Reading and learning games for kids like ABCya are the next big thing for parents and kids. Let us talk about what kids learning game apps are and why they’re important before we go into more detail about how they were made. There have been some amazing changes and shifts in traditional styles in the 21st century. It could be in any field or even at home. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses use cutting-edge technology and are always changing. There’s more than just food delivered now. With just a click, you can get handyman services. Of course, parenting style and child education are at the top of this list of things that need to change. 

As more people download apps with educational games for kids, it’s clear that the way people learn has changed from the old-fashioned way to using computers and the internet. 

ABCya is an app for kids’ learning games that has changed the market! You’ve come to the right place if you want to get into the market with a similar idea. We will learn how to make a learning game app like ABCya in this post.

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ABCya! Kids’ games and apps that help them learn

Many companies that make learning games for kids look to the preschool games app for ideas because it’s easy and convenient for kids. This idea came from a teacher in 2004 and was worked on. He made sure there were fun things for kids of all ages to do at school.

You can sort the ABCya app into different groups based on age, class, and theme. For modern kids, the ABCya app for toddlers is a great way to learn while having fun. Many people around the world liked this idea.

Now more than ever, kids need to play educational games and learn online. There is a small step toward the future every time we accept them. 

Why Spend Money on Making Learning Games for Kids (Size and Stats of the Industry)

More and more kids play video games instead of outdoor games these days. Kids now pick to stay in the safety of their rooms while playing games outside on their phones. 

  • A study found that kids between the ages of 8 and 16 love playing games online. In fact, we are making the answer for a certain group of people. 
  • Every day, kids ages 5 to 8 spend about three hours in front of a computer. 

The following numbers come from a study that looked at the year 2019, before the pandemic. 

  • Many users let their kids watch videos because they think it’s good for their growth. 
  • About 74% of teachers use teaching games for kids to help their students learn better. 
  • When lessons are digital and based on games, class time is cut down by about 93%.

Another study says that by 2026, the market for online engaging learning will be worth $30 billion. 

There is a big market for kid’s learning games apps, and they have always been profitable. Let’s say you’re excited to get into the market with learning games for kids. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn through interaction. 

How do apps that teach kids and help them learn make money?

As you try to make money off of the growing trend, you should always be open to new business plans that can help you get ahead. 

Buy in-app items

This is the most common model that you should use for your educational games app. Users would only have to pay for the part of the game they want to play at that time. They would have to pay for any new game or level. 

It is easier to do this because the user doesn’t feel like they are paying extra and can connect in a way that suits them. 

Ads inside the app

Way to make money with your app that has been tried and tested and works. Work with people who have similar audiences, let them know about your product and how their services can help it, and pay them. Very easy!

Sign up

This is yet another business plan that works well for the Learning Games app. You have to pay for it every month. We come up with ideas that make money. We’ve worked on a solution like this before, and we can easily help you grow your business. 

Integration of E-Commerce

When we talk about the Kids Learning Games App, there are a few things that can make it stand out extra. It might be the symbols, the books, or something else. You can also make money from these things. 

With your educational games for kids, you can sell workbooks, printables, characters, stationery, and other fun things that kids can use. 

Picking a business plan is not an easy choice. In order to help you make a better choice, our team can tell you about the pros and cons of each type and how they can make your life easier. 

When you contact us, the first thing we do is look at what our competitors are doing wrong. Their mistakes and flaws teach us the most about how to improve and create the best app possible. 

Top 5 Websites and Apps for Kids to Play Educational Games 

Top 5 Websites and Apps for Kids to Play Educational Games 

The market for Kids Education Games is very old and tough to get into. Going in as a newbie would have its own problems and hurdles. 

Let’s put the bad things behind us for now and focus on the good things. There is a lot of competition in the market, so all we need to do to get ahead is find their pain points and address them in our app. 

1. ABCya

It’s one of the oldest and most-talked-about learning games for kids out there. For about twenty years now, the app has been the industry leader. People love how easy it is for kids to use. And the things the child does that help them grow as a person and learn new skills. It has also been the basis for many new kid apps.

2. ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a free app that helps teach spelling and the alphabet. It was inspired by the US TV show of the same name. The app helps kids who are just starting to learn how to read and say letters properly.  As I said, it’s in pretty high demand.

3. CoolMath

CoolMath is an app that looks and works like any video game and has lessons on a wide range of math themes. There are also fun games here that will keep your kids busy and help them learn cool math tricks. The best app for math, in my opinion.

4. ABCmouse

ABCmouse is a program that can be used for math, reading, phonics, and other things. Here you’ll find fun games and quizzes that will help your kids learn while having fun. The colors and UI/UX of the app are too cool for kids to avoid. Since it has to do with young brains. At the same time, most kids have to have this app.

5. PBS Kids

The Kids Learning Games Development team often stays on the website and reads it all the way through to learn about the services they offer. They have a lot of things that kids can do together that keep them interested in learning. 

You can always look at these sites to get ideas about the best learning games for kids. This is the product we want to beat out of the market. Our experts can make apps that will help you compete with these. With cutting-edge technology and ease of use, you’ll have an edge and be able to clearly do well in the market.

Giving you something to think about: the pandemic isn’t the only thing that has helped the mobile learning app development business grow. There are many more.           

How teaching kids how to make game apps is good for them

ABCya and other kids’ learning games are made so that kids can learn while they play. It helps them grow in all areas. It goes deeper than just studying facts from books and taking tests. At each level, the kids connect with the school games, which means they get more exercise and a better overall development. Parents who were guilty of not being able to spend enough time with their kids or help them learn have found these apps very helpful. 

A simple learning game app would need to pay attention to all the parts that let the users connect with it, whether they are students, parents, teachers, or administrators. Lets the kids do 

  • Take your time and learn at their pace. 
  • They should take lessons when it works for them. 
  • Have a wider range of things to learn and understand.

Besides this, some of the main advantages of kid’s learning apps are: 

Development in Every Area 

These fun educational games apps for kids and students not only help kids do better in school, but they also help them grow as people. We make sure that the apps don’t make you addicted in a bad way. It helps the kids grow and learn in general.  

Think more critically. 

From a very young age, it is important to teach children to be sensible, careful, and reasonable. Our app supports teaching kids how to think critically and reason logically from a young age. This helps them stay focused and set on getting smarter and better every day. To begin, keep in mind that the goal is to help kids grow and think more critically.

Learning through play works. 

As kids learn through school games and learning apps on their phones, they can remember more than just reading books. By going on the mobile app and playing games, it’s really easy for kids and their parents to learn about new things and other interesting subjects. Along with making kids addicted to games, it should, of course, help them learn.

These are some of the most common perks for kids who learn with apps on their phones. Even though kids should not use mobile apps too much, if they are useful, they should try them. 

How to Make Kids’ Educational Game Apps Like ABCya

Putting together a teaching game app like ABCya takes a lot of time and effort. It also needs people who know a lot about the subject to make sure nothing goes wrong. The mobile app development team will want to know about the levels and how well the app is understood, among other things, when you hire them to make a teaching game for kids. 

Thoughts and Study

It is important that the kid’s learning game app like ABCya you are putting on the market is well-researched and puts you in a good situation to win. It’s important to come up with ideas for your product, and you need to make sure that your answers are different from the rest. 

Pick a platform such as Web, Android, iOS, or Hybrid.

If you want to get into the market for Kids Learning Mobile Games, you need to know which platforms you want to release your game on. You can begin with a progressive online app and then move on to the mobile app. 

If you put your kid’s learning app on the right platforms, it will be easy for you to take over the market.   

Game Ideas and Reasons

When you are making a learning app for your kids, the next important thing to remember is to add the right game ideas and logic to it. Your team needs to be very careful when choosing how hard and troublesome each game will be.  

Designing and building UX/UI

When talking about how the app looks and works (UI/UX). The people who are making the app should keep in mind that it’s for little kids. 

The UI/UX of a learning app for kids needs to be very cool, dynamic, and fun. They need to make sure that the colors are both soft and bright. The font size is just right so that these kids don’t have to strain their eyes. The screen can’t just show words. It needs to have pictures too. The UI/UX should make it easy for kids to use the app since they have small hands and aren’t used to using electronics.

How Testing Works

The kid’s learning game app should be checked for bugs after it has been planned and built. Checking to see if all of the functions and features work the way they should. Testing makes sure that it does what the client wants it to do.

The software testing team and quality analyst do everything they can to make sure the answer is perfect. 

It looks like a lot of work. Yes, it is. 

At every step, you need to be very careful if you want to make an involved kids’ learning mobile game that makes a lot of money. When working on making these kinds of apps, there are a few things that you can’t forget. We talked about that in the next part. 

Things to Think About When Making Learning Games for Kids Like ABCya

Adding the right things to the app would make it the favorite of all kids. Talk in depth with the mobile app development company about these points when you get in touch with them, and ask them how they plan to make sure they are followed. 

When working on kid’s learning game apps like ABCya, the audio and visual interactions are important. Spend time making sure that all of the child’s stimuli work together to help them learn and remember what they just learned in the chapter. 

It’s important that kids have fun.

Kids from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade are in this group. They should be able to play and learn more from educational platformers as they get older. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and the development team should remember that. They should make an experience that the child can connect with their own learning growth. 

Gradually make things more complicated

So that the learning curve goes up at each level, educational games for kids should get harder. This helps the kid learn how to think and makes their thinking stronger and more logical over time. 

Give out prizes and rewards 

Allowing kids to earn prizes and badges for their efforts would get them to use the app more. Kids, like everyone else, like it when you notice and praise their small successes. It makes them want to win something even more when they already have something good. 

It’s not as easy as it looks to make kids learning games. There is a lot of work to be done to make sure the app works. So that the app is not only unique when it comes out on the market, but also very profitable.  

Important Things to Think About When Making Learning Games for Kids

Important Things to Think About When Making Learning Games for Kids

It’s never easy to work on making kids’ learning game apps. It’s important to pay attention to every little thing. There are little things that need to be taken care of. The design can’t be too loud, the language can’t be too hard to understand, and the navigation should be as simple as possible. Most importantly, it should be interesting to young people.   

A well-thought-out kids’ game app lets kids, their parents, and teachers all talk to each other. 

Panel of Students 

This part of the application is without a doubt the hardest and most important. When you’re making an e-learning app, you want to include a full course. But for kids, there’s always more for them to explore. 

Interesting Content 

The app should have fun and interesting things to do. But having fun doesn’t mean losing sight of its main goal. Videos and music are the best ways to teach kids because it’s hard to keep them interested in just reading words online. 

The design and look of something need to go along with the information because they are both important.

Simple Exercises to Go Over 

Anyhow, kids can’t take tests or go to study groups like senior students can. To make sure that kids do all of the exercises in the game, they are made to be fun. The fun way these tasks are made makes sure that the kids are always doing them and finishing them. 

They help the parents and teachers figure out how to best help the child and where they need the most help. 

Fun Games 

The app is meant for kids from preschool to sixth grade, so it should be fun. It is important that it has more than just lessons; it also has educational video games that kids can play together. It could be a game, a puzzle, or something else. When kids finish a game level, they should get a prize.

Notifications by push  

With push alerts, it’s easy to let parents know when their child has reached a new level in a game or course. With prompts, the app should push kids to finish every lesson and chapter.

Overall, the app makes it easy for parents to be involved in their children’s growth in all areas. 

Courses Not Online 

Kids today are used to being able to do things without any problems. Plus, parents want some free time before they start teaching their child. So, let your users take the lessons and watch them whenever they think it’s best for them. This will help them understand them better. 

You could also let parents download fun handouts that will help them keep their kids interested even after the lesson is over. 

These are some of the most important parts of the kids’ show. Because of this, it needs to be part of your Kids learning school app.  

Panel of Teachers

The teacher is an important part of your child’s learning games app. Making the course, judging the performance, looking at the findings, and so on. The teacher’s panel needs to be well-made. It should make sure that the kid’s information and records are easy to get on the go.

Change your account settings 

Because it would be easy for teachers to keep track of their classes and kids’ learning games. Besides that, they can make dashboards or sections for each class, which helps make things easy. 

Set up live classes 

This is helpful for the teacher because they need to talk to the students sometimes. Scheduling live classes lets them connect with the kids and understand their problems and body language well. 

Read the reviews and comments. 

As the lessons go on, the parents might have some problems. Because things are easy for teachers to sort, they can look over the comments and share it with the teacher. This makes it easy for the teacher to get a better sense of the child’s problem and help them in the right way. In other words, reviews are like report cards for apps.

Get to know the kids 

Little kids won’t read as much as big kids. They need to learn new things, and most of them have to do with how they act and behave. The teacher can see how the child is growing as a whole during interactive sessions. If there is a problem or an idea, they can talk to the parents about it. To put it another way, the app that lets you connect with it will help you learn more.

Post Your Assignments 

When you are in school, you need to do the work, no matter how young you are. These tasks are mostly a way to see how much the child has learned and what areas need more work. 

Kids need more help in the beginning, which makes things easier. For the reason that your kids’ learning app is for little kids, it is important that teachers have a place to be with them and see how they are growing. 

Panel of Parents 

The parent screen is an important part of Kids Learning Games that makes the game work well. Parents need to be concerned with their child’s learning all the time so that they can actively help to the process. 

Track your child’s growth 

As a parent, it’s important to know how your child is growing. Because they had to learn at home because of the pandemic, the parents loved being a part of their child’s early school years. The mom will always use the app because of this.

The Your Kid’s Education Learning app is meant to make this experience better. 

Keep track of course progress 

The parent panel shows all the classes, so they can see which chapters and lessons their child has finished. The fact that these are Kindergarteners also makes it easy for the parents to see if the kids are using what they’ve learned in real life. 

Get in touch with the teachers 

Parents may need to talk to the teachers about certain things from time to time. Then they can use this tool. They can bring up a problem here or set up a meeting. With this goal in mind, parents and teachers can talk to each other better.

Go over your assignments 

The kids in this group are too young to do their work without help from their parents. This tool lets parents see what homework their child has been given and even get instructions on how to help them finish it. 

Look at the results 

When a kid takes an exam or turns in an assignment, his parents need to know the results and what they can do to improve. This tool basically gives parents a quick look at how their child is doing and what they can do to make things better. 

We recommend not adding any compiled results for the kids taking the courses because the app lets you customize your learning and everyone learns and works at their own pace. 

Admin Area 

You, as the app’s admin, are the only one who can handle the free kid’s education games app. We made sure that the features we put in here will help you handle and understand your app very well. Without a doubt, the manager needs to be able to use the app in every way.

With a strong CRM solution integrated into your app, you won’t lose any people because they don’t like how your app works. These are the basic features that we make sure are built into your app: 

Take Care of All Panels  

When we talk about handling the panels in your app, that’s your job. You can look at the information, and if any of the profiles seem a little sketchy, you can either close the account or check it out more. 

Take care of the plan for subscription

Make sure that the subscription plans for each account are up-to-date and clearly outlined. This is because the service you provide is very personalized, so you should always let the user know about any new classes or additions to their plan. 

Change information about students 

Make sure that your application is used in all real ways by updating student details. With cybercrime on the rise, one mistake could ruin your company’s image. The student may need to change his information at some point.

Take care of the content

We connect advanced CMS solutions to your app to make sure that the content is shared regularly and exactly as it was planned on paper. We also promise that the answers you get are automated to help you out. 

These are some of the things that our on-demand mobile app makers can do for you. If you want to add some more advanced features, we’re happy to talk about them with you and help you with them. 

This is the end of the part about the features that will be in your app. Let’s quickly go over the tools that professionals use to make apps that are fun and involved. These kinds of tools have a big effect on the kid’s app as a whole.

How to Make Educational Games for Kids: Tools and Tech

It’s not as easy as it sounds to work on learning games for kids. A lot more work goes into it than making an answer for adults. The first thing that needs to be looked at is how easy it is to use, since the audience is much younger and less likely to understand complicated words and navigation. Our team recommends the following basic tools for making these kinds of apps: 

Beautiful fonts and layouts 

The app you’re making needs to use styles and layouts that a kid can understand. When parents read your content, it might look easy because the font is small and simple, but kids need big, fun fonts that help them understand what each button does. 

Framework for animation 

We use professional animators to make learning games for kids because they are more likely to be interested in funky animations than plain pictures. Even better, we make sure that the color and tone are right for the child. 

You can even change how the screen looks and feels as the child gets older (Just an Idea!). 

OpenGL and Unity

What this tool is mostly used for is making 2D and 3D cool pictures that help developers make something that will quickly interest a child. We do make sure that the answer you are working on is defined in a way that helps you get a lot of people interested. 

Video Game Engine 

The team that makes kid’s learning games uses a smart gaming engine to help them plan and carry out the educational games that are built into the app. With the help of the newest technology, our team promises to make your idea come true. 

API for Screen Pinning 

This is something that should be present on any item that has a child lock. When this happens, a child-learning app blocks the phone screen, so the child can’t move around in the app any further. Without any other things to do, kids and students can just play their favorite educational games. 

As the number of kid’s learning game apps on the market grows, so do the number of features and apps that are specifically made for kids. This is true even if we talk a lot about advanced mobile apps. You will still need and benefit from a website for your app.  In general, the app for kids’ learning games needs to be safe.

The website for kids’ learning games is just as important as the mobile app.

Kids’ eyes can get hurt because some mobile apps have small screens. This is many times worse for kids than for adults. 

The team that made the kid’s learning game suggests working on a clear web site. This will not only help your app reach more kids, but it will also be easier for them to use. It’s also important to note that the app must be downloaded from their own store. On the other hand, any computer can get to websites.

Other than this, here are some other reasons why you should focus on a web portal: 

Making it easy to get to 

Mobile apps are made to work with a certain running system. In this way, they only work on certain gadgets.  A website can be used on any gadget. This makes it more well-known, and more people use it. When compared to websites, app interaction is pretty high. In this way, even a website where kids can play learning games is in high demand.

Protecting privacy and safety 

When kids play educational games, their personal information is less likely to be stolen. Many of our bank account information and other apps are saved on our phones, which could give hackers an edge. Kids sometimes use their parents’ phones, so this is a very important part of teaching games apps for kids.

Lengthy life 

Web sites are more likely to stay in business than apps for kids that teach them. People want to be able to get to everything quickly and easily. It takes time to download the app, sign up, and enter your information. It should be as simple as possible to go to the page and sign up. Finally, you should try to leave an impact that lasts. This is very important for running your business right now.

With the help of new technologies and trends, online portals are now just as fun and interactive as mobile apps. Although you are working on making a learning app for kids, not including the web site could be a large mistake.

Now that we know a lot about the different parts of making learning games for kids. Let’s quickly look at some types of teaching games for kids that we can use to make your app one of the best on the market. 

Different Kinds of Learning Games and Apps for Kids

Different Kinds of Learning Games and Apps for Kids

It’s not as easy as it sounds to make kid’s educational games and kid’s learning game creation like ABCya. The best UI/UX is used to make the apps so that kids can better understand them. These apps should be made in a way that helps kids learn new things and better understand things they already know. These are some of the best ways to use Kids Education Games to teach and keep kids interested:  

1. Games and quizzes

It’s been shown that quizzes are a fun and effective way to teach kids new things. They have to think a little harder to remember the answer and make the connection to what we are talking about when you ask them questions. By all means, quizzes are fun for people of all ages. Because of this, tests are an important part of making an educational games app for kids.

2. Puzzles to Play

You can always be sure that kids will love games. They love to break things and put them back together again. They are interested in everything and love to figure it out. Kids’ educational games use this natural curiosity to make puzzles that are fun and teach kids at the same time. 

3. Mixing up games

We add some merger learning games for kids to the Learning Games Apps for kids so they can play while they learn. Because of this, it helps them learn more about everyday things and how they can be used. 

4. Making Games

Kids’ creativity is important to notice. Children love to draw, even if they don’t know what or how to draw. They love putting blocks together to make cool things. Making things is clearly one of the most interesting ways to teach them something new. So, when making teaching apps for kids, there needs to be a game where they can make things.

5. Linking up

There are a lot of things going on in our Kids Learning Games, so we make sure to come out with something that is fun and interesting. Maybe you could teach them how to connect two points and then show them the end result? In this way, it’s much easier for them.

6. Games that depend on time

As kids get older and more aggressive, they like to race against their best times. Our ideas are based on what kids are naturally like. As they grow, help them become a strong person.  Time-based games make it easier for kids to connect with educational games.

We know that these are some of the most basic ways to make teaching apps for kids like ABCya, but it’s hard to do them for little kids. You can always get in touch with the experts who make learning games for kids to have a more in-depth conversation (Wink). If you look closely, challenges are really chances to make the offering better.

Problems that come up when making educational games and apps for kids

Every building project has problems and difficulties. It’s important to remember that the people who will be using Kids Education Game apps like ABCya are not just kids. Parents are also likely to use them. That’s why you need to make something that fits with both. 

Less text, more information 

The answer needs to have more pictures and less words in order to work. Visual aids are very important in this case. Use as many of a child’s senses as possible to help them understand and make sure they remember what you’re saying. It is suggested in an educational games app because kids and students like to watch and learn. There should be more pictures and less text.

A study found that seeing something helps you remember it more than reading it. 

Simple to Use

This could be hard because apps for adults can have long ways to get around, but apps for kids need to have really small ways to get around. When making teaching game apps for kids, it can be hard to make sure that everything works with as few clicks as possible. 

Our experts have done a lot of work on projects like this before, so they know a lot about the market. This is one gap we close for you, which gives you an edge over other people. 

Changes in Technology 

Making something that will last for a long time is very hard because technology changes so quickly. We make sure that the educational games for kids app solution we offer can be easily expanded.

These adaptable options get new features all the time and use the newest tech on the market. 

These technologies are the most important ones that set your Kids Learning Games App apart from others: 


We have seen how schooling has moved from books to screens. At the same time, the experience is changing from 2D to 3D, which is more like real life. With AR, how do we know that?If your product has VR technology built in, the kid can easily connect with the content and feel like they are really doing some of these things. In this way, AR/VR plays a big role in a kid’s teaching game app.

Artificial intelligence (AI) 

In general, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important technologies on the market that helps companies. It has become much easier to automate some tasks and give users a great experience. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions are built into the product by our experts to give it a strong technological edge over others. 

Analysis of Big Data 

When you use big data analytics, it’s easier for users to find and learn more about the things they love. Predictive data is useful for all kinds of businesses, not just eCommerce sites. 

As was already said, the difficulties are always the chances to make your app better by adding new elements and features. The things that make your educational games for kids app unique and need a little more work than other parts are also the things that make it fail. 

Since the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the need for online learning. It is a good idea to put money into making an educational game app for kids that is focused on learning mobile apps. Not sure how much it would cost to make a kid’s teaching game app? 

How much does it cost to make games that teach? 

When talking about how much money is spent on making learning games for kids like ABCya. Everything needs to be thought about. In general, these apps don’t cost a lot and only require a small amount of money to get started. 

Games for learning are a new way to learn things quickly and easily. How much you are charged would depend on the following:

Set of Feature 

It will cost less to make a kids learning game app with only the most basic features. On the other hand, it will cost more to make an app with more advanced features. 

Technology Stack

We’ll help you choose the best tech stack for your needs. You will have to pay more if you want any changes or new technology.

Hiring new team or outsourcing 

When you decide to put kids’ learning games on the market, you have to choose whether to hire a team of people in-house or hire someone else to do the work.  

It costs a lot to hire an in-house team, and you can’t be sure what they will do. 

If you hire someone else to work on your project, you can focus on other things while the development team works on making the app work well and look good. 

Where the Outsourced Team Works 

Where the developers live has a big impact on how they work on your project. These are the basic growth rates: 

  • $110 to $125 an hour in the US 
  • Europe: $90 to $115 an hour 
  • Australia: $80 to $95 an hour
  • $50 to $65 an hour in Southeast Asia 

How to Set Up a Team to Make an Educational Game App for Kids

To make educational games like ABCKya, you need a large team structure with a clear leadership to make sure that everyone can talk to each other and the development process goes smoothly. You are always a part of the creation process because we use an agile development method. 

The group is made up of: 

The sales team is the first person you’ll talk to. They will talk about the due dates and fees after you pitch your idea. They would also give you advice on how to improve the project and make it bigger.

Project manager: The person who is in charge of building the app as a whole. This is the next person you’ll need to talk to about the job, and it’s likely to be the last one. 

UI/UX Team: This is the group that decides how your app looks and feels.  Wireframes are made so that you can see how the design will look.

Development Team: Based on your needs, the workers who will be working on making your app work are on the development team.

Teams that test software: The quality expert and the testing team would make sure that all of the app’s features and functions work as planned. Finally, once it has been accepted, the Product is sent to you.

Because our team has worked on Learning Games for a long time, it will be a little easier for us to make your idea a reality. 

Therefore, taking everything into account, the basic cost of making a kids’ learning app would be between $35k and $50k for a simple app and between $45k and $70k for a more complex one. 

How to Get Your Educational Games App Out There 

When it comes to putting your Kids Learning Games App on the market, there are two ways to do it.

  • Put out work under your name 
  • Write to a publication you can trust.

Put out work under your name 

You can send your app for review under your own name to the sites where you want to have it when you’re ready to put it on the market. 

Once the app is okay,

It’s done!!!

You’re alive. The rest of the work needs to be done by your marketing team. 

Make a pitch to a reputable publisher. 

In fact, it would be very easy for you if you sent your application to a reputable magazine. For starters, it makes things seem more real. Two, you don’t have to go through the first steps of making your application public online. 

Don’t ask every publication. Make a list, look at the feedback, see what apps they’re putting out, and follow their growth. Then make a choice. 

Being your first time, there’s a chance that some of them will turn down your application. Try with a few more. When you go live, half the battle is won.

You can take the app live on your own with help from the Kids Learning Games Development team.  

Final Thoughts on the Development of Kids Learning Games

It’s a fun and growing business to get into kids’ educational games. People will always spend money on education, no matter what the market is like. If you strike the right chords, you will easily be able to beat your competition and stand ahead of them. All things considered, it is worth investing in developing a kids educational game app. So, all you need is time to do research that helps you find the problems and flaws in the current solution and learn more about how children think and behave. The next you need is a development team with prior experience in kid’s learning game development. 


If you are sure you want to enter the market with a fun-filled experience for the kids, connect with the kid’s learning games app development experts over a cup of coffee and see how they can help you create a sensation in the market. 

Because the world of educational software is always changing, Appic Softwares is a great example of how to be creative and adaptable as an Education App Development Company. We understand how important edtech is, especially with the growing trend around the world toward online and mixed learning. As digital tools become more popular among students, teachers, and institutions, Appic Softwares has laid out a detailed plan for making useful edtech solutions. This plan stresses how important it is to analyze the market, make it easy to add advanced features using APIs, and pay attention to the big players in education.

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