What is The Cost of Creating An App Like Dubizzle?

What is The Cost of Creating An App Like Dubizzle?

From their humble beginnings in newspapers, classified ads have come a long way. Dubizzle is at the vanguard of a transformation in how we purchase and sell items brought about by the growth of online marketplaces. Dubizzle has established itself as the go-to app for discerning consumers and businesses alike thanks to its user-friendly UI and extensive listings.

The Dubizzle app development cost would be one of your top priorities if you intended to produce a similar app. The success of Dubizzle, the variables affecting the cost of constructing an app similar to Dubizzle, the full cost breakdown, how to build one, the top feature stack, and its well-liked revenue models will all be covered in this blog. So let’s start with its success story and then understand how much it takes to make an app like Dubizzle.

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Dubizzle’s Success Story And How It Works?

Dubizzle has developed into one of the most widely used marketplaces for buying and selling goods and services in the MENA region. JC Butler and Sim Whatley, who are located in the UAE, came up with this platform after analyzing the gap in the expat real estate market and developing a platform that makes it simple to sell and acquire properties.

The growth of the MENA region’s online marketplace and eCommerce trends is demonstrated by Dubizzle’s success. The growing number of mobile users who use the Dubizzle app shows how secure the platform has grown for online sales and purchases. Currently, Dubizzle is the second-ranked shopping app in the App Store and the top-rated lifestyle app in the UAE on Google Play. There are 3.6 million active users of the app right now.

The platform is currently operational in a number of countries, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. Dubizzle’s success can be attributed to its user-friendly design, extensive category selection, and ability to securely and quickly connect buyers and sellers.

On Dubizzle, users may create a profile and post free advertisements for things they want to buy or sell. The app covers a variety of product and service categories, including jobs, real estate, cars, technology, home goods, and services. Users can glance through the available listings or use the search bar to look for specific items. If a user sees an item they’re interested in, they can immediately communicate with the seller through the platform’s chat tool.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Creating An App Like Dubizzle

You must take into account a number of elements before starting the Dubizzle app creation process. The number of features in the app and how they are developed, third-party integrations, the technology stack selected, and the development team’s rates are some of the variables that affect the price of developing a Dubizzle buy-and-sell app.

For a rough estimate of the price of developing a Dubizzle app, see the table below:

Development Stages Development hours Development cost (in AED)
Analysis and Planning 2- 4 weeks AED 18,350 – AED 36,700
UI/UX Design 4- 6 weeks AED 36,700 – AED 73,400
Front-end and back-end Development 8- 10 weeks AED 110,100 – AED 220,200
API Development and Integration 6- 8 weeks AED 55,050 – AED 110,100
QA and Testing 4- 5 weeks AED 36,700 – AED 73,400
Deployment and Launch 3- 4 weeks AED 18,350 – AED 36,700
Maintenance and Support Ongoing AED 3,670 – AED 18,350 per month
TOTAL COST AED 278,920 – AED 568,850

As a result, the average cost to construct a Dubizzle app is between AED 278,920 and AED 568,850. Again, depending on the specific requirements and complexity of the app, these figures are merely estimates and may change. To obtain a more precise estimate of the expenses and turnaround time, speak with an experienced mobile app development firm in Dubai, such as Appinventiv. Let’s take a closer look at the variables that affect the final calculation of the cost to construct a Dubizzle app.

Planning and Research

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks

Cost: 18,350 to 36,700 AED

During the planning and research stages of development, the goal, target audience, and desired app features are all established. The creation of a strong app concept, wireframes, and a comprehensive project plan, which incur costs, mark the end of the stage.

Design Time

Duration: 4 to 6 weeks

Cost: 36,700 to 73,400 AED

The user interface and user experience design can have a big impact on the price of developing a buy-and-sell software. It will be more expensive to create well-designed software with a distinctive user interface and greater usability than it will be to create a simple app with conventional capabilities.


Duration: 8 to 10 weeks

Cost: between AED 110,100 and AED 220,200

The intricacy of the project, its location, the cost of hiring a development team, and the expertise of the development team can all have an impact on the ultimate cost. Although they will charge more, an agency that has established a strong portfolio and has experience developing apps similar to yours will provide an exclusive and expensive application.

Integration of Services from Third Parties

Duration: 6 to 8 weeks

Cost: 55,050 to 110,100 AED

As this requires more technical work, the cost will be higher if the app needs to be integrated with third-party services like social networking networks, payment processors, or maps.


Duration: 4 to 5 weeks

Cost: 36,700 to 73,400 AED

Finally, thorough testing is necessary before launch to guarantee the app’s success. Depending on how many various platforms and devices the app needs to be tested on as well as how intricate its features are, the cost of testing will change.

Time for Upkeep & Support: Constant

Price: 3,670 to 18,350 AED per month

After the software is made available, continuous upkeep and support will be required. Additionally, the cost of these services needs to be taken into account. The addition of new features, bug fixes, and regular updates are all required for the app to perform better.

How To Create An App Like Dubizzle?

Dubizzle clone

It takes a strong strategic approach and in-depth knowledge of the classifieds sector to build a buy-and-sell software like Dubizzle. Here are a few essential measures to get you started on the road to a fruitful Dubizzle app development process.

Make a thorough analysis of the market

Validate your concept first by thoroughly researching and understanding the problem. Before deciding to develop a Dubizzle-like online classified app, you must identify your target market, pinpoint their problems, and explain how your app can solve them.

Select the Classified App Type

In the context of categorized apps like Dubizzle, a variety of category categories can be utilized. 

Applications that target a single market and are largely focused on a certain commodity or service are known as “vertical apps.” For instance, classified apps for automobiles, classified apps for appliances, and more.

Applications that fall under the horizontal category: These apps cover a wide range of advertisements, services, goods, and commodities. Dubizzle is an example of a horizontal categorised app. Such app owners appreciate a huge customer base in addition to a sizable sales volume.

Your Dubizzle app’s success depends heavily on how it is designed. Choose from the most attractive templates to build a Dubizzle-like app. Users are fussy about the apps they use, so if one doesn’t hold their attention, they will just uninstall it. If you want consumers to keep using your app, you must enhance user experience and build & design the app.

Move to Create a Dubizzle-Like App

The next stage is to transition to the development phase as soon as the UI/UX of the app is complete. In order to enable for future improvements and changes based on market validation and user input, the experts develop an MVP version of the Dubizzle-like app that illustrates its main value proposition.

Launch App Testing

The application’s functionality and user expectations are guaranteed during the testing and quality control phases. The QA testers use a variety of testing techniques and automate the testing process to accomplish this. In order to ensure that user feedback is included into the finished product, they also include consumers in the testing process.

Introduce Your App to Stores

It’s finally time to unveil your application to the public after long hours of testing and development. Launch your buy-and-sell app, similar to Dubizzle, and use the in-app analytics features to track user happiness and engagement. Make sure you swiftly address any queries or requests from your expanding user base.

Keep an eye out for updates.

The app must be updated with the most recent technology in order to function flawlessly. It’s crucial to regularly update and maintain the software to keep it secure. Your development team should also make sure that the app’s technological stack is kept up to date to avoid compatibility issues with new operating system versions or devices. In general, the software’s longevity and continuous profitability depend on the maintenance and update procedures.

Must Have Features For Dubizzle Like App

dubizzle clone

There are a number of essential aspects you ought to take into account while developing an app that is comparable to Dubizzle. These Dubizzle app features will aid in differentiating your app and delivering a top-notch user experience.

User Authentication

Use the user registration functionality to enable people to register for an account using their email, phone number, or social network accounts. Changes to user profiles, profile management, and profile picture addition should be possible.

Inquiry and Filters

Users have the option to search for products and services using keywords, categories, locations, price ranges, and other criteria. Give users the choice to save their search terms and receive alerts when new things are listed.

Publish and List

Users are able to post and list items for sale along with pictures, descriptions, and prices using this tool. On their listings, users can edit, remove, and mark items as sold.

App-Based Messaging

Buyers and sellers can communicate with one another immediately within the app using the in-app messaging feature. This could facilitate transactions and increase user confidence.

Safe Transactions

Users of this user-friendly service can make secure payments using PayPal, credit cards, and other payment gateways. Access to receipts and transaction history should be provided along with the ability for users to pay within the app.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can publish reviews and rate both suppliers and consumers using the reviews and ratings tool. This could aid in the emergence of reputation and trust within the community.

Notifications and Alerts

Send users push notifications and alerts when important things happen, including new listings, communications, or transactions. This may help users stay informed and interested.

Users can share links to their listings and collections on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This increases app traffic and user engagement.


You can create a buy-and-sell app that stands out from the competition by including these elements. Let’s now talk about how a buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle makes money.

Revenue Model Of Dubizzle Like App

When creating an app like Dubizzle, a sustainable revenue strategy is required in order to generate revenue. Consider the following potential revenue streams for your app:


One effective technique to monetize an app is to display ads within it. You can provide a range of advertisements, such as banner ads, sponsored listings, and native ads. Advertisers can pay for ad placements, and you can charge based on impressions, clicks, or conversions.

Highlighted Listings

By being prominently shown in search results or specific categories, these listings offer users premium positioning, allowing them to sell their products or services. For greater visibility and a greater chance of attracting clients, you can charge a fee.

Model of Subscription

Introduce a business model centered on subscriptions that offers users further benefits or services. You may provide a premium subscription that gives consumers access to faster customer support, enhanced search filters, or exclusive listings. Users are required to pay a monthly fee in order to enjoy these premium features.

Added-Value Services

Offer users a range of value-added services from which to pick, such as assistance with writing creative product descriptions, emphasized adverts on external platforms, or professional photography for listing photographs. Users are charged for these value-added services on a per-request basis.

Advertised Content

“Sponsored content” refers to partnerships with businesses or brands to promote their products or services within the app. This may be true of sponsored material, branded collections, or suggested listings. Businesses pay for this exposure and advertising.

Remember to thoroughly study your target audience, competitors, and market dynamics before deciding on the best revenue model(s) for your app. It’s also crucial to test and iterate your revenue model depending on feedback from customers and market trends to preserve long-term viability.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on how to create an app like Dubizzle and what its cost.

Moreover, if you are looking for an app development company that can help you create an app like Dubizzle, then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of developers that can use all the latest technologies, such as Flutter, React, Angular, and more. 

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