Startups, entrepreneurs, and professionals are now using business networking platforms a lot to improve their networking skills, get their profiles seen by more people, and meet with people who share their interests. Business networking apps are now seen as the key to success for anyone who knows how to use them right.

This shows that there is a growing need for these kinds of apps, which has caught the attention of investors who want to know how much it costs to make a business networking app before they start making one. The cost of making a business networking app can be anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000, depending on a few things.

Let’s talk about LinkedIn, which is one of the best business networking apps out there. Statistics from Statista show that by 2027, there will be 828.43 million LinkedIn users. LinkedIn has grown to become one of the most popular places to find jobs and make business links.

2018–2027: Number of LinkedIn users around the world

2018–2027: Number of LinkedIn users around the world

In this article, we’ll talk about how much it costs to make a business networking app, what affects that cost, the different kinds of business networking apps, their features, how they’re made, and so on.

We’ll help you make a strong app for business networking.

What affects the cost of making a business networking app?

To answer the question of how much it costs to make a business networking app, you need to know a lot about the project, such as its goals, requirements, and expected results. But the price of building one is between $45,000 and $80,000. Here are some things that affect how much it costs to make a business networking app:

What affects the cost of making a business networking app?

What affects the cost of making a business networking app?

  1. What it looks like and how it works

The price will definitely change based on how many features you want your mobile app to have. We will also think about how hard it is to make a business networking app that works on demand and can add more advanced features.

The main thing that determines how much it will cost to make a professional networking app is what features it will have. So, when using the app’s first version, make sure to focus on only its most important features.

  1. Picked Platform

When getting an on-demand business networking app made, keep in mind that it costs more to make an app for the iPhone than for the Android device. You can also choose cross-platform app development, which makes it easier for users to interact with your app on more than one device.

  1. Where is the team 

How much it costs to make an app like LinkedIn depends a lot on where the company that makes apps is located. How much it costs to make a professional networking app also relies on where you choose to send your app development job. For example, a development agency in the United States might charge you more than one in Western Europe.

Instead of finding an individual freelancer to make an app, it will be much better to outsource the process. If you hire a good app development company, you’ll get a better return on your professional networking app development costs and a fully functional, scalable app made by professionals with a lot of experience.

  1. Cost of Design

If an app is hard to use, it doesn’t matter how many features and functions it has. So, the design team should put most of their attention on making the app’s interface look good and be easy to use. There are three stages of UI/UX design services that you can use to figure out how much it will cost to make a professional networking app:

  • Research During the research and study part of app design, the target audience, the competition, and the users’ preferences are all looked at.
  • Wireframe: Wireframe design lets you see how your pages are laid out, how the navigation works, and how big each part of the app is. In some ways, the structure of your finished app is like the structure of the wireframe.

A prototype is a simple interactive demo of an app that is used to get feedback from partners at the start of a project’s lifecycle.

  1. Choice of Team to Make Apps

When you hire an app development team, it’s much easier to figure out how much it will cost to build a business networking app. Hire a company that is good at making mobile apps and has a lot of experience with difficult projects.

The way an app development company builds an effective and scalable business networking app is what sets them apart from the rest. Look at the company’s portfolio, comments, and reviews on listing sites to find out what kinds of projects and clients they have worked with.

  1. The Time of Growth

The amount of time it takes to make a business networking app is also a big part of how much it costs. To make a professional networking app, you need a certain number of workers and it takes a certain amount of time. It also depends on what kind of business networking app you want to make and how complicated the features are.

Entrepreneurs should know about these five business networking apps

Here are some of the most important business networking apps, from LinkedIn to Bizzabo:

 Entrepreneurs should know about these five business networking apps

Entrepreneurs should know about these five business networking apps

Connecting on LinkedIn

If you ask anyone about business networking online, they are likely to say that LinkedIn is the best example of a widely used business networking option.

LinkedIn’s business model is pretty easy. Users can make a profile, which lets them find people they know in common and add them. There is built-in protection against unwanted requests, limits on who can see profiles, and other ways for users to control what information they want to make public.

LinkedIn has become a popular app for professionals to use for business networking because it lets them connect with people they can trust. LinkedIn’s main business is still business networking, but it has grown to include job search ads and training programs for company owners through LinkedIn Learning.

The Shapr

When pros don’t have any fun, they become dull. Now, if you think “Common Connect” only applies to the Tinder relationship app, think again! Shapr is a professional networking app that works just like Tinder.  It  is one of the best social networking apps because it is fun for professionals and a good way to meet with other people in the same field.

Shapr puts you in touch with a network of professionals who share your interests and hobbies. Like on Tinder, you can swipe left or right to show if you want to meet. If there is a match, you will both be told, and you can meet up for coffee to talk about business.

Join up

Meetup is another fun and professional way for business owners to network that crosses the lines between personal and professional needs. Meetup can help business owners find people in their area who are interested in the same things they are, so they can talk to them, share ideas, and form business partnerships.


Eventbrite is a platform for booking tickets that helps organizations plan and sell tickets for events online. It also helps people or professionals in the industry find events that fit their hobbies. Eventbrite has a list of many different kinds of events, such as workshops, shows, conferences, and well-known film and music festivals.


Bizzabo is the best choice for individuals and businesses that host and attend a lot of events. When it comes to organizing, Bizzabo can make sure that every event you plan goes well. Bizzabo makes it easy to make, market, and sell tickets for your events with an easy-to-use layout. All you have to do is sign up, make an interesting business profile, list your professional interests, present location, and work history, and then start swiping!

What Features Should Your Business Networking App Have?

Pay attention to the functions and features that will best meet the needs of your audience. Even though some features only work on certain devices, most business networking apps have some features in common. Let’s look at them.

Features of a Business Networking App

Signing up a user

In business social networks, users need profiles to find and connect with people who have similar goals. Because of this, it’s important to have a simple signup process that only takes a few clicks and lets people sign up through their social networking apps like Facebook and Gmail.

Talk one-on-one

Users should be able to talk to each other through the app. Personal chat or messaging is an important part of a business networking app that lets users, such as employers and job seekers, entrepreneurs, and other pros in the same field talk to each other.

Appic Softwares skilled developers have made a social media app called Vyrb that lets users send and receive audio messages using Bluetooth wearables. The app got some great new features, like autoplay and well-known voice command features like Siri and Google Voice Assistant.

Feed of news

To get more people to use social media apps, it’s important that they always add new content, like job ads, news, videos, pictures, and articles. Many business networking apps, like LinkedIn, use algorithms to make sure that the content is useful to the users.


Let people who use your app form groups, invite or add members, and join conversations with people who like the same things they do. The people who make the group should be able to change its settings, like removing or adding members or even closing it. In the same way, people in a group should be able to leave whenever they want to.

What’s Going On?

In order for a social or business networking app to work, users have to interact with the app’s information. The only way to get more people to use your business networking app is to add the ability to comment, like, and share information. Users should be able to post and share different types of content, such as images, texts, videos, and articles, in a way that is easy to use. This could be done individually, in a feed, or in groups.

How do apps for business networking make money?

There may be different ways to make money on different business networking sites. But any platform’s plan for making money must be based on a few basic ideas. This means that you can charge users for successful deals, use of certain tools, access to the market, and curation of material.

Let’s use LinkedIn as an example, which is a famous site for professionals to connect with each other. Any networking app like LinkedIn makes most of its money from three main sources: recruitment services, marketing, and paid accounts. Nearly 75% of LinkedIn’s total income comes from “talent acquisition services.” Marketing and premium accounts also bring in about the same amount of money.

In the same way, any business networking app can charge its users for premium memberships that let them see who has been looking at their profiles without their knowledge, send InMail messages to other users, and take paid classes to learn more. Businesses can list their services in a professional news feed with the help of paid content and ads. This is a form of marketing.

With Appic Softwares, you can make business networking apps.

As the world moves toward a more digital future, mobile apps are one of the most important tools that can help your business grow. Also, professional social media apps have gained enough popularity over the past few years. Also, 40% of people prefer to network online instead of meeting up in person. This figure shows clearly the huge benefits of business networking apps, which have made stakeholders wonder about the cost of developing business networking apps.

But to make an app from scratch, you need a big budget, a lot of work, and a professional outfit like Appic Softwares. As a top-rated app creation company for business networking apps, Appic Softwares has experts who know how to make scalable business networking apps for Android, iOS, and cross-platform that bring in a lot of money. Talk to our experts to learn about the many ways that business networking tools can be used.


How does an app for business networking work?

Networking is about making business connections with people from different fields so that both of your businesses can gain. Some of the ways a business networking app works are as follows:

Make it easy to talk to other app users.

Make a list of things to do next and events you could go to, and send it to the people you know.

Get information about related networking events or invitations to groups that you might want to attend or join.

How much does it cost to make a networking app for business?

A business networking app can cost between $45,000 and $80,000 to make. Depending on the needs of your professional networking app development job, the cost of making a business networking app can even go up.

It also depends on what kind of app you want to make, how hard it is to make, where the development team is, what features and functions it has, and a number of other things. Read on to learn about the things that affect how much it costs to make a mobile app.

How is a business networking app made?

Here is the full step-by-step process that most of the best app creation companies use to make business networking apps:

Getting a list of needs

This step is mostly about documentation or gathering requirements. This is where experts in mobile app development will gather information and resources to test your app idea.

Design for UI/UX

The second step is to come up with a design for the app’s user interface. A lot of money is needed to make an app design that is easy to use. As the design of a business networking app gets more complicated, the cost of making it also goes up.

Starting the process of growth

The best companies that make mobile apps, like Appic Softwares, use an agile development process. This is because, unlike traditional development processes, agile ensures that apps are made faster and with better features.

Tests and start-up

The main thing that the QA team does is write down the test codes and user test cases. The testers use either human or automated tests to make sure the app works well. Before going on to the MVP, which has the fewest features, the development team fixes any bugs.

How long does it take to make a networking app for business?

How long it takes to build a business networking app relies on how complicated the app’s features are and what else you want to add. About 4 to 6 months is about how long it takes to make a business networking app.

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