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On -demand platforms

The on-demand staffing platforms

They are upsurging and getting a lot of reach in recent times. Staffing platforms are getting huge attention as they are providing various benefits to Blue-collar workers. Basically, the Blue Collar workers are the ones who engage in hard manual work and usually engage in typical works such as electricians, plumbers, beauticians, repairing, carpenters, maintenance, etc. 

Blue-collar workers are not seen to make exactly the same as white-collar specialists. The white-collar workers work in the front as professionals. while the blue-collar specialist takes care of business doing physical work or working in a division of manufacturing.

With the introduction of more advanced technologies, prevailing aspects are transforming themselves into better possibilities and creating a different set of ideologies. The tech solutions for Blue Collar Jobs have worked well in recent times as they are helping this section to upgrade and work hand in hand with technology. As with the availability of resources and technology the weaker section of our society is educating and enhancing their skills to perform well in their domain. Due to the On-demand staffing platforms frameworks, various applications are developed with respect to upgrading Blue Collar Jobs.

The mobile application frameworks helped Blue Collar workers to find work according to their niche and according to their wishes. They do not need to rely on others to offer them work and to offer them a price. Mobile applications helped Blue Collar workers to cross obstacles and prejudices by just availing the services of these applications. 

Features of On-demand staffing applications

1. User role

This includes two user types; helper and user. A helper is someone who wants to get associated with the projects. The second type i.e. User consists of the persons who want to hire workers. So through this platform, the workers and the service provider can easily collaborate. Hence the application is categorized into two interfaces according to their need, the User interface, and the Helper interface. 

2. SignUp/Login

Through, SignUp or login the users can easily search their niche and start getting benefits through the application. The application does not charge on signup or logging in. 

Helper Interface features

1. Create a Profile

Through this feature, the user can upload their profile by filing the required categories according to their preferences. Can add the work details, working hours, rate per hour, etc.

2. Dashboard

The dashboard consists of various segments including upcoming work and coming work. This ensures workers sort the upcoming works and can chat with the service provider and in respect of the service provider they can contact the workers and can share the work details. 

3. Wallet

One of the most important features of an application as the wallet showcases the earned money to date and provides an option to transfer to the linked bank account. 

User interfaces

1. Find a Helper

The User can search for the helper according to their preference. And can chat according to their wish. The service provider after searching for a helper sort the helpers that suit the work. Then involve with chatting with those people and select out of them.

2. Send Money

Here the service provider can send money to the helper. The money can be easily transferred to the respective’s account according to the agreed terms.  

3. Bookings

This tab in the application showcases the upcoming bookings and the past bookings of the user. 

Advantages of On-demand work platforms

1. Can negotiate on wages

The foremost challenge of working as a Blue Coller worker is the salary size. Basically, the Blur Collar workers work on an hourly wage basis and they are eventually paid less in comparison to the White Collars. These are the partial behaviours that have been seen in various instances. These platforms help workers to get jobs at their expected income rate. They can negotiate according to their wish but these platforms provide them with the luxury to work on their demanded wages.

2. Work stability

The Blue Collar workers even do not have job stability and are insecure about the stability of the job. The issue of having an insatiable job is solved through the mobile application frameworks by providing workers abundant opportunities to work and can get back-to-back work. 

3. Contractual agreements

The Blue Collar workers work on an hourly wage basis and do not get any contracts. The on-demand platform even provides workers with a well-constructed contract including all the terms and conditions which provide workers security. The assurance gives them work stability. 

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