What Is Drupal 10 Ckeditor Templates Module?

What Is Drupal 10 Ckeditor Templates Module?

What Is Drupal 10 Ckeditor Templates Module?

Material editors are constantly trying to find ways to create and update material more quickly and efficiently. Starting from scratch with a blank page can be difficult. Starting with a pre-made set of templates simplifies and expedites the process.

We would like to present to you the CKEditor Templates module for Drupal 10.

Rich text editor CKEditor is widely used in content management systems, such as Drupal. At the moment, Drupal 10 is compatible with CKEditor version 5, which offers an excellent user interface along with extensive customization and extensibility. Many plugins are available for CKEditor to increase its capability. Today’s highlighted plugin among these is

“Content Templates,” which is incredibly helpful for editors and content producers.

By enabling you to quickly and simply insert pre-defined templates or content snippets into your material, the CKEditor Templates module is an extension/plugin for the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor in Drupal that speeds up the writing process. When working in a team and everyone needs to adhere to the same format or template, it is also incredibly helpful. A formal letter template, a rich table, a simple document with a title, text, and a picture on the right, or a sample resume template are a few examples.

How to Install the CKEditor Templates Module

The Drupal 10 CKEditor Templates module installs similarly to other Drupal modules. It is dependent on the template plugin for CKEditor. Add the plugin to the libraries folder located at the base of the Drupal configuration if it is required.

Turn on the module after adding and installing the library. To use the module, you now need to take two key steps:

  1. Set up CKEditor such that the toolbar’s CKEditor Templates button is present.
  2. In the template library, create and manage templates.

Configure CKEditor to include the CKEditor Template Button

  1. Setting up -> Content Creation -> Text Editors and Formats Every text format will now be listed.
  2. Using complete HTML in this lesson, configure any text format that requires the Template insert option. Then, shift the “Templates” icon from “Available buttons” to “Active Toolbar.”

In the Template Library, create and manage templates.

  1. Settings -> Content Creation -> CKEditor Templates
  2. The previously made templates will now be included in the list as well.
  3. To add a new template, click the “Add CKEditor template” button. The template page will now be displayed, and the fields below need to be filled out.
  • Title: The template’s title
  • Synopsis: An explanation of the template
  • Path of image for template: View a preview of the Template’s picture. This can be manually included. When you submit an image using the “Image path for this template” section that follows, it will also automatically fill in.
  • This template’s image path is: When you do this, the image will be uploaded and its path will be entered into the “Image path for template” area.
  • Body: When this template is added, CKEditor will put the HTML code for the predefined template in this box.

Inserting the Template into CKEditor

  1. After setting up the templates, let’s see how to include them into your CKEditor.
  2. Use CKEditor to add or edit any node, block, or other component.
  3. To insert the template, click the “Template” icon (which looks like the screenshot that is attached).
  4. A list of templates will show in a popup window.
  5. The template you wish to add will be added when you click on it in CKEditor.
  6. After making content modifications, save the component.


the Drupal 10 CKEditor Templates module offers valuable benefits for content creators in Drupal websites. By leveraging pre-defined templates, users can streamline their workflow and maintain consistency across content, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

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