Mobile app development outsource in 2022

How to Outsource Mobile App Development in 2022: Reasons, Costs, Process

How to outsource mobile app development in 2022


Outsourcing Mobile App Development is one of the primary needs of many investors. In this guide, we will walk through several sections of Outsourcing the best Mobile App Development Company or agency.

We would focus on the following key areas as follows:

  • How to find the right OutSource Mobile App Developers?
  • What advantages do you get from outsourcing the creation of mobile applications?
  • How do I pick an outsourcing company for app development?
  • What Is the Price of Outsourcing Mobile App Development?

How to find the right OutSource Mobile App Developers?

There are plenty of ways to find an agency or a Mobile App Development Company. The following are the key ways for some research:

  • Browse in Google
  • Shortlist the available agency or the Mobile App Development
  • Browse through freelance platforms
  • Browse through LinkedIn
  • Request for recommendations from friends and family.

Browse in Google

Use several keywords to browse through Google. Once you pick an agency or a Mobile App Development Company, check out their previous projects, key features or functionalities they perform, and information displayed on their blogs and websites as well.

Another key technique to find the right outsourcing agency or Mobile App Development company is to check out how they have made their website, how they have listed their information, and many more!

You can filter out the essential outsourcers depending on your requirements.

Check out their costs, teams, and past projects as well.

Shortlist the available agency or the Mobile App Development

You can find several software development agencies on the following websites:

This helps to find a variety of agencies based on their cost of projects, rankings, the number of projects they have developed, and many more! While checking through different websites and platforms, you can check their social media handles, posts, reviews, ratings, and comments on their websites and Google.

Browse through freelance platforms

There are several freelance platforms, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and many more! Many individual and company-based freelancers are engaged in these platforms.

Before hiring freelancers, you need to have a thorough idea of the app design process and the stages of app development. As freelancers can be both experienced and inexperienced in your niche or Mobile App Development. So, identify the best ones and you will be knowledgeable.

Being knowledgeable in advance would help you to find the best Mobile App Development company or freelancers as well as their cost of hiring.

Browse through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform to find a mobile app development agency, freelancers, or suitable company.

You can gain insight into their contact details, past clients, and past projects as well. Therefore, to get in touch on LinkedIn, you can post your requirements to reach out to your connections. Also, request your connections to share this among their colleagues and friends. Also, make sure you are friendly when expressing your requirements. Initially, to attract sellers, you need to be outgoing and equally professional. Once you receive responses, you can review their profiles and figure out whether they would fit into your project.

Request recommendations from friends and family

For a startup initiative, your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and family are the pillars. It’s time to invoke some word-of-mouth marketing.

Therefore, if you are looking out for any Mobile App Development agencies or companies, do share your thoughts with them. Their suggestion or word-of-mouth marketing strategy might work to get the best development at your pace.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development?

There are many benefits from outsourcing to an appropriate mobile app development company or agency. They are as follows:

  • Affordable Solutions
  • Quick project completion
  • It provides one-stop solutions
  • Quality Product
  • Provides flexibility
  • Focus on primary business values

How to choose an Outsourcing App Development Company?

Above, we discussed the various ways to look through agencies or Outsourcing App development companies. In this section, we will discuss the main factors to consider when outsourcing a Mobile App Development company or agency. The list includes the following:

  • The ability to Succeed
  • Field of expertise
  • The Cost of Service

The ability to Succeed

Once you explain your requirements, the agency or the Mobile App Development Company should have the potential to understand them clearly.

So, pay more attention to expressing the requirements properly. If the seller identifies it appropriately, your app development procedure succeeds. Also, there might be misunderstandings as well.

Therefore, depending on the communication and the customer reviews, you can understand their ability to deal with problems. They should understand the concepts and your work outline as well.

You can check out their customer reviews through freelancing platforms, LinkedIn, personalized websites, and other sources as well.

Make sure to perform thorough research before choosing a developer or team of developers.

Field of expertise

Some individuals and companies speak about giving one type of service and delivering a contradictory service as well. This is based on the field of expertise of the agency or the Mobile App Development Company.

The field of expertise is analyzed based on experience and the ability to deliver the right product. Only experience can polish an individual or a team’s expertise level.

To find their expertise level, you can explore their Portfolio and Case Studies. Feel free to inquire and learn about their projects before lending yours.

The Cost of Service

The cost incurred for the service is another huge parameter to focus on. Generally, the cost of the service charged by the seller depends on a range of factors such as expertise, delivery, the potential to deal with clients, and team composition.

Certain service providers charge based on an hourly basis, a monthly basis, or a per-project basis as well.

The cost of the project could vary based on several factors as well. The following are the three main factors affecting the cost of service;

  • Cost based on region
  • Cost based on business needs
  • Cost based on complexity

The service providers located in different regions charge different rates. For example, the rate from a service provider in the USA differs from that in the UK and Canada. So, from region to region, the cost differs.

Depending on the business needs, the cost differs. For example, the cost of Android and iOS development differs from one another. Depending on the features and functionalities the business requires, the price varies.

Complexity is another important factor considered during the cost analysis. For example, a web app generates more cost than a mobile app. Alternatively, the cost incurred during the requirement specification, prototype, development, testing, and deployment phases differs from one another.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Mobile App Development?

The answer to the question concerning the cost of mobile app development depends on several factors. Depending on the factors, the cost varies as follows:

  • The geographical location of the seller and buyer
  • The type of the application
  • The complexity of the application
  • The supported platforms
  • The development approaches
  • The back-end and front-end approach

Therefore, depending on the above factors, the cost of development differs from one to another.


In this guide, we discussed the few main areas of outsourcing Mobile App Development. We gained an insight into the ways and means of finding the right outsourcing Mobile App Developer and the benefits of outsourcing. We also detailed for you how to choose the best outsourcing Mobile App development and the cost of development as well. We hope these facts give you a greater insight into the background of this topic. If you have any queries about this blog feel free to Contact Us.

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