As per research, the annual revenue of the BlaBla Car app is $200-$500 and the app is ranked #4 under the category of travel & tourism car rentals. If you are planning to build a car-sharing and rental app like BlaBla and looking for a complete guide related to it, then you are at the right place. 

Here we have mentioned the steps necessary, a detailed cost of creation, and more that you must check. 

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What Is Blabla Car App?

BlaBla Car is an application that makes carpooling easier for customers that needs to travel on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It basically is a marketplace that connects car drivers with customers that are willingly available to travel with them. 

The app has a chatting and review feature that makes it easier for newcomers to trust with whom they are traveling. 

Cost Of Building An App Similar To BlaBla Car

BlaBla Car Stat

With the help of our experts, we have completely broken down the cost of developing an app similar to BlaBla-

What Does The Development Cost Depends On?

The development cost depends on the list of features you want to integrate with your app. Apart from that the complexity of the design and the app development company that you are partnering with also plays a major role. 

Here is an estimated price depending on the app development location you are using-


Region Simple Moderate Complex
Development Time 400 Hours 500-800 Hours 800-1500 Hours
India (Appic Softwares)($30/Hour) $12,000+ $15000-$24,000 $24,000-$45,000
Europe ($67/Hour) $26,800+ $16,000-$25,600 $25,600-$100,500
USA($95/Hour) $38,000+ $47,500-$76,000 $76,000-$142,500

Detailed Cost Analysis Of BlaBla Car App Development

The process starts with you conducting market research to determine the market size, your competitors, and more. Now this cost can range from $100-$1,000 depending on the level of research carried out by you. 

Development Cost

  • Frame Development (14-140 Hours or $420-$4200)- In this step, you would be conducting a test among several frames to test how your app would look and function, and if it perfectly fits your target audience. 
  • Interface Designing (14-210 Hours or $420-$6720)- This step would include creating a free prototype of all your service screens. It will consist of blocks and blank fields that would have text written all over them as shown in the image below⬇️

BlaBla UI Design

If you want to save costs on prototyping then you can be a part of this free project prototyping service that would help you. 

Cost Of Creating The Main Features

Here is a list of features that your customer panel (900 Hours or $27,000) would have-

  • Easy log-in/signup- To make the first interaction between your app and the customer seamless, the login or signup page should be easy to use. You can use email, phone number, and more to make your customers sign in. Now once they have signed in you can use biometric login, face login, and more. 
  • Geo tracking for a car or person- This feature allows the passenger to know where exactly the car is using the app itself which makes it easier for the passenger to locate. 
  • Route/driver/car searching- An advanced search option that allows the user to search a particular route, driver, or type of car they want to travel in. 
  • Ride scheduling- The passenger can schedule the ride using a calendar depending on the driver’s scheduled trip. 
  • Real-time communication- To minimize confusion, passengers can chat with the driver, exchange their phone numbers and get to know each other before riding. 
  • Payment- To make it easier for your customers to make the payment you can integrate a multi-payment gateway option in your app. 
  • Push notifications- This feature will remind the passengers about a trip that is planned and also if the payment has been made or not. Additionally, you can also run marketing campaigns through this feature. 
  • Cancellation and reviews- The customers can review their trip and the driver, and can even cancel the ride as per the circumstances. 
  • Scheduling a ride- The driver can schedule a ride which will be forecasted on the app making it easier for the passengers to be a part of it. 
  • Trip cost calculator- Either the driver can add the custom cost of a trip or the app can calculate it depending on the distance, fuel, and vehicle type

Admin Panel (200 hours or $6000)

  • Profile management- The admin can remove or ban a particular profile based on how they are performing and if they are not following your SOPs. 
  • App overview- This feature will allow you to get a bird-eye-view of how your app would be performing, manage notifications, create discounts, and so on. 
  • Reports & analytics- This feature will inform the customer of all the new users that are joining the app, payments made through the app, and so on. 

Cost Of Additional Features-

  • Predictive Analytics (100 hours or $3200)- To optimize profitability this feature would predict the behavior of the buyer. Additionally, this will automate workflows, marketing, and more. 
  • AI or machine learning (200 hours or $6000)- AI can be used to scale customer experience in your store. Through it, customers can perform voice searches, analyze traffic on the app, demand forecasting, etc. 
  • Integration with transport facilities (50 hours or $1500)- Not only private cars, with this feature customers can even book a bus

Some add-on features can also be added such as Chatbot, custom reporting, and more. 

TechStack Used by BlaBla Car

BlaBla car is built on a cross-app platform called React Native, which makes it easier for them to launch the app on both Android and iOS using a single code base. 

Other tech stacks used are- 

Application Development

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node.Js
  • PHP
  • HTML 5
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Etc


  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Postman
  • Elasticsearch
  • Twilio SendGrid
  • Tableau
  • PayPal
  • Google Cloud Dat


  • Git
  • Npm
  • Jenkins
  • Webpack
  • Android Studio
  • Pager duty
  • And so on. 

Business Tools

  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Trello
  • G Suite
  • Confluence

How To Develop An App Like BlaBla Car?

Here are two major steps that would help you craft an app similar to BlaBla Car-

Partner With An Automotive Mobile App Development Company

The first step is to partner with an automotive mobile app development company as that would help you save costs on app development which can later be used by you on marketing. 

Additionally, partnering with them will also help you gain some add-on features that you can list in your app and scale up at a faster rate. 

Choose The Tech Stack

Just like BlaBla Car, you should also choose a cross-app development platform like Flutter, React, or more for your app. However, to choose the tech stack you should be aware of what UI you want in your app. 

If you are confused about which tech stack to choose then you can enroll for a free consultancy here. 


Now, in the end, we hope that you were able to gain fresh knowledge on how to create an app like Blabla Car. Here we have mentioned a complete overview of the cost that you might acquire in developing the app.

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