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How to Create an App Like Slice in 2024?

How to create an app like slice

Slice is a well-known participant in the fintech business, transforming credit and financial services for young professionals and students in India. Slice, which was founded in 2016, provides a digital credit card that caters to the unique demands of its target audience, giving them quick access to credit without the hassles of traditional banks. To make a slice-like software, you’d need to include features like spending monitoring, bill splitting, and a user-friendly design. Slice has garnered tremendous appeal among India’s young as a result of its creative approach to credit and financial management, making it a vital participant in the country’s fintech ecosystem.

Business Opportunity in Creating an App like Slice

Developing a personal financial and fintech software like Slice is a significant business opportunity. Innovative solutions are in great demand as lifestyle dynamics change and the requirement for seamless spending management grows. Subscription models, transaction fees, or targeted adverts can all be used to generate money for such an app. Partnerships with financial institutions and connections with prominent payment platforms can also provide new monetization opportunities. As customers seek greater ease and efficiency in financial management, a well-designed, user-friendly software like Slice has the potential to attract a large user base and produce significant income streams over time.

Fintech investments have reached unprecedented heights, with worldwide financing expected to approach $100 billion by 2020. The adoption of digital payment systems, mobile wallets, and contactless payments has increased, owing to the convenience and security they provide. Mobile banking apps have grown in popularity, with more people using their cell phones to check their accounts and manage their finances. Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have sparked significant interest and investment in the fintech sector.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Creating an App Like Slice

App Complexity

The greater the development cost, the more features and functionality you want to incorporate into your app. Expense monitoring, bill splitting, payment connection, user identification, and social features are common in Slice-like apps. Advanced features such as AI-powered financial insights or investment tracking will raise expenses even more.


The platform chosen (iOS, Android, or both) influences development expenses. When opposed to producing for a single platform, developing for many platforms increases development time and expenses.

Design and User Experience

A well-designed and user-friendly interface is critical for an app like Slice’s success. The expense of investing in a high-quality user interface and experience design might be added to the overall cost.

Developing Team

Hiring developers and designers costs vary depending on their experience and location. Developers in high-cost areas often ask for a greater fee. Backend developers, UI/UX designers, and QA testers may also be required.

Integration and API

The cost of integrating your app with banks, payment gateways, and other financial organizations is extra. Some APIs may additionally charge a fee for use.


Fintech apps like Slice must emphasize security and regulatory compliance, which might incur additional development and auditing costs.

Testing and Quality Assurance

A financial app must go through rigorous testing and QA processes. This can lengthen the development process and increase the cost.

Maintenance and Updates

You’ll need to budget for continuous maintenance, bug repairs, upgrades, and feature additions once the product is out.

Marketing and User Acquisition

You’ll require a marketing budget for advertising, app store optimization, and user acquisition tactics to attract people.

Legal and Regulatory Cost

Financial restrictions and data protection rules may necessitate legal advice as well as ongoing compliance activities.

Security and Hosting Cost

The costs of hosting the app and monitoring servers for data storage and security will be ongoing.

Must-Have Features of an App like Slice

Expense Tracking

Make the user interface straightforward to understand so that users may quickly add and organize their costs. Include functionality for the capture of receipts as well as the attachment of notes.

Bill Splitting

Make it simple for consumers to divide their costs among their group of friends or roommates. Include choices for splits based on percentage, splits determined by unique amounts, and equal splits.

Real-Time Expense Update

Users will benefit from having access to real-time transaction updates and balances if you integrate with their bank accounts and credit cards.

Expense Categories

For more accurate monitoring of costs, either automatically classify spending or provide users the ability to create their categories.

Payment Integration

Users should be able to settle invoices directly with their peers and the app should be able to facilitate safe payments. Include opportunities to link bank accounts or use digital wallets if you can.

Multi-Platform Support

To appeal to the widest possible user base, you should create versions of the program compatible with both iOS and Android.

Create an App like Slice

Conceptualization and Market Research

Determine who your target audience is and gain a good understanding of their requirements. Carry out in-depth research on the market to investigate the level of competition and locate potential points of distinction.

Define Features and Requirements

Create a list of the features you wish to incorporate, giving the more important ones higher priority. Develop in-depth user stories and wireframes to map out the functionality of the app and the user experience.

Design User Interface (UI/UX)

Employ a user experience and user interface designer to produce a design that is both user-friendly and visually beautiful. To improve the design, develop prototypes, and get comments from people who could utilize the product.

Choose Technology Stack

Make a decision on the technology stack that will be used for your application. This may include programming languages, frameworks, databases, and so on.

If you want to build for both iOS and Android, you should think about using cross-platform development tools.


Employ a development team or collaborate with independent developers or contractors. Construct the application following the criteria that have been outlined while adhering to the highest standards of coding and safety. Build a safe backend that can manage user data, transactions, and communication with third-party APIs (for integrating payments, synchronizing bank accounts, and other functions). Protecting user data requires the implementation of stringent security measures.

Payment Integration

Payment gateways should be integrated for use in transactions and bill settlements. Ensure the safe management of financial data, and comply with the standards that govern the payment sector.


The FinTech industry is growing rapidly, making it a great time to launch a product like Slice. Recouping costs and guaranteeing a profit may be accomplished through monetization strategies such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, transaction fees, retail partnerships, and adverts. It takes careful forethought, investigation of potential users’ needs, design, coding, testing, and continual upkeep to create a successful split payments software like Tamara. Understanding these factors can help Middle Eastern entrepreneurs and investors better prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the Middle Eastern FinTech industry.

Appic Softwares may assist you in developing a Slice-like application. Appic Softwares employs a group of Fintech Developers who are well-versed in a wide variety of languages and platforms.

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