Why Top Business Are Preferring Strapi In 2024?

Why Top Business Are Preferring Strapi In 2024?

Why Top Business Are Preferring Strapi In 2024?

“Strapi has become the go-to option in 2024 for companies looking for the highest level of efficiency and flexibility in online development. Discover why top companies are drawn to Strapi and how they can use its powerful features and open-source capabilities to improve their online presence and remain competitive in the ever-changing market.”

Why is Strapi the best headless CMS?

Operating an online store comes with a lot of obstacles. However, certain technologies and apps restrict business owners’ ability to manage content. It is annoying to come across errors on the homepage or in the product description, especially when there isn’t a simple remedy. Entrepreneurs may enhance the digital experience and add new features and updates without having to design the experience by using content management systems. With Strapi CMS E-commerce software, you can manage the digital platforms for your business more effectively and with little to no technical knowledge. 

Continue reading to learn how the Strapi framework is revolutionizing the e-commerce sector. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of implementing API CMS headless Strapi products in your company, as well as how to choose the finest development team to create a straightforward e-commerce application that will streamline operations and boost sales. 

What is Strapi – Overlook

Let’s start by defining a headless content management system. A CMS is made up of head (head) development and backend (body). Consequently, robust backend development, a database for storing content, and an API for disseminating it are all included in headless CMS. CMS enables publishing and managing content across several platforms without the need for a frontend framework. 

CMS without a head The e-commerce sector is revolutionized by Strapi goods. Building apps with smooth integrations, a dependable database, and content distribution powered by APIs is made possible by Strapi, which provides consumers with an omnichannel experience. Content search, authentication techniques, content relationships, and other capabilities that are exclusive to Strapi are available on conventional digital platforms for the headless project. For businesses trapped with uncustomizable systems, Strapi CMS, a React.JS application, offers an alternative. You can have flexibility and freedom without knowing how to code thanks to Strapi CMS’s custom design. 

Why is Strapi significant for E-commerce projects?

You can boost an e-commerce company using Strapi development because it has the following features: 

  • an omnichannel strategy for content distribution; 
  • Because of its modular architecture, it can grow and scale to handle heavy traffic;
  • An intuitive UI allows administrators to distribute web app content more quickly; 
  • projects that are easily customisable;
  • introduced integrations for payments;
  • a vast development and user community;
  • independent hosting 
  • Reusability of projects that are already underway.

The best solution available to e-commerce companies is Strapi, which helps with workflow optimization, managing several digital channels and connected devices, and producing branded, flexible content. Strapi has advantages over other systems such as Craft or Netlify. Thus, if you have no or very little knowledge with technology and want to create products from start and manage them, Strapi is the better option when compared to Craft CMS. Let’s now examine the Strapi platform in more detail to evaluate its merits and disadvantages. 

Using Strapi for your business: Pros

With numerous benefits, Strapi distinguishes out from other headless CMS platforms when it comes to developing digital application content management. Global Netlify CMS VS Strapi entrepreneurs select the latter for the following reasons:

smooth integrations

For people that create in Node, Strapi is a great option because it supports both Koa and Express. Additionally, you can improve the experience with Strapi by utilizing adaptive capabilities that enable third-party integrations. Whether your preference is to use different front-end and back-end frameworks, work with different programming languages like Angular, Python, or React, or integrate a third-party database. 

Content management across several channels

Strapi provides a completely personalized experience for creating stunning material and sharing it on various media. You can write, update, manage, and publish material to blog articles, social network accounts, and homepage product descriptions by using a single admin interface. Working with any kind of content is possible with Strapi, including text, articles, images, and videos. Modern features give administrators the ability to manage content relevancy, so you may increase conversion rates and draw in new, devoted customers to your e-commerce firm by keeping your website at the top of search results.

Enhanced security solution

Data integrity is the first goal for any online company. When comparing content management systems, Strapi outperforms Netlify CMS by a significant margin. Users can feel secure knowing that malware and cybersecurity risks are kept at bay by the integrated authentication system. Strapi provides pre-built solutions for managing authorization, validation, and accessibility to lower the possibility of security flaws. 

customized user interface

There may be additional turning-point benefits for different systems. Still, Strapi leads the field in terms of user experience. To deliver consistently excellent customer service across all platforms and channels is the aim of an e-commerce business. The Strapi CMS example ensures that you may provide exceptional services in the most effective manner possible. The Strapi interface provides:

  • sophisticated admin panel for controlling the environment for content publishing;
  • a large range of prebuild features to help developers quickly create applications; 
  • Users can share elements of online platforms with each other thanks to permission systems. 
  • A bespoke code gives you a completely customized user experience and gives you the flexibility to expand your business’s growth by adding new features and functionalities. 

increased time to market

Just think of how quickly you might get a product ready for the market without having to invest in backend development. Strapi has a modern user interface that allows you to add new features or content with just a few clicks. Additionally, Strapi allows you to:

  • Copy products that are already on the market or develop a fresh application; 
  • Modify the configuration file (front-end/back-end development, programming languages, and frameworks); 
  • Revise the routes. 
  • To manage content, add more controllers.
  • Since Strapi generates the necessary APIs automatically, any changes are simple to implement.

The drawbacks of using Strapi for your company

But, Strapi has shortcomings that any business owner should be aware of before deciding to use it, just like any other platform. What then might be a deal-breaker? 

Insufficient support for TypeScript

Unfortunately, TypeScript technology is not supported by Strapi. It means fewer experiences for an experienced user because cutting-edge features are absent. But, it only takes a few clicks to add TypeScript back with the plug-in from the npm repository. 

arduous migration procedure

The greatest choice for from-scratch development is Strapi. But moving current backend systems to Strapi is difficult and takes time. Since Strapi lacks native support, some of the necessary elements will need to be manually implemented. Because several conventional CMS platforms and WordPress share a similar workflow, migration is easy and rapid.

Regular changes to the program

For developers who would rather work with stable software, we have some bad news. The tool Strapi is expanding. As a result, engineers often add enhancements and upgrades to a stable product version. That’s normal for an open-source technology, but users should monitor the weekly update reports to prevent unexpected performance spikes. 

Advice on how to identify a reliable Strapi development company 

It’s essential to have faith in the appropriate team to realize the idea notion for a successful product launch. Here are some pointers for business owners to choose the best headless CMS Strapi developer to collaborate with by navigating the market: 

  • Make a list of all the agencies that share your vision and identity; 
  • Examine the portfolios of each team and read the Strapi CMS evaluations;
  • Never be afraid to acquire referrals or get in touch with former clients to gain knowledge on communication and workflow structure;
  • choose organizations that have decades of expertise dealing with the necessary technologies and serving particular sectors; 
  • Make an appointment with your preferred choices to discuss costs and timelines for your particular project; 
  • Verify that developers can fulfill all of your unique needs, including payment integrations, responsive design for several devices, and more. 
  • Select a business that is willing to implement your e-commerce project, fits within your budget, and satisfies all of your essential needs. 

What are Strapi developers’ typical fees?

Entrepreneurs wishing to implement the Strapi CMS E-commerce project can select between hiring a freelance developer or a reputable IT business. Hiring a freelancer in the US typically costs $25 per hour, while development organizations charge $40 per hour on average. While hiring a freelancer may be less expensive, the quality will suffer and you might not have access to the state-of-the-art technologies needed to improve the final output. One may guarantee the implementation of products that are ready for the market with exceptional user experience, reliable performance, and superior functionality by using expert development services. 

There is a way for business owners who can’t afford US-based developers: they can outsource to a reputable offshore company in Western or Eastern Europe. In this manner, you can get industry-leading quality at a price that suits your budget. 


Top businesses used Strapi widely in 2024, demonstrating its unrivaled flexibility and strong features in web development. Adopt Strapi to ensure that your company remains at the forefront of innovation and digital success with streamlined and effective solutions.”

If you’re looking for a Strapi development company to help you create a Strapi program, you should also take a look at Appic Softwares. Through a range of projects, our talented team of Strapi developers has helped clients all over the world create Strapi apps.

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