Being well-informed on the current state of the DevOps market is crucial if you plan to enter it. Above all, you should be aware of the differences in entry-level and experience-level pay for DevOps engineers in the United States. In addition, you must decide which of the three certifications (AWS, GCP, and Azure) will help you advance into a lucrative field of work.

We go over all you need to know in this article on the pay scale for AWS DevOps Engineers seeking employment in San Francisco, California.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon offers a comprehensive and dynamic cloud computing platform called AWS (Amazon Web Services). Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and bundled Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings are just a few of the cloud computing goods and services that make up Amazon.

Since the August 2006 debut of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, the forward-thinking Amazon has enjoyed success. The fact that rivals like Google, Microsoft, and IBM took years to create their cloud computing products is partially responsible for Amazon’s success. Amazon thus benefited from having a substantial and unchallenged market share for a number of years. Still, it didn’t end there. Over time, Amazon meticulously outlined a strategy to develop Amazon EC2 into the enormous success that is AWS today.

In essence, Amazon was the only one who saw an opportunity while others did not. As the first cloud service provider, Amazon provided tools, applications, and certification programs that any business, startup, or organization could use. Comparatively speaking to other large cloud providers, dealing with AWS might be difficult at times. This explains why the majority of DevOps novices are less likely to consider making an AWS investment.

The organization of the AWS menus and interface is the reason for the low affinity for it. However, Amazon has been putting a lot of effort into streamlining its user interface for years in order to give consumers a straightforward experience. Nevertheless, being the oldest cloud provider, AWS offers the most sophisticated and sophisticated capabilities, making it particularly intriguing for developers of all experience levels since it aids in problem solving and covers the great majority of scenarios.

What is the difference in pay between GCP and Azure and AWS DevOps Engineers?

Even while programming, analysis, and security abilities are essential in this field, entry-level developers looking to get into the DevOps sector still need to be well-informed. Beginners should also be aware of how competitive DevOps salaries are in order to select the best cloud certification to pursue, since time constraints may prevent them from becoming proficient in several technologies.

Every year, Stack Overflow Jobs gathers information from developers and businesses worldwide to estimate the range of salaries in the DevOps sector. The purpose of this study is to better understand the dynamics of pay in this industry for both employers and job seekers. The three most well-known cloud service providers—Amazon, Google Cloud Platform (GCP_), and Azure—are typically the subject of the material from Stack Overflow Jobs regarding the wages of DevOps Engineers. Based on a scale of 0 to 10 years of experience, the compensation range varies.

The developers in our table are in the 50th percentile of DevOps Engineers, have a bachelor’s degree in IT, are based in San Francisco, United States, and have at least one certification from AWS, GCP, or Azure.

Years of experience AWS GCP Azure
0 $145,000 $144,000 $146,000
2 $151,000 $150,000 $152,000
4 $158,000 $157,000 $159,000
6 $165,000 $164,000 $166,000
8 $173,000 $171,000 $173,000
10 $180,000 $179,000 $181,000


Comparing the Annual Salary Range of DevOps Engineers at GCP, Azure, and AWS The source is Overflow.

For AWS DevOps engineers, we have developed a chart that illustrates how pay increase with the number of years of experience. Based on the 50th percentile of professionals with a bachelor’s degree in information technology and an AWS certification who work in San Francisco, United States, this graph was created. Of the three, AWS is arguably the most difficult to enter, with years of experience required for entry-level positions.

AWS DevOps engineers

However, as Amazon adds features and grows its service, there is still a large need for entry-level AWS DevOps Engineers.


Both junior and seasoned DevOps workers must know where to focus their time and efforts as Amazon competes with AWS for market share. They must study, investigate, and obtain certifications from the three major players. However, because hourly wages for AWS DevOps professions have been rising since 2017, individuals entering the field from IT fields like artificial intelligence, database administration, analysis, security, deployment, and system administration perceive new growth potential.

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What does an Amazon DevOps Engineer do?

The person in charge of merging IT operations and development to automate and enhance continuous software delivery is known as an AWS DevOps Engineer. They automate procedures by utilizing AWS cloud services.

What elements affect an AWS DevOps Engineer’s pay?

The intricacy of the projects, experience, geography, and specialized skills like AWS certifications all affect salary.

Do AWS qualifications have a bearing on how much a DevOps Engineer gets paid?

Answer: Experience and practical abilities are important factors that affect compensation as well, even if certifications can increase your earning potential.

What is the average pay scale for engineers working in AWS DevOps?

In response, pay ranges might differ significantly depending on experience level and geographic location. They can make, on average, between $90,000 and $160,000 or more annually.

What impact does experience level have on the pay for AWS DevOps Engineers?

In general, engineers with greater experience tend to earn more money because of their in-depth knowledge of intricate systems and aptitude for solving problems.

Which areas or localities pay the most for AWS DevOps Engineers?

In response, cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York that have a high demand for tech workers typically pay more.

Is there a projected increase in demand for AWS DevOps Engineers in the upcoming years?

Yes, as cloud technologies become more widely used, there will likely be a greater need for AWS DevOps Engineers, which will raise wages.

What other abilities can improve the earning potential of an AWS DevOps Engineer?

The answer is that having knowledge of infrastructure as code (IAC) tools, automation, scripting, and containerization (like Docker) might increase one’s earning potential.