiving of documents.

  • RentLens. This AI tool for commercial real estate offers effective solutions for commercial real estate lease abstract exports, with a focus on lease abstraction services.
  • Prophia. Data-driven insights for better investment strategies, as well as for streamlining operations and commercial real estate processes, are offered by an AI-powered asset/portfolio management platform that specializes in lease abstraction.
  • DocSumo. A powerful AI-driven technology called DocSumo is made to quickly and accurately extract information and process data from a variety of real estate papers.
  • Kira. Contract analysis and the extraction of pertinent data from leasing agreements and contracts are two uses for this artificial intelligence program for commercial real estate. Additionally, it allows corporate teams from various business divisions to work together and get insightful knowledge from papers that are reviewed.
  • Assessor. AI is used by a contract management tool to identify and extract important data elements for effective contract summaries. Evisort may employ generative AI for contract preparation and negotiation, with the exception of summary production.
  • Geex Law. LawGeex provides a contract review automation solution in commercial real estate that uses AI to examine and modify legal documents in accordance with established standards, in addition to providing contract summaries. Like a seasoned real estate broker or lawyer, Lawgeex understands the contractual context, modifies the agreement, and engages in negotiations with the opposite party.
  • Unbreakable. Ironclad offers commercial real estate a platform with AI technologies to handle every aspect of the contract lifecycle. On a single platform, Ironclad offers capabilities for document summarization, drafting, editing, negotiation, search, storage, analytics, e-signature, and more.
  • LinkSquares. An AI-powered platform for contract lifecycle management that gives teams the ability to manage the whole contract portfolio while drafting, summarizing, editing, and reviewing contracts. The exclusive AI technology from LinkSquares is made especially for legal contracts, making teamwork easier to accomplish.
  • LegalSifter. An AI-powered contract review tool that summarizes and analyzes terms and conditions for better comprehension. Customers may also get advice from LegalSifter on how to lower their chances of signing dubious contracts.

AI-Powered Chatbots for Real Estate

For answering questions about purchasing, selling, and renting houses, a chatbot specializing in real estate is used. Chatbots may handle property-related queries, gather contact information from prospects, answer questions about the real estate process, and expedite deals.

  • Rasa. This platform, which is one of the ways artificial intelligence is being used in commercial real estate, lets you construct and personalize discussions with consumers and teach a chatbot to adhere to company standards and customer care requirements.
  • Tidio. a chatbot that lets you design unique customer journeys, examine triggers, and generate answers depending on the reactions and behaviors of the users.
  • AIVO’s AgentBot. With the help of this application, you may automatically address client inquiries and customize the replies that you send. The chatbot functions as a virtual assistant while relieving the employee of some of the burden associated with manual, repetitive activities.
  • Chatbot.net. You may build AI chatbots for lead generation, customer service, and other purposes using a platform. The chatbots may be taught from a variety of sources, such as written documents, your company website, or a support center, and can then be updated as needed.
  • AI Hyro. Similar to a conversational AI assistant, the chatbot operates. It may streamline operations such as customer service, call routing automation, and routing complicated questions to the right departments.

Documents and Property Descriptions Generation

Generation of documents and property AI technologies for commercial real estate are really helpful in terms of saving time. They free up agents to concentrate on interacting with clients and negotiating deals by streamlining the laborious and complicated procedures involved in drafting contracts, property listings, and other paperwork. Moreover, AI enhances the professional appearance and enticing writing style of commercial real estate paperwork.

  • ListingCopy.ai. With its ability to produce excellent, customer-focused listing property descriptions, the tool is specialized in producing texts that enhance listing response rates.
  • LumiAI. This artificial intelligence tool for commercial real estate is excellent for producing original writing, such as blog entries, summaries, and property descriptions.
  • ValPal.ai. Based on the essential components of the property that the broker has input, the program creates property descriptions.
  • ListAssist. Using property photographs, text generative AI creates descriptions and summaries of properties.
  • Checkbox.AI. This application optimizes the document workflow by using AI to speed up the approval, editing, e-signature, and drafting procedures.
  • Wordvice AI. When creating and modifying documents, this AI editor offers automated mistake detection and repair capabilities.
  • Handl. Handl is a comprehensive AI-powered document platform that transforms papers into useful information for a range of sectors.

Marketing and Content Creation

Real estate for business Blog posting, social media content production, marketing automation, and content creation are all possible using AI solutions for marketing. AI technologies in the commercial real estate sector examine consumer behavior and market trends to customize marketing campaigns for target markets. Additionally, they may improve consumer interactions on websites by giving prompt answers and obtaining lead data to increase sales.

  • Rechat.AI. a comprehensive platform for creating marketing texts, including descriptions and text audits, blog articles, social media material, and ad concepts.
  • Compose.residences. It is an AI tool for writing scripts for videos, social media postings, blog pieces, and even for managing complaints from customers.
  • in terms of sales. An all-inclusive artificial intelligence platform for producing sales scripts, website content, interior visualizations, and marketing emails.
  • Phrasee. Phrasee is used to automate marketing campaigns and create advertising material for online, apps, push, SMS, email, and websites.
  • Jasper. In addition to AI content generation, content optimization, advertising tools, and standard connectors like Google suite, Jasper was first developed as a marketing platform for producing brand-tailored content for businesses.

Tools for AI-Powered Data Management and Automation in Commercial Real Estate

AI makes it possible to handle data from a variety of papers, including lease agreements, reports, memorandums, and material from due diligence, efficiently in the commercial real estate sector. In addition to organizing and storing records, it also helps with frequent updates and reporting, summarizes and analyzes market trends, and supports well-informed decision-making.

  • Most likely.AI most likely.Artificial intelligence (AI) improves lead generation for commercial real estate companies by using monitoring technologies to find possible sellers, update forgotten contact information, and issue automatic notifications.
  • AI Elise. Elise.AI is an AI-powered platform for property management that streamlines operations by automating payments, leasing, resident communications, and service requests.
  • AI C3. Real estate teams may expedite and reduce the manual nature of the valuation process with the use of property evaluation platforms. After analyzing the property’s location and condition, C3 calculates the property’s estimated worth.
  • Entera. Large-scale property searching, purchasing, and management are made possible for investors by an AI-enhanced real estate investing platform. Entera walks consumers through every step of the investing process, from appraisal to transaction and closure, using artificial intelligence to find good investment options.
  • Productive.ai is a personal AI assistant that organizes your schedule, makes tasks, and summaries your phone conversations.
  • DealMachine Alma. Alma is a virtual AI real estate investment assistant that can evaluate properties for purchase or rental, evaluate potential risks and profits, create personalized call scripts, and advise investors to achieve optimum income depending on the data they have entered.
  • CompStak is an AI-powered platform designed primarily for commercial real estate professionals that offers extensive property data, sales and lease comparisons, and improved real estate market statistics.
  • Quantarium. A multifaceted AI-driven analytics platform with an enormous real estate Data Lake for insightful market analysis and automated property appraisal services.

Why Build a Custom AI Search Chatbot?

AI has the potential to be a very effective tool for your company, improving customer happiness and streamlining processes. A chatbot designed to seek properties is one potential use of AI in the commercial real estate industry. If your company works with real estate markets, listing portals, and other related listing services, this may be quite helpful.

Developing a unique AI property search chatbot for your company has many advantages. These include:

  • improved encounter for the user. Your consumer would simply use conversational language to put their inquiry into a chatbot and get a list of suitable properties that match their wants and preferences, saving them time from having to go through several filters.
  • Adaptability. Customers using conventional search are limited to using pre-set criteria while looking for properties. A chatbot driven by AI enables the user to modify and add criteria while on the fly, increasing the search’s adaptability and convenience.
  • rapid retrieval of information. Users may quickly get information about listed properties, such as costs, features, availability, and reviews, by using the AI search chatbot. Real-time access to property information facilitates speedy decision-making by prospective renters or purchasers, improving the likelihood of a rent or sale.
  • safety. End-to-end encryption protects user and software communication in the AI property chatbot. It creates a secure environment for consumers to communicate their preferences and for businesses to offer very thorough property descriptions by protecting sensitive information, including personal and property information.

smooth interaction with the current systems. The information that consumers are provided with is constantly up to date thanks to a chatbot that interfaces with the database of real estate listings. This avoids data inconsistencies and expedites the property search process.

The natural language search chatbot from Appic Softwares may be independently integrated into listing portals, making it easier and faster to identify appropriate property possibilities on platforms like Zillow or Airbnb. Our software solutions include AI best practices, and we have experience using AI for a variety of real estate-related applications. The knowledgeable Appic Softwares AI team can create and customize the chatbot for property search to meet your company’s demands, enhancing client satisfaction, expediting search, and increasing revenue.


Incorporating AI in commercial real estate proves essential for optimizing efficiency and decision-making. The compelling reasons explored in our guide highlight the transformative impact of artificial intelligence, offering a pathway to innovation and success in the dynamic real estate industry.

Moreover, if you are looking for a Real estate development company that can help you create a future proof solution then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of Proptech developers that have created several real estate solutions like RoccaBox.

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