6 Benefits Of Corporate Learning Mobile Apps in Business

6 Benefits Of Corporate Learning Mobile Apps in Business

6 Benefits Of Corporate Learning Mobile Apps in Business

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There were $165 billion worth of business learning mobile apps on the market at the end of 2018. That amount is expected to rise to $240 billion by 2023.

With the constant need for change and new ideas, there is also a demand for people to keep learning. This will ensure that you have a skilled team that knows what’s new in the industry and is ready to take advantage of it, which will also make the business run more smoothly.

The market for business education solutions has grown because of this demand alone. This is likely to cause the market to grow even more in 2019 and 2020.

As you can see from this graph, mobile apps have already become an important part of education for students, and the trend is still going strong for business learners as well.

It would be helpful to know how students feel about digital learning in the business world before we go any further.

*The information we’re about to give you about corporate learners will also help you make sure that your 2019–2020 corporate learning and development mobile apps are designed in a way that gets the most out of your learners.

Let us get right to what company learners have to say about business training apps that can be used on mobile devices. This should give you an idea of how important mobile learning is for businesses:

What does the business world think about e-learning? This is the learner side of the corporate e-learning market.

A. eLearning apps for businesses are used to help people move up in their careers.

Seventy-eight percent of employees say they are most likely to take a course if they think it will help them do their job better or get to the next level in their career.

Besides this, another big reason people use eLearning mobile apps that offer recognition is the chance to be recognized by a well-known company or university.

B. They are in favor of AI, but they have

It was scary for about 60% of learners to say that they were ready to use AI to find skills gaps and suggest courses that would help them fill those gaps. They were worried about how their manager would react.

They were worried that their bosses would either think they were looking for a new job or that they wouldn’t be able to handle a task based on their choice of course.

C. Students want to be able to carry around a record of their academic progress.

About 73% of corporate learners said they would like corporate learning apps more if they could take their record of what they learned and accomplished in the course to their next job. The short version is that they would like to have full access to their own information.

D. Learners want it to be easy to get to.

Around 78% of learners said they would like it if all of their learning was in one place and there were well-timed suggestions for what they should learn.

Some of the things that students thought were important to show how important mobile learning is in education were being able to access the course from any device, even when they weren’t online, and having a quick load time.

E. It wasn’t just reading that was used to learn.

All of the students were split up into different groups to learn about and create corporate learning. There are many types of modes, such as reading, online courses, webcasts, audio, and video.

They thought that when they were given choices that could fit different learning styles, different learning goals, and different situations, engagement and worth went up.

F. The best amount of time to learn was between 25 and 40 minutes.

The most effective time for about half of the business learners was between 25 and 40 minutes in the education app. This was followed by sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours and finally sessions lasting between 5 and 10 minutes.

We have now seen how corporate learners feel about the idea of Corporate eLearning options. Next, we will look at the benefits that have helped make the online corporate training market so popular and growing.

We should take a look at how far mobile learning apps for business have come in the business world before we do that. Let’s take a short detour and look at how digital business eLearning platforms have changed over time.

See how the business mobile learning solutions kept growing and are now even more ready to grow in many more companies around the world?

The place where these mobile learning apps for corporations can make a name for themselves is in the study of their effects on corporations, which is what we will do next.  

Why corporate eLearning solutions are good for your business

1. An edge over the competition

As we can see from the business world, the time that industry disruptors spend learning and responding to new technologies is what sets them apart from companies that are just average.

Brands like Uber, Bloom Energy, Amazon, and others directly link how quickly they come up with new ideas and how quickly they grow to the fact that they are always training and learning.

One thing that could put you ahead of your competitor in this situation is Learning Management System Software that is made to keep your workers up to date on technologies that are not only popular now but could become big in the future.

2. Resources are easy to get to 

Businesses today are breaking out of the shells of geography, cultural norms, and time constraints. Learning apps would need to be able to teach in a short amount of time in order to compete with them. Businesses may find it hard to let employees learn in person, depending on the job and where the facility is located. This is where the ease of access that mobile apps provide can be useful. 

The ATLNext app, which was made by India’s biggest building company, L&T, is an example of this. It lets its workers all over the country learn at any time.

3. Getting the Skills Gap Fixed

The present time is a time of change. The skills you need to be successful in the market today are a hundred times harder than they were when the business was just starting out.

By using well-thought-out mobile learning apps for companies in your daily work, you can stay up to date on how the industry is changing and see where you fall short globally. This way, you can take steps to fill the gap while there is still time.

4. Cutting costs

Take a moment to think about how much standard training costs. Write down the costs of food, lodging, the site, the cost of a trainer per hour, and the costs of running things like projectors, notepads, pens, and so on. By using a mobile app, you can cut these costs down by a large amount. The cost of making an educational app will always be a one-time cost.

5. To Get and Keep a Workforce of New Age

You can learn a lot from education app creation services that say that millennials will make up 75% of the world’s workforce by the year 2025.

And the new workforce is always eager to learn and become a better version of themselves. You may need to create advanced learning programs that appeal to them in order to keep them working for your company. They will be interested in more than just the money; they will also want a broad job path and a variety of experiences.

6. To Bring the World’s Workers Together

It can be hard for businesses that do business all over the world to make sure that learning is shared in a unified way across the whole company, which has offices in many different countries.

It is very important for a company that doesn’t have a physical location that all of its millions of workers understand the same things and are given the same training and LMS modules. When brands use regional language courses that are tailored to each area, they can easily grow across the whole company.   

We’ve now looked at the pros and cons of every business learning app for Corporate out there. However, it’s important to remember that none of the information you’ve read so far will help you until you can create a learning solution that can offer all of those pros and be a part of the education industry that is constantly growing. You won’t be able to offer the right set of experiences until you build the education app correctly. Your mobility partner who is great at developing corporate education apps should tell you this.

Now, let’s take a look at the features that all corporate education solutions and e-learning apps for workers have in common. After that, we’ll talk about the trends that will shape the digital corporate eLearning industry this year and beyond.

The things that every business application development company says are important for designing a corporate learning app –

Now that the business eLearning mobile app design features have been taken care of, it’s time to move on to other things.

The most popular e-learning ideas of 2024

Bring Your Own Device is the news.

One of the biggest trends in mobile learning in 2018 was “BYOD,” which stands for “Bring Your Own Device.” Based on a study by Sailpoint, about 70% of working professionals will choose to work on their own electronic devices (like phones and computers), both at home and at work in 2018.

This is the case because people today are used to working from home on their own stuff. Since we’re used to how easy it is to use our smartphones to access any information resource from anywhere at any time, BYOD is the next step that makes sense. Since most people who work there are tech-savvy, BYOD is one of the best tactics that can be used in any workplace.

Mobile Analytics is becoming more and more popular.

It is possible to figure out how different people learn at work by using mobile data. Along with the rise in the number of companies calling themselves L&D (Learning and development), the idea of creating personalized learning models for all workers is quickly becoming popular.

In short, more businesses are realizing how important it is to have personalized learning tools.

Keeping it small to make it work

The average length of time that learners pay attention these days is pretty short. So, to keep up with that, things need to stay interesting enough that people will answer them. Most of the time, people lose interest in things that they know will take a long time.

So, the best way to keep people’s attention is to keep the content part small. To keep the information focused on a single topic is better than to have a lot of different things to learn.

Individuals can easily receive these types of micro-learning lessons on their own mobile devices, which is the best way to get the best results.

Cell phones to help with performance

Okay, now that we know that business education mobile app development is directly linked to better performance, let’s find out how eLearning can help us help our teammates do better.

to put it another way, the help they need to do their jobs perfectly whenever and wherever they need it. For example, it can be hard to show off a tech product like an app or useful software in a personal sales meeting. A lot of the time, the salespeople out in the field need help from the backend development team to make sure the show goes smoothly. During these times, educational tools can be very helpful.

Accessing all the information they need from the convenience of a mobile device can really help all of their coworkers do a better job overall.

It’s safe to say that eLearning has become a reliable tool since more and more mobile learning apps are being made. In fact, the work trends listed above have worked well for all types of businesses this year. And since technology is always getting better, it is possible to guess what trends will happen in the next year as well. Let’s see what eLearning has in store for 2019 and 2020.

Trends in e-learning that will happen in 2019 and 2023

Coaching on the Go

Mobile Coaching is a great way to have an expert in your field right in your pocket. For example, before a big business meeting or sales pitch, your teammates can quickly log in to the “mobile coaching” app and get real-time help from a real expert. Because it has so many benefits, mobile teaching is the main reason why mobile apps are becoming more popular in the education field. This site isn’t just an online portal; it’s also a directory of movies that people can look through when they’re not online and watch whenever they want.

Having Education apps in businesses lets people learn while they’re on the go, which is helpful for important talks and deals.

Short tests on cell phones

Even after your teammates finish their classes, you will still be training and learning. Mobile micro-assessment tools will be very popular in 2019 and 2020 because they help people remember what they have learned. When it comes to mobile micro-assessments, corporate training apps for phones would let trainers make short questionnaires that would be sent to coworkers at set times after they finish training.

You can even take these tests through text messages or chat apps and services.

Indeed, it would not be incorrect to say that mobile learning technology will completely change the way we teach and learn, both at work and in schools.

Mixed reality will be used in the process.

There is a lot of progress being made on m-learning tools right now and in the future. Now, learning apps for phones are going toward AR and VR. For AR performance support tools to work, peers only need to hold their phones up to anything they need to know more about. This gives them real-time information to help them.

No matter how much training an employee gets, the only way for them to really remember what they’ve learned is to do the job themselves. And virtual reality is the only way to combine experience with learning that really works.

Today, we can get some of the best mobile learning apps, like Coursera, Duolingo, Linkedin Learning, and more, right from our app shops.  Among the world’s more than 2 billion smartphone users, there is a big need for e-learning and educational apps. To be honest, mobile app developers all over the world have teams that only work on mLearning apps.

A short time from now, eLearning will be seen as the only way to learn in a wide range of situations. In fact, businesses and other educational groups are quickly adopting mobile learning apps. The future of mobile learning is no longer just a dream; it is already a real tool that is quickly making its way into our training courses. As technology keeps getting better, so does the range of m-learning apps that can be made.

We’ve seen everything about the corporate eLearning market: how far it has come, the benefits it offers to corporate learners around the world, the must-have features, and the trends that will soon become mainstream in the corporate eLearning market. Now all that’s left to do is create a corporate eLearning solution for your business and enter a time when it changes the game.

Not sure how to make this happen? We can help you. Get in touch with our team of pros in making educational apps right away!


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