Nykaa is an ecommerce company that became the first Indian unicorn startup headed by a woman. The company in its initial phase used to sell only beauty and wellness products, however, in 2015 it adopted an omnichannel approach and started selling products apart from beauty products. 

Nykaa Overview

Top Management Falguni Nyar (CEO), Adwatia Nyar (Executive Director, CEO Nykaa Fashion), Anchit Nyar (CEO, Nykaa Retail), Kinshuk Basu (Senior VP) 
Founded In April 2012
Parent Company FSN E-commerce Venture Ltd
Built With Adobe Commerce Cloud
Industry Ecommerce, Cosmetic, Retail

Now we would be looking forward to some of the most astonishing statistics related to Nykaa. Here is what all you would find in this post-

Nykaa Interesting Key Statistics 2023

  • Nykaa is ranked #1 in the lifestyle beauty and cosmetic category in India. 
  • 2:59 minutes is the average duration spent on Nykaa by their customers.
  •  Out of the total traffic on Nykaa, 91.63% comes from India. 
  • 8M traffic on Nykaa is through organic search and 336.2K is through paid marketing. 
  • Out of the total visitors, 87.3% come from mobile phones, and the rest 12.7% comes from desktops. 

Device Traffic On Nykaa

Nykaa User Statistics 2023

  • From March to April Nykaa saw an 11.82% decline in their overall monthly visitors.
  • The bounce rate on Nykaa is 55.90%.
  • There were 11.4M visitors in April 2023.
Month Traffic Count (M)
February 14.3
March 12.9
April 11.4

Monthly Traffic On Nykaa

Nykaa Revenue 2023

Past 5-Year Revenue Of Nykaa

FY Year Revenue (₹bn)
2018 5.55
2019 11.61
2020 16.03
2021 22.05
2022 31.94

Revenue Of Nykaa

Net Worth Of Falguni Nyar

  • Falguni Nyar has a networth of $2.3B

Nykaa Demographics 2023

Geography Demographics Of Nykaa

  • The majority of traffic on Nykaa comes from India (91.63%) followed by The US (2.45%).
Countries Percent Traffic Change In Traffic (%)
India 91.63 -12.61
USA 2.45 -3.20
UAE 0.94 25.51
UK 0.60 51.83
Canada 0.49 -4.76
Others 3.89

Country Wise Traffic On Nykaa

Gender Distribution On Nykaa

  • 60.57% of the total visitors to Nykaa are female. 

Gender Distribution On Nykaa

Age Distribution On Nykaa

  • 25-34-year-olds (36.53%) are the highest number of visitors to Nykaa followed by 18-24-year-olds (36.09%). 
Age Percent Traffic
18-24 36.09
25-34 36.53
35-44 13.29
45-54 6.76
55-64 4.19
65+ 3.14

Age Distribution On Nykaa

Nykaa Traffic Statistics 2023

  • The highest traffic on Nykaa comes via direct search (42.38%), which could be due to word-of-mouth marketing. 
Marketing Channels Traffic Distribution (%)
Direct 42.38
Referral 1.48
Organic Search 30.79
Paid Search 18.87
Social 4.91
Mail 0.25
Display 1.32

Marketing channels of nykaa

Social Network Distribution On Nykaa

  • Youtube brings the highest percentage of traffic on Nykaa at 76.52% followed by Facebook at 11.40%.
Social Media Channels Traffic Distribution
Youtube 76.52
Facebook 11.40
Instagram 4.93
Reddit 3.31
Whatsapp 1.83
Others 2.02

Social Media Traffic On Nikaa

Nykaa Mobile App Stats

  • Overall Nykaa has 5 different mobile apps– Nykaa Fashion, Nykaa Beauty Shopping, Nykaa Man, Nykaa SuperStore, and Disha by SuperStore.
  • There were 5M Nykaa app downloads in April 2023. 
  • Nykaa Fashion was the most grossed and downloaded app in April 2023. 

Nykaa Competitor

Purplle V/S Nykaa

Mode Of Comparision Nykaa Purplle
Category Rank #1 #3
Monthly Visitors 11.4M 3.2M
Female To Male Ratio 60.57:39:43 55.93:44.07
Bounce Rate 55.90% 46.71%
Traffic From India 91.63% 77.16%


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to know some fresh statistics related to Nykaa. By looking at all the above stats we can say that Nykaa is growing and expanding at a rapid speed. 

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